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Southern Heritage News & Views (Time to Take Down That Flag)

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  • ~mary~
    Time to take down that flag From: fpbill@earthlink.net To: kburger@postandcourier.com Mr. Burger, I just finished reading (and re-reading) your column on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006
      "Time to take down that flag"

      Mr. Burger, I just finished reading (and re-reading) your column on the flag issue. Here is my response.
      I have neither the time nor the inclination to correct in detail your apparent deficiencies of historical knowledge; primarily because I think you are not quite so ignorant as you would have us believe. You are not sufficiently stupid or naive to actually believe that the Late Unpleasantness was some simplistic morality play, pitting the "virtuous" North against the "evil" South. No, I rather believe yours is the willful ignorance of one who simply swallows myths and propaganda, to be regurgitated on demand when these are convenient to his desired purpose.
      In this case, someone has threatened to take away some of your cherished sporting events. This has upset you, and so you have decided to lash out at those of us who honor the flag of our ancestors, the presumed source of all your discontent. Right on cue, out comes the propaganda, along with the petulant demand that the rest of us sacrifice our principles and honour for your pleasure and profit. My, what a shameless pursuit of the modern equivalent of "bread and circuses", so neatly disguised as an exercise in moral rectitude.
      You speak of dignity. Sir, I suggest that your proposed appeasement of petty, arrogant, politically-correct, tyrannical cultural bigots has all the dignity of a cowering, whimpering cur, crawling on its belly with its tail between its legs to lick its master's boots and beg for the scraps from his table. My ancestors, those who fought in the American Revolution and those who fought for the Confederacy, were men who would rather get hurt than give in, and who would rather die than grovel. I would hope that I am cut from the same cloth. You obviously are not, if one is to judge from your current bout of hand-wringing and self-flagellation. As this last cannot change the past, I assume its only real object is pandering for the prizes you seek.
      I would remind you that history is replete with examples of the dismal failure of appeasement, and that in the current situation, the ink was not dry upon the last compromise before there were yet more demands. Do you believe that this will be the last? What would you give up next, our monuments, our history, our culture, or even our liberty? Fortunately, you are not empowered to make that decision for the rest of us, as these things are not your exclusive personal property. By the way, where on earth did you get the notion that a failure to pander to every desire of a minority is proof of racism, or that disagreeing with someone on the meaning of a symbol necessarily implies hatred of that person, or others like him?  I always thought people might disagree without being disagreeable; why, I might even like you, when your mood is a bit less churlish. However, I should note that tolerance without mutual respect is a sham, friendship which may be purchased only by pandering is a fraud, and both are the product of the basest sort of intellectual and moral dishonesty.
      The NCAA is an organisation whose stated purpose is the regulation of college athletics; somehow I doubt it was ever intended to be a political entity, whose purpose is to coerce the people of any state and their elected representatives into serving the political agenda of a faction of that organisation. I would not be surprised if this were to be legally challenged. That might be most interesting.
      Just as an aside, it appears to this humble correspondent that you take sports (and possibly yourself) a little too seriously. Do try to get over it.
      Bill Stubbs
      Columbia, SC


      Time to take down that flag
      From: sr1952@...
      To: kburger@...
      Ken Burger:
      I don't write this with any malice toward you. On the contrary, I feel very sorry for you; you have lost something precious, and the saddest thing about it is, you don't even know it.  You have been convinced that your heritage, (if it is indeed your heritage), is something to be ashamed of, something to be placed in a museum, out of sight.
      You said: "After years of flying the Confederate flag in the face of the world to show everybody how defiant we are, it's time to reconcile and move on.  Why? Because it's going to continue to cost us money and a whole lot more. Our dignity."   Believe it or not Mr. Burger, but the majority of us don't fly that beautiful St. Andrews Cross to be defiant.  For most of us are God fearing, hard working people, who pay our bills, more than our fair share of taxes, and try our best to obey the laws of this country.  If we really wanted to be defiant, I am sure we could all think of many more so called "defiant" things to do, than working so hard to keep our flags where they belong, or putting in endless hours trying to undo the lies and damage of public education system and Hollywood, (which by the way, you seem to be a product of).   As for "losing dignity,” I believe that part of the definition of the word "dignity", is "self-respect."   I personally could not have any "self-respect" if I turned my back on my heritage to appease a group of people that use their hate to fill-up their wallets.
      You said: "The rulers of college athletics have denied us lucrative college basketball regionals and other events as long as the flag flies. Most recently, the flag issue killed a proposal to bring a college bowl game to the Lowcountry."   When I think of how my Confederate ancestors suffered, when I think of how much they sacrificed and lost, facing unbelievable pain that neither you or I could even begin to comprehend, when I think of horrors inflicted upon our people by these Northern troops, such as Sherman and his henchmen raping and robbing their way across the South, do you think I really care about basketball playoff games and such as that?  Let's get real!!!  You really need to do a priority check.
      You said: "That is to furl the flag and put it in a museum where it belongs."  Mr. Burger, if you are truly a Son of the South, and are a descendant of men that served for the Confederate States of America, you should be ashamed of yourself!  You owe your ancestors more respect than that!
      Dignity Mr. Burger?  You don't have clue!
      Sally Raburn


      For Burger Boy

      Please stop with that tired old slavery “thang” – da’ po’ whites got dragged into da’ war to fight for slavery B.S. Southerners of all backgrounds and from all economic conditions picked up their guns for a reason. Try this one on for size:
      “We propose no invasion of the North, no attack on them, and only ask to be left alone." - General Patrick Cleburne
      Last time I checked the history books it was the North that invaded the South, not the other way around. And last time I checked the Constitution, or the laws which existed in 1860, I saw nothing which prohibited a state from seceding. And there are scores of people who said the same thing as Cleburne, “All we ask is to be let alone” – from Jeff Davis to Mary Chestnut and a host of others. So spare us the slavery B.S. That’s not why southerners picked up their guns.
      Or perhaps, since you claim to be a true blue southerner, you remember what Richard Weaver said?
      "In the War Between the States, Southerners believed that they were fighting to defend the government as it was laid down at Philadelphia in 1787 and as recognized by various state ordinances of ratification. This was a government of restricted power, commissioned to do certain things which the states could not do for themselves, but strictly defined as to its authority."
      Oh excuse me, I should have realized, you don’t know Richard Weaver from Charlie Weaver and his comments are probably a bit above your level of understanding anyway. Sorry to bore you.
      So you want to be able to watch NCAA athletics eh? I ran a sports website for 7 years and the last time I checked, the NCAA was graduating 47% of its basketball players. And in double checking to see if things have changed, I’d have to say, they haven’t. 
      Yeah, you’re a real Southerner alright – NOT! You’re willing to sell a large part of your history for a few shekels and the opportunity to watch functional illiterates masquerading as student athletes, all while couching it in twaddle about “reconciliation”. Some of us don’t feel we don’t have anything to reconcile about or anyone to reconcile with, so if you want to reconcile, that’s your problem.
      The one thing that aggravates me more than a loud mouth yankee is a southerner who belittles himself and where he comes from for money, or just to show everyone what a great guy he is. In your case, it’s even worse than either of those. You’re sore because you don’t get to host NCAA events. You’re about as Southern as a Bronx Cheer or a Coney Island Hotdog, despite where you were born. So stop trying to trot out your pedigree ‘cause no one’s buying it.
      Oh, by the way, since you know that “damnyankee” is one word, perhaps you’re familiar with another word: S-C-A-L-A-W-A-G?
      Bill Vallante
      Commack NY
      SCV Camp 3000 (Associate)
      SCV Camp 1506 (Associate)


      The Place Where Loss Always Wins

      ----- Original Message -----
      From: [NCSouth]
      In the Charlotte (NC) Observer, deputy editorial page editor Jane
      McAlister Pope reflects on the horrors of the War for Southern
      Independence after watching Ken Burns' "Civil War" miniseries.  "Even those of us who had no fondness for the Confederate cause could sense the underlying pain of that memory," she writes.  (Link to) column follows.
      Let her know how those of us feel who do have "fondness for the
      Confederate cause."  Pope can be contacted at PO Box 30308,
      Charlotte NC 28230-0308 or by e-mail at jmpope@...
      Jane McAlister Pope

      In answer to "The Place Where Loss Always Wins."
      Dear Ms. Pope:
      Napoleon said that if we do not learn from the past we are bound to repeat its errors.  His assumption is valid only when there is an accurate record and understanding of the meaning of the past.  That is not likely to occur with the United States.
      The United States did not learn anything from the War to Prevent Southern Independence. Since that war the U.S. has fought another 217 wars according the Pentagon.  Empires learn nothing from its pyric military victories.
      U.S. Generals Sheridan, Banks, (Butcher) Butler, Hunter and several more were doing the same as Sherman as they devastated Virginia from the very beginning of the war.  The Federal Official Records of the War of the Rebellion note that 80% of the warfare the U.S. conducted against the Southern Confederacy was conducted against Southern civilians, both black and white. 
      General Order 100, the code written during the war defining how the U.S. permits itself to conduct warfare, legalizes withholding food and water from POW'S as well as civilians at "the will" of the "Field Commanders" in order to demoralize the enemy.  Contrary to the sappy shallow lack of research by today’s "news" reporters (a term I use very loosely since they function more as "The Fourth Estate" as in the French Revolution, meaning they are the propaganda arm of the federal government) U.S. law permits torture and the killing of civilians as well as captured hostile military forces, a common practice in our warfare against Viet Nam, etc.  U.S. law also permits civilians to be tried by military courts or just held captive with no charges at all.
      Nazi's were more ethical in their treatment of prisoners during World War II.  Yes, I know how they treated the Jews.  They did it just like the U.S. treated Native Americans and Southern Americans. Southerners "understand" the plight of the Jews more than any other section of the country. 
      The "Final Solution" was gleaned and adopted by Hitler directly from the writing and practices of "Union" commanders against the heavily demonized and "so-wicked they really do not deserve to live" Southerners.  After the war against Southerners was over Sherman gloated that "now" he would apply this practice, meaning the "Final Solution," against the Indians.  He and hundreds of northern newspapers also used the words "exterminate Southerners (later Indians)" or "eradicate Southerners."  The third president following Lincoln publicly stated that the only problem with "the war" is that the "United States did not kill enough of them (Southerners)."  Any Southerner who reads any history at all knows the difference between reconciliation and subjugation. The South was clearly subjugated.
      The facts of the war and the recorded words of the Federal Official Records of the War of the Rebellion are far worse than your dreams or imagination.  Even sadder than the reality of the tyranny against the South and other nations is that the United States has learned nothing from its constant practice of aggression and warfare.  Your dreams are but faint shadows of the horrible realities of U.S. social, political and military history.
      Our U.S. National Socialists (Nazi's) smile when they tell you that the "U.S. government is here to help you." 
      The War to Prevent Southern Independence is not over because U.S. propaganda is still being launched against dead and living Southern political, military and civilian leaders.  They are changing the names of bridges, streets, parks, schools, awards, etc. so that they will no longer reflect honour upon their Southern name sakes; such as George Washington, Patrick Henry, Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Stonewall Jackson, John C. Calhoun, etc.  The South still lives your dream.
      Tim D. Manning, Sr.
      Executive Director
      North Carolina Heritage Foundation
      160 Longbridge Drive
      Kernersville, North Carolina 27284
      (336) 420-5355


      Help remove/rewrite this

      Certainly a description of the SCV can be free of the entire collective published works and journalistic history of the dees gang from Montgomery.

      "Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly, you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.  -Winston Churchill-


      Re: Dale Jr comments reversed? 

      I appreciate your email. It is indeed a job, to keep track of celebrities, who make bad statements. Dale Earnhardt (SR) was a rock solid Southerner, who supported NC causes. He raised his son Dale Jr. with the same passion. Dale Jr had always showed support for the Confederate flag and traditional NASCAR fans till Brian France's Diversity Drive One program. From what I gather, from interior NASCAR employee sources, Dale Jr. was approached by Mike Helton on the Diversity Drive program. Dale Jr. who in recent years began to follow rap music agreed. From what I understand, his SCRIPT went farther then he knew and made those anti Confederate flag comments. Several days later, his fan base, pit crew members and employees at DEI had a fit, including many of Dale Jr.'s close friends. It is rumored he said he just said it for NASCAR brass and didn't mean it. Dale Jr.'s on again - off again comments were mentioned on Speed TV and by the Charlotte newspaper and it was mentioned, by a fellow racecar driver now with Busch (down from Nextel) who said on air and printed in paper, that Jr. was following script, loves Southern heritage like his daddy and regrets offending any good ol boys. Since then, Dale Jr. has steered clear of making any comments for Diversity Drive two.
      Keep up the good job.
      God Bless America and the South,
      JD Wright


      Sound Off for Aug. 1, 2006
      Middletown Journal, OH
      I was just wondering who the moron was who did the editorial “Confederate flag has no place at the fair.” Do they not know that it is a Southern symbol? It’s not hatred; it is heritage If somebody doesn’t like to see a Confederate flag, all they have to do is move out West If they don’t like it, what about everybody wearing their Fubu? Nobody ever says anything about that. People always want to gripe about what the white man is wearing But when a black man wears what he wants, nobody says one word People just want to pick on people and start fights. Everybody, get along. I have no hatred toward either side. But when this stuff comes out in the paper, then it starts a big uproar
      Regarding your editorial July 28 on intolerance: You state that the Confederate flag should not be displayed and sold in booths, especially to families in the general public. I’ve never owned a Confederate flag. But who do you think is buying and wearing those items? You are the one who is being intolerant. You also say you are interested in freedom of expression. But in the next sentence state there is no excuse to allow this to continue. You are showing your hypocrisy. You need to re-state your editorial. It was just terrible.


      Camp Barton falls to Union domination

      Someone, please write the founder of Wallbuilders and POLITELY set him straight about the WBTS.
      I commented to the friend who sent this "...........surprised to see DB taking this tack. On the other hand, that's the whole problem with *most* of our evangelical leaders. They cling tenaciously to PC stupidities about the South and the War, worshiping Lincoln, condemning `racism' (as defined by communist demagogues) and nervously glancing at the framed 501c3 certificate on their office wall."
      At the same time, I think those who claim that slavery never entered into the causes of the War are doing us no favors.


      If the Union was formed by the accession of States then the Union may be dissolved by the secession of States. (on the floor of the US Senate..15 February, 1833)  --  Daniel Webster


      How Lincoln finessed security
      What Bush has done in the war on terrorism echoes Lincoln's moves during the Civil War.

      Pride in war veterans extends to Confederacy
      San Bernardino Sun, CA

      When I Was Tom Sawyer
      And America was a far different place. Article by Fred Reed.
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