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    Charles Demastus wrote: SOUTHERN HERITAGE NEWS & VIEWS is dedicated to the preservation of Southern Heritage and to defend the honour of our
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      Charles Demastus <demastus@...> wrote:
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      To the kind and generous person who sent me the portion of original cedar log from the boyhood log cabin home of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, thank you so much! The return address was rubbed off the box all I know is it came from somewhere in Texas. It will have a place of honor with my other Confederate memorabilia and I love it. Please identify yourself so I���ll know who you are.


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      Courthouse art draws criticism
      Randall County namesake shown with Confederate battle flag
      Amarillo Globe-News
      One Amarillo man says an image of a Confederate battle flag is sending Randall County jurors a subliminal message of racism.
      "That has got to come down. Just take the picture off the wall," said the Rev. Rupert C. Brashears.
      The flag is shown, along with a Texas flag, in a painting of Horace Randal, for whom the county was named. (A clerk's error added the second "l.")
      The painting by Carla Scott Martindale joins two other portraits and five western landscape scenes on the third floor of the Randall County Justice Building across from the district courtroom.
      "When a juror walks out of this room and sees a sign that says, 'Look, we're racist, and it's OK if you be racist, too,'" Brashears said. "It's appalling a judge would allow a racist flag to be there."
      District Judge Pat Pirtle said the inclusion of the flag is historically accurate.
      "As a pictorial representation of the man for whom Randall County is named; it's historically correct. Horace Randal was a Confederate soldier," he said. "Therefore, from a historical perspective, I am no more offended that the picture of Horace Randal contains a depiction of the Confederate (battle) flag than the membership of PETA would be offended by the fact that the picture of Charles Goodnight contains a picture of cattle on their way to slaughter."
      Guy Vanderpool, director of the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum, said the Confederate battle flag is seen as a symbol of heritage and a symbol of hate.
      "The flag represents heritage to so many people, and if that heritage is a part of Randal's background, than it accurately reflects his past," he said.
      Vanderpool said there is often the possibility for art to offend someone, but art is a part of a free and open society.
      County Judge Ernie Houdashell said he never really noticed the flag in the picture.
      "I'm not going to overreact to it. Obviously, it's a historical picture. What do we do, burn all other historical pictures?" he said.
      "When a juror walks out of this room and sees a sign that says, 'Look, we're racist, and it's OK if you be racist, too.'"
      Brashears, who describes himself as a civil rights activist, said he hasn't yet talked with county officials about the painting.
      "I'm trying to be very discreet and give them the opportunity to bring that down," he said. "If they don't take it down, I hope it hits the national news."
      Randy Sherrod, who served as district attorney from 1975 to 1995 and is now in private practice, said commissioners asked him to find artwork from local artists to adorn the walls of the Justice Building when it opened in 1984.
      Sherrod, who has several works by Martindale, said the artist reviewed the history of Randal and created the image, including the flags.
      "If someone's griping about the Confederate (battle) flag, they have a real problem. It's a part of history," he said.
      Sherrod said there was no concern or discussion of the inclusion of the image of the Confederate battle flag when it was placed on the wall 20 years ago.
      Family members of Martindale, who died of cancer in 1993, said she never intended to offend people with her art.
      "My daughter was one of the best Christians I'd ever known. She was a person who had no prejudice," her mother, Rita Scott, said. "The last thing she'd ever do was do a painting that would stir up any strife."
      Scott and her son, David, said Martindale was proud of her Indian heritage and respected the history of all people.
      "She was just painting history," he said. "It's sad we can't paint history anymore."


      Russ & Dee

      Chuck, this is the web site for a radio station in Birmingham Alabama which is doing a show about the Holocaust. After a few callers called in questioning the genocide on American Indians by the US Government Russ said if people would send him documentation about all the atrocities he would do a show about this subject next week. So if any of your readers have documentation they would like to share send it to them as they were unaware of many of the incidents callers were telling them about. I would also request that your readers ask them to do a show about the holocaust & genocide the invading yankees perpetrated on the Southern people & send them your documentation on this subject also as I am sure they unaware of most of this too.


      Thank you

      "Sons of Confederate Veterans and similar groups are just sad people who don't have any pride in themselves so they rally around ancestors who died 150 years ago to boost their morale."

      To the author of the statement above:
      Thank you for your idiotic and obviously "PC yankee" statement. No, I mean it "Thank You!" Your words, for me, were the final straw that made me mad enough at the unchecked tide of carpetbagging yankees, their "this is how we did it up north" manure, their "I need big government to tell me how much toilet paper to use", and their "let's get rid of those stupid Southerners and all their history" (to replace it with their anti-Christian, immoral and indecent lifestyle) to get off my backside and join the SCV (I have also sent membership dues and already joined the League of the South).
      My family is PROUD of our ancestor who fought to keep us near to Christ and away from big government in the War of Yankee Aggression. My morale comes from knowing who my Saviour is, my loving wife, my family (past and present), and my ability to know what is best for us without any "laws" or regulations from an overbloated government that is hell-bent to make us all into PC yankee idiots.
      I don't like the way ya'll talk, your sarcasm, your "superiority" attitude, your filthy music, your Sodom & Gomorra TV shows, and your denial of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. (Well, that did it...the Atlanta J&C MAY print part of my "rant" because they can PC-explain it away as "one of those bigoted, dim witted Southerners" (Yes, I fly the Confederate Flag!) but they will never allow the Jesus statement to be printed!).
      Just go away and leave us alone, I-75 DOES go north!
      Marc Reed
      Douglas GA


      Re:  Worker's display raises a red flag

      HI Chuck,
      More importantly than contacting the author of the article, is the necessity of your readership to contact the contractor and support the employee.
      As Mr. Seate's article ended, he quoted the owner of the business as saying, "I guess I'd force him to (remove the flag) if I got enough complaints."
      Mr. Seate is attempting to force that very issue by ending his column in such a manner.  We, therefore, have a great opportunity to counter his wishes by contacting the owner and expressing our support, at:
      Acorn Hill Contracting
      or via their contact web page at:
      MW Brazell

      Worker's display raises a red flag
      One thing customers don't expect from contractors is to have offensive racial or political opinions thrust in their faces. But that's what a worker for Acorn Hill Contracting on the North Side is doing. His truck is adorned with a Confederate flag that stretches from one side of its rear window to the other.
      It's an in-your-face expression of support for a white supremacist regime that caused the deaths of 360,000 Union soldiers, a regime many Americans hoped we'd seen the last of 140 years ago.
      Mike Seate can be reached at (412) 320-7845 or e-mail him at mseate@...


      Article about the Confederate Flag

      Mr. Seate:
      Are you familiar with the word "Hypocrite"? You should be since you are one. Even if you were correct about the Confederate "Battle" Flag being used by White Supremacist, Aryan Nation, and KKK type idiots, you would have to condemn the American Flag for the same thing. Check all the Aryan Nation Websites on the Internet then do the same for the thousands of KKK sites, you'll find a Confederate Battle Flag or two, but you'll find many more American Flags, because according to their charters, the American Flag is the "OFFICIAL" flag of all the White Supremacist. Back to my original question, do you understand the meaning of the word "Hypocrite". I checked back issues and I can't find a single one where you attack the American Flag.
      Let's take that a step farther. If we were discussing what flag that more than 7,000,000 people were murdered and still others were placed in Concentration camps where they were the subject of germ warfare, starvation, and wholesale rape of the women, you would automatically assume that took place under the Nazi flag which you compared to the Confederate Battle Flag. Wrong, pumpernickel breath, substitute the word Reservation for Concentration camp and you, even with blinders on, see the truth. The good old USA gave my people, Indians, blankets used by victims of smallpox which still contained the active virus. We had no natural resistance and hundreds of thousands died. Of course in other places like the "Sand Hill Massacre" the US flag flying troops just used bullets on helpless elderly, women, and children. These men weren't tried as War Criminals, they were celebrated as heroes. Aren't you proud of them flying the American Flag? Feel good about their actions?
      Let's talk about the South during the Civil Rights era after Brown vs the board of Education decision. There was violence, there were killings, and civil unrest. In the whole of the Civil Rights era from 1956 to 1970 there were a total of, and this could be off because some crimes may have gone unreported, 198 killings associated with the Civil Rights movement. Tragic, and if I or anyone else could push a button and make it not have happened or restore the life to those people, I/we would. If I may I'd like to take you farther back in time to a ship full of slaves leaving Africa on what was called the "Middle Passage" the journey from Africa to usually Providence RI. According to "Mannix's Black Cargoes" usually 1/3 of all slaves that entered the ship died during the passage, the average death toll of all the American Owned Slave Ships was 350 each trip. I'm sure you see where I'm going, there is a flag in the US that based on the number of helpless people killed under it that compares to the Nazi Swastika, unfortunately its the American Flag.
      Shall we use common sense for a moment? Neither the Confederate Flag nor the American Flag can help that it was used, and may still be used, by despicable people in despicable ways. When a US Veteran flies the American Flag he doesn't think he is taunting American Indians, probably wouldn't care if he did, but that isn't his motive. He's demonstrating a sense of pride that he fought honorably under that flag. If you personally saw the flag flying at his house you'd probably correctly identify his motive. If his next door neighbor flew a Confederate Battle Flag, you would assume he meant to put down blacks or remind them of slavery, or lynching. The average flyer of either flag seldom thinks past honoring the fallen dead.
      I know you won't do this, I've never known a Newspaper person in my life admit they've ever been wrong, but how about considering how a flag is used before assuming intention? A person flying a Confederate Battle Flag or other flag would have to be a idiot to do it on a business vehicle. A person proud of their Heritage would have to be pretty brave in the face of intolerance though, wouldn't he?
      That is the last point to this book. We preach tolerance and diversity, yet the only group of people we are intolerant towards is Southerners, their history, and their sacred symbols. The bible says consider not the speck in the eye of your neighbor while tolerating a log in your own eye (paraphrased). Pretty good advice, wouldn't you say Mr. Seate?


      Quick and Decisive
      From: Mshcsa@...
      Southern Heritage Defenders,
      I am taking this opportunity to commend Commander Rob Gates for his leadership in dealing with the Heritage situation in Lee County earlier this week. Quick and decisive action was the remedy and I would go farther and compare his actions to the field leadership of Jackson in the Valley campaigns of 1862. This is the type of individual the Florida Division can be proud of as we heed the charge of General Stephen D. Lee. Now it is on to Brooksville and let us win there.
      Deo Vendice Resurgam
      Michael Herring
      Camp 556 Sons of Confederate Veterans


      Taliban and sand

      The Sands of Time and The Winds of the Taliban
      I was born in Gainesville in Alachua County, our home town was at Chiefland in Levy County, FL.   I was raised mostly in South Texas in a predominantly Hispanic/Catholic community.  My maternal ancestors were French Huguenots coming to SC in 1686 and migrating to the Columbia County, FL area by the early 1840's.  Prior to the Robert/s Family coming to America in 1686, another family member came to the Florida region about a century earlier.  The pious Rev. Pierre Robert was almost killed by the fanatical Spanish when they attacked and massacred the French settlers at Fort Caroline (now Jacksonville) and no mercy was shown to man, woman, child or beast by the murderers under the Spanish flag.  The Spanish murderers acted worse than animals.  I am so deeply offended by the brutish Spanish genocide in the Old and New Worlds against my innocent ancestors and their contemporaries that I am tempted to hate the Spanish flag and hold the Roman Catholic ���religion��� in extremely small esteem.   The Spanish in this same expedition of conquest and genocide were the first to introduce African slaves in Florida when they used forced slave labor to build the rudimentary military base at Saint Augustine from which to launch their bloody attack of extermination on Fort Caroline.  It seems that the Spanish Admiral felt that he was in God���s place to not only have and use African slaves but to also judge and execute innocent Europeans and in doing so- destroy a people, their culture, symbols and values.   In spite of this and many other stains acquired throughout history on the Spanish culture, flag and religion, it is very difficult to actually hate these people.  Jesus Christ dwells in me and He is greater than the puny hateful acts of a few irrational tyrants.  God is love and I cannot hate those He loves.   But--- I can remember the wrongs and NOT repeat them.   I can advise others NOT to repeat the same un-learned lessons of history.
      In spite of the passage of time and the social changes that have transpired over the centuries, Vestiges of such evil attitudes aren���t entirely gone from the sandy beaches and sandy pine-barrens yet-- as recently manifested in Lee County, Florida.   It seems that a very small group of individuals- very likely motivated by the NAACP who have clearly violated the IRS laws governing 501-C3 organizations, hate the very mention of an honorable and great American- Robert Edward Lee.    It appears that these biased minority individuals feel that their subjective feelings carry the weight of the rule of law and supercede the rights of any other tax-paying community members.  The parallels of early Florida history and the present scenario in Florida are un-mistakenly similar in that one ideology wishes to eradicate another.   Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome onstage-- the Trojan Horse of the American Taliban known as the NAACP.   The Taliban in Asia was an extremely biased ethno-centric group so dedicated to the purpose of supplanting their beliefs and practices upon another people that among a great many evil acts and heinous crimes committed against humanity, they destroyed irreplaceable ancient statuary of the revered Buddha and also summarily put to death anyone- man, woman or child that disagreed with their fascist philosophy.    The narrow-minded ongoing endeavor in the USA to eradicate all emblems, all mention, all history, all names, all monuments, all vestiges of culture and all people (marginalization through firings from jobs, name-calling and labeling such as ���racist���, ���supremacist���, etc., affirmative action, etc.) that have any connection to the regional American South and / or the political Confederate States of America, is in the self-same spirit and letter of the Taliban.    Changing the name of Lee County, Florida to say- Gansta-land or Ahmid or Sinbad, etc. isn���t even going to come close to making the area safer for women and children as long as the so-called Rap industry churns out cd���s and dvd���s promoting gang rape in prison and out, blatant drug use and dealing, sexual perversion and exploitation, extreme disrespect for women and indiscriminate, hateful violence against Blacks, Whites, Orientals and other people groups.   What Lee County, Florida needs most is to promote peace, love and tolerance for all Southerners- White, Black or otherwise.   Let the gritty Taliban types blow away and leave the solid foundation of a society of decency and respect that Robert E. Lee exemplified.  He was a great American.  Mr. Lee was entirely honorable- from West Point to Washington College.  He was from a patriotic family of great Americans.  For the longest time, General Lee was considered dear in the hearts of his countrymen.  Perhaps only General Washington superceded him in terms of respect, honor and recognition.  Winston Churchill esteemed Gen. Lee VERY highly and Mr. Churchill was no fascist.    Teddy Roosevelt and even Lincoln had great respect for General Lee.  It is indeed very strange that a scattering of minority individuals find the mention of Robert E. Lee as ���offensive.���  Their attitude OFFENDS me and a great many of my fellow citizens.  The Rap and promiscuous drug culture OFFENDS me, my wife and my children and a great many of my countrymen.  The REAL Michael King, Jr. legacy OFFENDS me and many Americans since his true base character has been officially sealed from public scrutiny based on the wishes of a grieving widow to have an entire nation idolize a man that was nothing more than a whore-mongering, hypocritical religious bigot, and literary thief.   Observing his birthday is a very great public expense which also rankles me and a great many Americans.  If this minority wants the nation to idolize someone, bring on a real hero like R. E. Lee.    Color of skin doesn���t matter���the quality of character does matter.  That is precisely why the county was named after the man- LEE.  He was indeed a great man in character, in spirit, in martial   ability, in morals, in education and in government.  We need more humble Lees and less proud Kings.
      Silas Griffin
      Lt. CMNDR
      SCV-CSS- Camp#1710


      From: Toebo1@...
      I wish to respond to Mr Griffith's remarks on my rant on the NAACP. After this I'm done because I know Chuck doesn't like this back and forth banter and for that manner neither do I. First off it is not my kind of rhetoric that cripples our heritage defense efforts. What  makes our heritage defense a joke is this constant giving in to the naacp every time they whine about being offended by Confederate names on schools, roads, counties, or the flag flying over OUR DEAD ANCESTORS. And what I say plays into the hands of the media? That statement would be funny if it wasn't so sad. As far as my debating skills. None. I had to settle for Shipfitting and Welding. But I have been around. You mention my "name calling���. Read my piece again. No name calling. Insulting rhetoric? Show me one statement that is false. If the truth hurts, so be it. And as for your statement that most educated people won't read past the first sentence, wrong. I've had tons of e-mail thanking me for saying what needs to be said. What you should have said is that most Liberal educated people won't read it. I just wonder how long you and yours plan on keeping up this "reaching out" process. Does it continue until the naacp says OK? Do we change all Confederate names on all things and then it stops? Is it over when the Feds ban the SCV? Can we draw the line at keeping our Confederate monuments on Monument Ave in Richmond, VA or will someone still be offended and you, not one to be rude or abrasive, say we move them to a location that is suitable to the NAACP. Before you say how silly these last few lines are, just think how much we Southerners have lost in the last 10 years alone. hats what happens when you act like McClellan. It���s time to ride with Mosby.
      Steven A. Edmondson


      Cause of the WBTS
      From: jbass@...

      Chuck, I found this by accident on the internet - if anyone on the list wonders about the role of money and power as the cause of the WBTS, read this.

      The development of core capitalism in the antebellum United States: tariff politics and class struggle in an upwardly mobile semiperiphery 
      Christopher Chase-Dunn
      in Albert J. Bergesen (ed.) Studies of the Modern World-System.
      New York: Academic Press, 1980
      Excerpt: "The success of the Republicans and the split between the Northern and Southern Democrats broke the alliance between the farmers of the West and the planters of the South, which had allowed the Southerners to control the Federal state through the Democratic party. The crumbling of this alliance provoked the Civil War17 even though the Republicans never advocated the abolition of slavery but only prevention of its extension to the West. Southern peripheral capitalism was expansionist because of its extensive nature and the quick exhaustion of the soil, but this was not the main reason why the South desired the extension of slavery to the West. The main issue for the South was control over the Federal state. Planters opposed the creation of free states because the alliance with free farmers was tenuous and they felt they would have less and less power in the Federal state. The result would be a direct attack on their "peculiar institution" and their subjugation to the North as an internal colony. Therefore, when the South- West coalition crumbled and Lincoln won the election in 1860, South Carolina did not even wait for him to take office. As Rubinson (1978) has pointed out, the Presidency was everything because there was hardly a Federal bureaucracy in which the South could have institutionalized control. South Carolina seceded immediately, and most of the other slave states followed when it became clear that the North would make war in order to preserve the Union.
      The argument that the conflict between the North and the South was due to the economic inefficiency of slavery has been sufficiently demolished. Let me only add that plantation slavery remained highly profitable and the Southerners were well aware that emancipation in the British West Indies in 1834 had increased the cost of sugar production considerably. Slavery was not simply the basis of an aristocratic civilization, it was a profitable business. The plantocracy of King Cotton was probably the most successful peripheral capitalism in the whole history of the world-system because it was less encumbered by precapitalist institutions than the Hispanics, Germanics, Slavs, or even the British, and French colonies had been. This was truly successful capitalist agriculture and its very success led to dreams of slave empire and the challenge to the Northern and Western interests (Genovese 1965). After all, the slaveholders started the Civil War. The core capitalists, workers, and farmers of the North only grudgingly made war to keep the Union intact.
      The contention that capitalism and slavery were incompatible for political or cultural reasons simply does not fit with the historical facts. Barrington Moore's (1966) observation that the legal and political legitimation of slavery contradicted the more opaque form of exploitation that existed in the North is true, but insufficient to explain the violent conflict which developed. Similarly Eugene Genovese's (1969) characterization of the divergence between the political culture of the aristocratic and precapitalist South from that of the fully developed capitalist mode of production based on wage labor in the North does not explain the Civil War. Regardless of cultural differences both the North and the South were capitalist, only the North had become an area of core capitalism employing relatively high wage labor, while the South had remained an area of peripheral capitalism utilizing coerced low "wage" slave labor (Wallerstein, 1979b).
      The evidence that supports the foregoing contention is to be seen in the political history that led to the Civil War. Northern manufacturers were not against slavery. In fact, in the face of increasing labor struggles they may have been envious of it. Their biggest conflict with the South had been over the tariff issue, and that was no longer crucial to them by 1860. The main cause of the Civil War was the opposition of the free workers and farmers to the extension of slavery to the West. These core workers and farmers were not abolitionists. The main issue for them was the threat of competition with slave labor for the lands of the West. Their unhappiness with the Compromise of 1850 was seen most vividly in the battle for Kansas and in the fight against Southern opposition to the Homestead Act.
      The Lincoln Administration did not contemplate emancipation until well after the war had begun, and then mainly to head off English and French support for the South (Case and Spencer, 1970). Queen Victoria adopted a formally neutralist stance. The cotton famine caused by the blockade of Southern ports resulted in massive unemployment in the English midlands. English support for Southern naval raiders allowed them to sink a large portion of the Northern merchant marine.18 The Emancipation Proclamation generated enough support for the Northern cause in England and France to prevent further aid to the South.
      It was not slavery that was the main issue but the question of who would dominate the Federal state. Free farmers and workers found themselves at odds with the interests of the peripheral capitalists of the South on the issue of the frontier, and so cast their lot with core capital. In so doing, they destroyed the plantocracy and created a strong core state. The Civil War and Reconstruction firmly established the hegemony of core capitalism and core labor over the Federal state. The upward mobility of the United States was hereafter assured by the alliance between classes that was only disturbed by quibbling over shares of an expanding pie, rather than by the regime crisis that had characterized the antebellum period".

      (I would add that the continually harsh mean spirited rhetoric of the Northern Abolitionist instilled the fear of slave uprisings and did contribute to the average rank and file Southerners desire to separate from those people.  jobass)



      <<<Editorial: Lee black affairs board
      A Lee County black affairs advisory board member's suggestion to rename the county after Abraham Lincoln instead is an attention-grabber.>>>

      /\/.\/\/. Will somebody down there please point out to the local punditry that it's RACIST to call something a "black affairs" board? Hey, why are they even being heard when they exist to benefit one race only? It's discriminatory!


      Confederate flag does not represent evil, slavery

      Newman's actions inappropriate - Tolerance Goes Both Ways

      Brandon lawmaker opts not to meet with CCC

      Damnable Lies
      Paul Gottfried on the Tom Woods book and the New York Times.

      Confederate landmark under siege
      VCU encroachment has White House and museum seeking a way to survive

      Civil War battle site up for sale on eBay
      Morris Island price: $12.5 million

      Rememberin My Grandpas
      Their differences and their similarities
      Their impact upon my life...
      part one Grandpa Warren
      by T. Warren

      ���White Knuckle Ride���: Stock Cars and Class Identity In The Postmodern South 

      You Might be a Constitutionalist If...
      by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

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      SOUTHERN HERITAGE NEWS & VIEWS is dedicated to the preservation of Southern Heritage and to defend the honour of our Confederate ancestors. It is FREE
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        Op-ed submission ref. Gettysburg 09/02/06
        Per our telephone conversation, the following is submitted:

        In "The battle over flag's meaning" (York Daily Record, Sunday, 09/03/06) following the protests by the 37th Texas Cavalry and others against the Klan’s appearance at the Gettysburg battlefield the York Daily Record wrote, "The Klan's counter-protesters were organizations that honor the heritage of fighting a war to protect slavery."

        With that statement a newspaper that was otherwise objective attempted to discredit honorable individuals and organizations by repeating flawed folklore rather than history.

        There was never a war fought in America to protect slavery just as there was never a war fought to end slavery.

        Northerners like to get the warm fuzzy feeling from the legend that they fought a noble war to end slavery while Southerners reminisce wistfully about states’ rights.

        Both are wrong.

        There was a war fought to resist ruinous taxation.  By 1860 the revenues from export tariffs on Southern raw goods and import duties on European finished goods had the South providing nearly 70% of the Federal budget.  Almost 90% of that budget was then spent to aid growing Northern industrialization.

        Southern agrarian states lacked the number of  Senators and Congressmen to resist wave after wave of targeted tariffs, taxes and duties which saw most great planatations either bankrupt or teetering on the verge of bankruptcy by 1860.

        In 1861 President-Elect Lincoln lobbied and pushed through a proposed Consitutional amendment to protect slavery forever (Corwin Amendment - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corwin_amendment).  Two State legislatures ratified it:  Ohio on May 13, 1861; followed by Maryland on January 10, 1862. Illinois bungled its ratification by holding a convention.  

        The South could have returned to the Union, helped ratify this Amendment and been victorious in fact and in principle IF the protection of slavery had been their cause for secession.  They did not.

        In his December, 1862, State of the Union Address Lincoln offered the South gradual compensated emancipation with slavery lasting until 1900.  Again the South refused this offer to protect slavery and Lincoln issued his hypocrtical “Emancipation Proclamation” only after this offer failed.

        Neither of these offers to protect slavery brought the South back into the Union - inexplicable if the South was “fighting a war to protect slavery.”

        The “Emancipaton Proclamation” did not free a single slave nor was it intended to do so.  Union slave states remained unaffected as did areas of the South controlled by Union forces and even the entire Confederate state of Tennessee.  Because of the language in the proclamation approximately 800,000 slaves remained in bondage in the North and South until December, 1865, almost eight months after Lee surrendered - meaning that the United States was the last slave nation in North America.

        European nations saw clearly what was happening.

        "...So Englishmen saw it. Lincoln's insincerity was regarded as proven by two things: his earlier denial of any lawful right or wish to free the slaves; and, especially, his not freeing the slaves in 'loyal' Kentucky and other United States areas or even in Confederate areas occupied by United States troops, such as New Orleans."  - The Glittering Illusion: English Sympathy for the Southern Confederacy, Sheldon Vanauken, 1989, Washington, DC: Regnery/Gateway

        The unsegregated Confederate Army included 13,000 Indians (one a Brigadier General), 6500 Hispanics (nine Colonels), 3500 Jews (including the Secretary of State), tens of thousands of foreign-born, Filipinos from Lousiana, Amerasians and many Black Southerners (Free and slave) who were documented fighting for the South.

        "Almost fifty years before the (Civil) War, the South was already enlisting and utilizing Black manpower, including Black commissioned officers, for the defense of their respective states.  Therefore, the fact that Free and slave Black Southerners served and fought for their states in the Confederacy cannot be considered an unusual instance, rather continuation of an established practice with verifiable historical precedence."  - "The African-American Soldier: From Crispus Attucks to Colin Powell" by Lt. Col [Ret.] Michael Lee Lanning

        Were these Black Southerners - many of them among the quarter-million Free People of Color in the South by 1860 - “fighting to protect slavery?”  They were regularly enlisted in the Confederate Army from the first days of the War because they saw the War as did Southerners and European observers:

        "For this war is essentially a war of conquest. If ever a nation did wage such a war, the North is now engaged, with a determination worthy of a more hopeful cause, in endeavoring to conquer the South..." - Col. James Arthur Lyon Fremantle, Coldstream Guards, British Army - "Three Months in the Southern States: April, June, 1863"

        Last Sunday’s editorial attempting to discredit wholesale those who stand against hate proves before one writes one should at least be minimally educated in the topic.  In this case the writer and the York Daily Record failed miserably.

        We simply ask that all act upon the facts of history.

        Michael Kelley
        Commanding, 37th Texas Cavalry (Terrell's)


        Letters to the editor
        Roanoke Times, VA

        Pride and hate aren't related
        In his Aug. 29 letter to the editor, "One nation, indivisible," I couldn't help but laugh at Ryan McCarren calling people "Confederates."
        So, should I call him a "Yankee" or "Federal" for his Union heritage?
        I do have a problem with McCarren's comment, "'heritage, not hate' is a bunch of nonsense."
        Is he saying that people who fly the Confederate flag or take pride in their ancestors are filled with hate?
        True, there are better symbols to represent Southern heritage, and unfortunately the Confederate flag has been tainted by its use by certain organizations.
        McCarren's comment, "it was slavery, plain and simple" -- c'mon.
        Yes, slavery was a big issue, but it was also something that was dying when the Civil War began.
        Maybe he should consider the thought that only 20 percent of Southerners owned slaves, with an even smaller percentage possessing numerous slaves.
        Does that justify slavery? No, it was wrong, but here's something to think about:
        Why did so many Southern men fight if they didn't own slaves? What was the motivation for the average working man to fight for his home, state and rights?
        We need to be cautious of blanket statements.

        Respecting heritage
        I read with great interest Ryan McCarren's Aug. 29 letter to the editor, "One nation, indivisible," and two points really stood out.
        n He felt the need to "honor his Union heritage (who wouldn't have guessed) and the brave men who fought to preserve the Union," but would deny the same privilege to Southerners.
        n He was absolutely sure he knew why the war was fought.
        For his information, "heritage, not hate" is not a bunch of nonsense but a sense of pride in our heritage.
        Also, for his information, at least 80 percent of the Confederate army was comprised of men who didn't even own one slave and never expected to do so.
        My opinion is that McCarren's lack of knowledge is only exceeded by his arrogance.
        S.M. DURRANT



        Part 1. Treatment of prisoners IN THE CONFEDERACY
        Issue 1. FROM THE GRAY BOOK
        By Matthew Page Andrews
        Author of the History of The United States, Dixie Book of Days, &C, &C.
        Only a generation ago, Raphael Semmes, commander of the Confederate warship Alabama, was widely advertised as a"pirate"and Robert E. Lee was stigmatized as a "traitor." Thousands of young Americans were taught so to regard these Southern leaders. Now, however , these terms are nearly obsolete; while many Northern historians, such as Charles Francis Adams, who fought on the Federal side in the War of Secession, and Gamaliel Bradford, who grew up after the war, have delighted in honoring Lee and other Southern leaders as Americans whose character and achievements are the ennobling heritage of a united Nation.
        It was more or less natural that Americans should have been led astray of the truth in the heat of sectional strife and partisan
        expression. Misconceptions have arisen out of every war. In fifty years, however, Americans have made progress in overcoming war prejudices than the people of other lands in the twice or thrice that period.
        This is encouraging, yet the fact that the greater number of our textbooks, and consequently our schools, teach that "the cause for which the South fought was unworthy:" that the Southern leaders "were laboring under some of the most curious hallucinations which a student of history meets in the whole course of his researches ;" and that "the South was the champion of the detested institution of slavery," indicates a lamentable state of historical ignorance on the part of those who should know better. The characters of the Southern leaders are longer aspersed but their motives are besmirched or clouded and their cause unjustly condemned because it is still widely misunderstood*(1).
        Furthermore, since the beginning of the World War of 1914, the conduct of the Prussians, together with the character of their cause, has been compared with the character of the Confederate conduct of the War of Secession, together with the cause and character of Southern statesman. Reputable magazines of wide circulation and writers of prominence have compared the Confederate treatment of prisoners with Prussian outrages in Belgium and France. American newspapers also have printed literally thousands of such comparative references. Fortunately, nine-tenths of these comparisons have been made through ignorance of the facts and not through any malicious desire of the authors to defame the fair name of a single fellow-American on the Confederate side or the "lost cause" which he represented with unsurpassed devotion and valor.
        Side by side with these accusations, in some cases, generous praise is bestowed upon the former "pirate" Semmes as having furnished a model for warfare on the high seas; and it is freely stated that his observance of all requirements of international custom and of the dictates of humanity in civilized warfare held not only to the letter, but also the full spirit of the law. It is not denied, also, that Lee, the Confederate chieftain and quondam "traitor" has offered the noblest example of orders of conduct for an army in the enemy’s country that all history can show, and that these orders were also carried out "even to the protection of a farmer’s fence rails!" The Boston Transcript, for example, took occasion, in 1917, to publish these orders in full.
        Nevertheless, in regard to the treatment of prisoners, the sweeping condemnation of James G. Blaine, delivered in an outburst of war-inspired and partisan condemnation of the South is still, in a general way, believed by Americans who have, of late, been echoing them, although in milder terms and in limitation of the number of those held to have been guilty. Mr Blaine declared some ten years after the war: "Mr Davis [President of the Confederate States] was the author, knowingly, deliberately, guiltily, and willfully, of the gigantic murder and crime at Andersonville. And I here, before God measuring my words, knowing their full extent and import declare that neither the deeds of the Duke of Alva in the low countries, nor the massacre of Saint Bartholomew, nor the thumb screws and engines of torture of the Spanish Inquisition, begin to compare in atrocity with the hideous crimes of Andersonville."
        Historians do not now accept this statement as true, solemnly made as it was by a man who, a few years later, barely missed election to the highest office in the gift of the people of the United States. Furthermore, American historians, even if inclined to bias, do not now go into any detail in the matter of these charges. They refer the reader, however, to a mass of matter(,) the major part of which is as false today as when James G. Blaine based upon it his colossal libel of Jefferson Davis and the military and civil authorities of the Southern Confederacy. As above stated, the so-called "general" historian has dropped this matter in detail, though Mr. Blaine exclaimed dramatically that it would remain as the "blackest page" in the annals of all time.*(2)
        On the other hand, innumerable monographs have been written upon this subject, four-fifths of which are either false per se, or based on false evidence such as that which has misled so many Americans from the time of James G. Blaine and contemporary historians, to editors of and writers in magazines and newspapers of the second decade in the twentieth century. With this one notable exception, American history is rapidly freeing its narrative of misconception in all its phases. It is here that we now find the last great stronghold of sectional misconception.
        If four-fifths of the monographs on prison life in the South are false per se, are based on false evidence, it follows that one-fifth are true or approximately so. The writer has had the privilege of knowing personally a distinguished Union Veteran who suffered privations at Libby Prison. Published in 1912, his story, as it affects his personal experiences, is doubtless true in every respect; yet this same good American helped to publish simultaneously another volume by one of his comrades that is a tissue of falsehood and slander from beginning to end. The voracious author seemed to take his mendacious comrade at his face value, and he advertised as worthy history a gross historical libel.*(3)
        The charges preferred against the authorities of the Confederacy were, for several years, made the most important subject under consideration by the people and even the government of the United States. During that period, the magnitude and violence of the accusations obscured much more weighty and serious problems and placed the South on the defensive, because it was not better element in the North but the radical and partisan minority that had, for the moment, the ear of the country and the world.
        Again with reference to a portion of the truthful fifth part of the testimony in monographs or special articles, it should be said that a concerted attempt has apparently been made by certain interested individuals and groups to cry down, suppress, or defame the authors.


        "All the South has ever desired was that the union, as established by our forefathers, should be preserved; and that the government, as originally organized, should be administered in purity and truth."
        ~~ Gen. Robert E. Lee 1866


        You might be a Yankee if... 
        You take the Wall Street Journal so your neighbors will see it in your driveway.


        Rally sparks debate over flag
        "The Klan's counter-protesters were organizations that honor the heritage of fighting a war to protect slavery."
        Southern Poverty Law Center

        Google opens up 200 years of news 
        The news archive search is one of several new Google services
        Web giant Google is further expanding its online empire with the launch of the Google News Archive Search.
        BBC NEWS

        Museum, donor settle differences
        Lacombe man to take back his flag, other items
        Times Picayune, LA

        Books by Clint Johnson

        SCV Camp 813's
        Battle at Zachary Hill
        Saturday September 9, 2006

        Civil War Days
        Glen Allen, VA.
        Sept 9-10 2006

        Rail Excursion To Chickamauga War Between The States Days Festival Sept. 16
        The Chattanoogan
        POW Day, CSA
        Petersburg, VA
        4:00 pm to 5:00 pm
        September 16, 2006


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