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    Charles Demastus wrote: SOUTHERN HERITAGE NEWS & VIEWS is dedicated to the preservation of Southern Heritage and to defend the honour of
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2006
      Charles Demastus <demastus@...> wrote:

      SOUTHERN HERITAGE NEWS & VIEWS is dedicated   to the preservation of Southern Heritage and   to defend the honour of our Confederate ancestors.   It is FREE and sent to you via E-mail.  To subscribe send blank e-mail to:  SouthernHeritage-subscribe@...      STAY ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF THE HERITAGE   BATTLE WITH OUR NEWS, OPINIONS AND UPDATES      Dixie Outfitters is working every day to   preserve our Southern heritage. When you   buy Dixie Outfitters apparel you are helping   in the effort to honor our ancestors and safeguard   our Southern way of life.   Buy the original and the best, Dixie Outfitters.  CALL TOLL FREE: 866-916-5866 for your free   color catalog or to place an order.  Visit our web site at: http://www.dixieoutfitters.com      REBEL YELL ON LINE   Your Source for Standard and Unique Rebel Merchandise  such as Redneck Gift Baskets and Dixie Birdhouses.  http://www.rebelyellonline.com/      
      FREEDOM WATCH is information pertaining
      to government abuse of  power, trashing
      of the Constitution, illegal immigration,
      2nd Amendment, political correctness
      run amok, etc.
      It is FREE and sent to you via E-mail.
      To subscribe send an e-mail to: 


      Vestiges of the Old South

      Ms. Trout,
      If your recent column is a sample of your understanding of American history, North and South, I would suggest you keep you comments brief lest you continue to incite hatred between the races.
      If you have not visited the 5th Avenue Presbyterian Church in your home town of Roanoke, I invite you to set aside time for a visit.
      Ask the Pastor how a black congregation paid for and dedicated this beautiful stained glass mural almost 100 years ago to "Stone Wall Jackson"- a Confederate General!
      My wife is from the OSAGE Nation of Plains Indians. When a final head count (headright) was taken by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1929 there were only 2,229 men, women & children who answered the roll.
      I wonder what happened to these aboriginal people.
      Extermination was the answer; just read the records of Union General Sherman and Custer et al.
      The head of the Minnesota abolitionist movement (a woman) said the answer to the "Indian problem" was "extermination of every man, women, and child " they almost succeeded!
      If the TRUE record that is ignored by our children's history books (written by the victors) could be told, even Lincoln would not be anything but a footnote and described as the white supremacist and racist he was-just read his 1858 speeches and even those AFTER he declared war on a people who simply; as our President Davis wrote, wanted nothing but to be " left alone".
      The truth is a terrible swift sword but it takes courage, morality and unyielding dedication to that principal to wield its weight.
      Are you up to the task?
      Charles Byrd    
      Fredericksburg, VA


      Learn the truth, please!

      My ancestor was a Confederate Major who was imprisoned three times and managed to survive. He also enslaved 64 human beings on his farm in Mississippi. In 1961 I was dressed up in pantaloons and a hoop skirt and paraded in the Civil War Centennial celebration in my hometown with many others waving a tiny Confederate flag. So if anybody has a right to proclaim heritage, I do. HOWEVER, I have more than a split second of unease when I see a Confederate flag. I absolutely hate it for a zillion reasons. I also hate that there has never been an official national apology for slavery. So I'd just like to take this opportunity to share with you that it is not JUST African Americans who are offended. I am lily white, Southern born and reared and a true Confederate descendant and you can call me what you like, but I won't put myself in the same class with the Klukkers and the Neo-Confederates for any amount of money. My ancestors were wrong.
      Jane Doe

      Dear Jane Doe (?),
      Ma'am, please do some real research.  Your knowledge of the so-called Civil War is truly pathetic.  For your information, true Confederate-minded individuals are interested in restoring constitutional government, resisting tyranny, and preserving Southern heritage.  The Confederate flag represents those things; it has never been about slavery and bigotry except by those who have misused it.
      Would it do any good to point out to you that slavery existed in the United States under the Stars and Stripes for over eight decades?  Would it do any good to tell you that many slave ships flew the US flag, but none flew the Confederate flag?  Would it do any good to mention that, more often than not, the favorite flag of white supremacist groups is the US flag?  Would it do any good to enlighten you that the South was not fighting for slavery, but was fighting for constitutional government and the fact that the North invaded?  Would it make any difference to you that slavery was not made unconstitutional in the US until eight months after the war?  Naw, I didn't think it would.  People like you have an aversion to the truth if it threatens your favorite myths and illusions.  Wake up, ma'am, and get a dose of truth.  I dare you to read The South Was Right! by James Ronald Kennedy and Walter Donald Kennedy.
      Rodney Combs
      Noble, Oklahoma


      "It’s not a flag that I look at with anything favorable. That’s for sure."
      -Brian France (CEO of NASCAR)


      You might be a Yankee if... 
      You talk through your nose.


      A nation's flag, a banner of hate 
      Post your feedback on this topic here 
      (Scroll down to bottom of article)

      Judge's family had ties to Klan
      "The Southern Poverty Law Center is the biggest hate group in the country," said Wilson, who has served as the commander of Alabama Sons of Confederate Veterans. "They ought to worry about what we think about them instead of what they think about us."
      Montgomery Advertiser, AL

      'Redneck' comment was inappropriate
      The Free Lance-Star, VA

      Group wants Confederate plate available to all in Florida
      The News-Press, FL

      Taliban Bob Young presented Bloody Scimitar Award for desecrating the Augusta Riverwalk Flag Memorial - X-Files 

      Advancing the colors creatively -- everywhere

      More than 2,000 people attend battle events
      Richmond Register, KY

      Confederate general’s local connection remembered
      Marietta Times, OH

      Surviving Katrina
      Gulf Coast museums on the long road to recovery

      From Natchez, Miss., to Nashville, Tenn., it's 440 storied miles
      San Jose Mercury News

      Friday October 13, the League of the South will convene its two-day National Conference at the Chattanooga Convention Centre

      Civil War Days
      Glen Allen, VA.
      Sept 9-10 2006

      "One Nation, Indivisible? A Study of Secession and the Constitution"
      by Robert F. Hawes
      Book Sample

      Pat Buchanan For President in 2008
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