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  • ~mary~
    May 27, 2005

      Charles Demastus wrote:
      SOUTHERN HERITAGE NEWS & VIEWS is dedicated 
      to the preservation of Southern Heritage and 
      to defend the honour of our Confederate ancestors. 
      It is FREE and sent to you via E-mail.
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      Southern Heritage News & Views
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      CALL TO ACTION: Confederate Parks Under Assault in Memphis!  We are mobilizing.
      THE POLITICAL CESSPOOL: Mon-Fri, 7pm-9pm Central Time - AM 1380 WLRM Memphis
      "The South's Foremost Populist Radio Program!"
      Do you live outside of the Memphis reception area and want to listen to our program?
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      Dear Friends:
      Once again, we find our culture and heritage under assault by ignorant and bigoted public officials who racially grandstand in order to polarize the people.  Earlier this week, The Political Cesspool received word that there will be a public forum held in Memphis, Tennessee on Thursday, June 9, to discuss a proposal that would rename three city parks in the downtown area.  Those parks are, of course: Confederate Park, Jefferson Davis Park and Nathan Bedford Forrest Park, which also houses the noble General's grave.
      This abominable meeting was called by Shelby County Commissioner Walter Bailey and one of our sources on the County Commission confirms that the threat is real and that we should rally our troops and attend this meeting.  Interested parties will be allowed three minutes to speak either for, or against, the proposal.  Our radio show is using its power to take the lead on this issue and mobilize a counter offensive.
      I have already personally spoken with leaders of the Council of Conservative Citizens, Sons of the Confederate Veterans and League of the South.  We will be coordinating an effort to meet the enemies of true history on the front lines.  We already have quite a few people signed up to attend, but we must show up in force.  I will be damned to hell before I allow a vile degenerate like Commissioner Bailey to denigrate the name of my ancestors (one of whom died at Shiloh) for the sake of his own self hate. 
      WHEN: Thursday, June 9 @ 4:30 PM (Arrive at least one hour prior to register)
      WHAT: Public forum discussing the renaming of three Confederate Parks
      WHERE: The Pyramid Arena, Crown Room, Downtown Memphis, TN
      We must be eternally vigilant in the defense of our people.  If I have to attend farces like this once a month for the rest of my life to ensure that the legacy of the brave Confederate patriots is not defiled, then that is what I'll do.  We must not shake our heads at this and laugh it off.  Those who paid the ultimate price in the War Between the States to defend our land deserve at least one afternoon of our time in return.  Make your plans NOW to attend this event.  For more information, you may e-mail me at the address below or call me at 901-461-8904 if you'd like to be added to our list of attendees.  Please, take this seriously and help us out.
      Most Sincerely,
      James Edwards
      Host, The Political Cesspool Radio Program

      We originally covered this story on our Wednesday night program (5/25).  You can visit our streaming audio link below and click on the archived show for that date.  Scroll exactly 39 minutes, 40 seconds into that broadcast to listen to our breaking coverage of this issue.
      Click Here to listen to the Political Cesspool live over the Internet!
      THE POLITICAL CESSPOOL: Mon - Fri, 7pm-9pm Central - AM 1380 WLRM Memphis
      "The South's Foremost Populist Radio Program!"
      James Edwards: james@...
      Austin Farley: austin@...
      * * * On Air Call-In Number: 901-872-8862 * * *
      Listen LIVE via the Internet at the Official Website: www.thepoliticalcesspool.org   
      Hosts James Edwards and Austin Farley fight to preserve American heritage!
      Please Help Support Our Show
      If you feel led to aid our important work, you can make donations, made payable to Political Cesspool and mail it to the address below.  If you believe in what we're doing, please stand with us.
      The Political Cesspool
      6600 Stage Road, Suite 107, #156
      Bartlett, TN 38134


      Black Southern civil rights activist denounces removal of Confederate Battle Flag from cemetery
      BLACK MOUNTAIN, NC -- H. K. Edgerton, a black man and former NAACP officer turned Southern activist, today lambasted a Sons of Confederate Veterans camp in Covington, Tennessee, for removing the Confederate Battle Flag from a local cemetery where it has flown for the past 12 years.
      In a public ceremony held last week, the SCV's Simonton-Wilcox Camp 257 struck the battle flag, which memorialized the cemetery's 216 Confederate dead, and replaced it with the Confederate First National Flag, known as the "Stars and Bars."  Camp Commander Robert Wallace said the flag switch was made because there is a "perception" of the flag as "a symbol of slavery and hatred" associated with the Ku Klux Klan.
      But Edgerton, who gained international fame by carrying a Confederate battle flag 1,300 miles across the South on foot in 2002, called its removal from the cemetery "a cowardly and stupid caving in to political correctness" and said that far from being a conciliatory gesture "all it does is feed the biggest cultural lie in American history and pave the way for more good Southerners to be persecuted for trying to honor their heritage."
      Edgerton is the present Chairman of the Board of Advisors of the Southern Legal Resource Center, an organization that provides legal assistance to individuals whose civil rights have been violated in cases involving Southern heritage and culture.  He called Wallace's assessment of the public's perception of the flag "absurd," adding, "The truth is that the flag you most often see the KKK waving is the good old Stars and Stripes, but nobody has suggested pulling the U.S. flag down because of a few idiots in sheets."  
      Edgerton said the current media and political campaign against the Confederate flag originated in the early 1990's.  "It was a put-up job, mostly by the NAACP, who were looking for a way to divert public attention away from their own internal troubles.  And, oh, it surely did work.  Good Southern people are being persecuted every day for showing that flag.  And here is this bunch of clowns laying down in the road, thinking to buy a little good will by substituting another flag.  It makes me sick," he said.  "I have seldom been this angry."
      Noting that Wallace said his group intends to install a new grave marker for a black Confederate soldier buried in the cemetery, Edgerton said, "Believe me, if that old black Confederate's hallowed bones could speak, they would say the best memorial Mr. Wallace could make would be his letter of resignation from the SCV."
      Edgerton is an honorary life member of the Texas Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans.
      Source: The Southern Legal Resource Center


      Why we need free speech online
      In their crusade against 'hate speech', regulators want to subject all internet users to a system of parental controls.
      Tara McPherson has written about the problem of deep-South redneck websites - what she calls 'the many outposts of Dixie in cyberspace'. As one reads through the examples she provides of neo-Confederate eccentrics, one could be forgiven for believing that 'The South Will Rise Again', as the flags and bumper stickers put it. But by that token, the world must also be under dire threat from paedophiles, Satanists, and every other crackpot to whom the internet provides a free platform.

      'How could we narrate other versions of Southern history and place that are not bleached to a blinding whiteness?', asks McPherson, as though digital Dixie were a major social problem (17). In its present form, the internet inevitably appears to privilege the expression of marginal views, by making it so easy to express them. But the mere fact of an idea being represented online does not grant that idea any great social consequence.

      Of course, the internet has made it easier for like-minded individuals on the margins to communicate and collaborate. Mark Potok, editor of the Southern Poverty Law Centre's Intelligence Report - which 'monitors hate groups and extremist activities'- has a point when he says: 'In the 1970s and 80s the average white supremacist was isolated, shaking his fist at the sky in his front room. The net changed that.' French minister of foreign affairs Michel Barnier makes a similar point more forcefully, when he says: 'The internet has had a seductive influence on networks of intolerance. It has placed at their disposal its formidable power of amplification, diffusion and connection.' (18)


      WGST has Southern True Heritage Talk Show Host Now

      Two things:
      First WGST Radio has a talk show host who is on our side today.  Please call in now and thank them at this number.
      404 367 0640
      Also read about the disgrace of removing the Soldiers' Battleflag by the Covington Camp.   They want to go along to get along.   And Al Sharpton wasn't even there!   They installed the flag our own Confederates did away with and which represented the government.  They say the Battleflag is less than pure.   Do we have a Tyrone Brooks award?


      Sons of Confederate Veterans
      Columbia, Tennessee
      Commander-in-Chief Sweeney has requested that all of our membership be apprised that it is the policy of our organization to support the Confederate Battle Flag and defend and promote it to the best of our ability. It is our duty to educate the public as to its true meaning.
      The Battle Flag is incorporated into the logo of our organization and has a proud and honored history which is worth defending against all attacks. It is the flag that our ancestors fought and died under in order to achieve their freedom and independence. It stands as a worldwide symbol for fighting against tyranny and oppression.
      Please be aware of this in all public dealings that the Sons of Confederate Veterans are not ashamed of this flag and will not let it be furled because of today���s modern political climate.
      Brag Bowling
      Sons of Confederate Veterans


      Dees & SPLC Linked to Oklahoma City Bombing
      From: mka36@...

      Dear Chuck,
      Regarding news on the Fire Eater! website: "Morris Dees and SPLC Linked to
      Oklahoma City Bombing": http://www.fireeater.org).
      Your readers will be interested in the news reports about Morris Dees and
      the SPLC connection to the Oklahoma City bombing. Coming from the McCurtain
      Daily Gazette out of Oklahoma (reported by WorldNetDaily also). The Gazette
      has published the Motion to Dismiss legal document of the Terry Nichols
      defense team. In that document is cited a memo from the FBI Director
      (Freeh) to "Command Post" in Oklahoma. The memo implicates the SPLC as
      having an informant in a "white supremacist compound" two days before the
      OKC bombing:
      "Information has been received through the Southern Poverty Law Center
      (SPLC) that one [redacted] AKA [redacted] telephone call from [redacted] on
      or about 4/17/95, two days prior to the OKBOMB attack, when [redacted] of
      the SPLC, was in the white supremacist compound at [redacted], OK.
      [Redacted] allegedly has had a lengthy relationship with [redacted] one of
      two indicted OKBOMB defendants. [Redacted] advised that [redacted] is
      currently residing with [redacted] in [redacted] NC, and plans to leave the
      U.S. via Mexico, in the near future. [Redacted] further advised that he/she
      has learned that [redacted] for an unknown reason."
      [From the McCurtain Daily Gazette: Nichols defense motion, 26 May 2005 ]
      "According to the report in the McCurtain County, Okla., paper, the
      documents address the monitoring of the bombing by FBI informants, Alabama
      attorney Morris Dees and Dees' organization, the Southern Poverty Law
      Center." (WorldNetDaily, 26 May 2005)
      The implication of all this?
      "Writes reporter J.D. Cash in the Gazette: "If proven true, the
      ramifications of such disclosures would be far-reaching. Not only could the
      discovery of these documents lead to additional arrests and prosecutions in
      the OKC bombing case, but evidence of a cover-up of a sting operation
      involving the FBI and a private charity could ruin a number of careers of
      highly placed individuals." (WorldNetDaily, 26 May 20)
      MacDonald King Aston
      Fire Eater!



      >>On her CD of Bluegrass greats (issued in 1982), is a true BLUEGRASS version of "Dixie", which is loaded in my convertible's CD player.   With the top down ... and the all six speakers at full tilt.... whoa.... <<

      To Mr Steve in Alabama:
      May I also suggest one of the finest instrumental versions of 'Dixie' of all time and that being the hard charging recording by south Georgia's 'The Rebelaires'... You'll have those waiting at the stoplight dancing in the street with some big rebel yells!
      I will look for Miss Sandy Posey's version too.

      For a FreeFlorida,
      Robert Lloyd


      Chuck, I think Donnie Kennedy or some fire eating Southerner should run for president in 2008. As for running as a Republican or Democrat, I have serious doubts about this. These are the very same parties that have done nothing to keep the South from being degraded to its present sorry state, by design. Actually its their faults that we have been over looked & had a deaf ear turned our way all these many years. We should have OUR OWN candidates running for ALL offices EVERY election but, through a political party of our own design & choosing. The S.I.P. comes to mind as does many other Southern political parties. Our candidate���s first priority should be to get us out of this political system that loathes & despises us & only gives us lip service long enough to get our votes then promptly forgets us until they need our votes for the next election. There are some among us who will cry & wring their hands & expound on the fact that we can���t appeal to a national audience by doing this. As a national audience has never given a tinker���s damned about us & what we think my feels about this are mutual. If theses types among us are so afraid the nation at large won���t support our candidates, so be it! We will at least be the nation���s largest voting bloc which will give us a voice & get many of our ideas on the platforms of other parties. Something we don���t have now & we can at least control our states, which is where we live anyway. So let our adversaries scream bloody murder to high heaven. This is one Southerner who has & can live without their opinions of me & the South.
      Billy E. Price
      Ashville Alabama


      Confederate Veteran Marker Dedication
      The Robert S. Garnett Camp 1470 will be hosting a marker dedication for two
      Confederate soldiers buried in Sattes Cemetery, Charleston, WV.(Kanawha Co.)
      The ceremony will be held Sat., June 4th at 1:00 p.m.
      The Confederate soldiers to be honored are Pvt. George Rollins and Pvt. Henry
      Rollins, great, great grandfather and great grand uncle respectively of Fl. Div. UDC member, Ruth Mallonee.
      A special invitation to attend is extended to relatives of the above referenced Confederate veterans.  Anyone interested is invited to attend.  We may be looking for re-enactors who may want to participate.  For additional information please contact Jim Chapman at 304-756-3097 after 7:00 p.m.


      Because of their anti-Southern "diversity" program I no longer support NASCAR

      'Just wanted to let everybody know that I've had some stickers made up.  They are 1 1/2" high by 8 1/2" long, and read:
      Because of their anti-Southern "diversity" program I no longer support NASCAR
      They are high-quality black vinyl stickers with white lettering. 
      If anyone wants one, send a S.A.S.E. to:
      P.O. Box 19351
      Louisville, KY  40259-0351
      I can send up to (3) stickers PER PERSON, so if you want more than one, let me know. Bein' that I'm not chargin' for the stickers themselves, enclosing the SASE is mandatory!
      I put mine on my truck with two stickers from www.rebelstore.com; one's a big
      beautiful sparkly Naval Jack, and the other is a sticker that says simply,
      "Pride, Not Prejudice".  I've gotten some big smiles an' thumbs ups!  Made my day!


      Confederate Catechism
      From: btzoumas@...

      41. What is Lincoln's present reputation founded upon?
      It is founded upon his assassination, the need of the North for a hero, his faculty of juggling with words, and the luminous propaganda put out in his favor. Washington, Jefferson, Henry, Madison, Calhoun, and Webster attracted the admiration and recognition of the people from their earliest manhood, but in the opinion of his contemporaries Lincoln never rose above the ordinary politician, and throughout his administration he was subject to bitter and remorseless criticism. Nothing was more bitterly denounced in the North than Lincoln's suspension of the writ of habeas comps in States of the North where the courts were in full operation, and the arrest under his authority of thousands of people who were confined for months in gloomy dungeons, without charge, without trial, and without being allowed counsel. Because of this, Wendell Phillips pronounced Lincoln "a more unlimited despot than the world knows this side of China." The claim that Lincoln was a democrat, that he restored the Union, that he was a friend of the South, is the purest fiction imaginable. The deification of Lincoln commenced with his assassination, and has assumed all the forms of hero worship, without any regard for truth or even probability. The most audacious of these claims is that Lincoln was a friend of the South.

      42. Was nullification a Southern doctrine?
      No. The South as a whole never held to this doctrine. Only two Southern States, Georgia and South Carolina, ever did, and they resorted to it to make void unconstitutional acts, as an alternative to secession.
      It was not only threatened by Northern States, but practiced by them in the War of 1812, and through the personal liberty laws and the other measures in the decade from 1850 to 1860. <>
      The notion of a league implies no such idea of a State suspending a law of the Confederacy, and remaining a member thereof.
      But what makes the case of the North exceedingly ugly is that they were willing enough in 1833 to destroy the lives of South Carolinians, find resorted to the nullification policy in 1850-1860, in clear defiance of constitutional provisions, for a mere idea and without any sense of personal injury. The men of New England were wholly averse to fighting foreign soldiers like Englishmen in 1812-1814, and Mexicans in 1846, but were among the first in the field to punish their brethren, the Southerners, in 1861.

      43. What was the true nature of the Union in 1861?
      I.   In May, 1777, the Legislature of Virginia passed an act requiring all free-born male citizens, above the age of 16 years, to "swear allegiance to the Commonwealth of Virginia as a free and independent State," and the other States, or most of them certainly, passed similar laws. No one was required by any authority to swear allegiance to the United States, or its government. In 1781, the Articles of Confederation, adopted that year, called the Union "a firm league of friendship," and provided that each State "retained its sovereignty, freedom and independence." In the treaty of peace (1783), Great Britain recognized the United States, mentioning the thirteen States by name, as "free, sovereign and independent States." Nevertheless, Lincoln, with characteristic sophistry, tried to fool people into thinking that the States had never been sovereign.
      But against his views may be placed the facts, and the opinion of another man of national ideas, far his superior in every way - John Marshall - who in a noted case (Gibbons versus Ogden), declared the Union previous to 1787 a league.
      II.   John Marshall never resorted to rhetoric or dishonest sophistical argument like Lincoln, but his intense party spirit led him often unto untenable positions. As a member of the Federalist party, he espoused the British doctrine, "once a citizen, always a citizen," denied the Jeffersonian slogan "free ships make free goods," wanted, like the other Federalists, to make the common law a part of the law of the United States, and stood for aristocracy, instead of democracy, as the correct principle of government. All Marshall's views on these subjects stand repudiated by even the present intensely consolidated government of the United States.
      So when in the same case (Gibbons vs. Ogden) he reasoned that under the new constitution the Union lost the character of a league, he simply spoke as father to the thought, and .appeared to forget that, if the Union was a league of sovereign States anterior to 1787, as he said it was, the States could not lose that character without some express provision in the new constitution to that effect. It is a fundamental provision of public law that in construing grants from sovereign States, nothing can pass by mere implication or inference (Brown's Legal Maxims, p. 260); Vattel, 2nd Book, chapter SVII, sect. 305-308). And this is especially true when the grant concerns so serious a matter as the sovereignty of the State.
      Now no one can show any express revocation of sovereignty in the constitution, and Marshall's argument proceeds by way of implication or inference from powers in the constitution which may be explained wholly otherwise. To reason that from a mere change in the operation of the government or distribution of the powers, the sovereignty can be destroyed, is absurd.
      There is no real antagonism between a Federal government of despotic power and a Union of sovereign States, and the difference between the articles of Confederation and the Constitution of 1787 lies not in the nature of the Union but in the grants of power. To render this perfectly plain, suppose there was a clause added to the present constitution, "And this Union is a league from which each State may peaceably withdraw," how would this provision interfere with the operation of the Federal government, as long as the States chose to remain together?
      The Confederate Constitution was a mere copy of the Federal Constitution, created "a government proper," but no one has denied that its object was to establish a league of sovereign States.
      III.   Not only was there no express provision in the constitution or the amendments by which the States surrendered their sovereignty, but there were provisions in it which declare and defend that sovereignty. The seventh article declares that the parties to this constitution are "the States so ratifying the same," and the tenth amendment repels all implications hostile to sovereignty by declaring that "the powers not delegated to the United States by the constitution, nor prohibited to the States are reserved to the States or the people respectively." No one was ever required by the Constitution to swear allegiance to the Federal government or the United States.  


      Poem- appeal for soldier's home-1899

      This is another great poem from the year 1899. It was found in the Confederate Veterans magazine, page 88 of the compiled editions from Broadfoot Publishing Company.
      Mr. Luther Manship was standing with some friends on a street corner in Jackson, Miss., sometime ago when an old Confederate, battle-scarred and feeble, appealed to him for direction to the Soldiers' Home. Mississippi has never provided a home for her Confederate veterans, so the old man turned away pained and disappointed. Mr. Manship afterwards wrote this poem:

      A battle-scarred old veteran, one who had worn the gray
      And fought beneath the Southern flag with glory as his pay,
      Now bent with age and worn by time, stands waiting at the door,
      And asks his State for shelter- he's homeless, old, and poor.
      Each scar upon his battered frame will eloquently tell
      How, answering his State's behest, he fought where foemen fell.
      No straggler in the line was he, but, like the knight of old,
      The crash of arms for sacred cause was music to his soul.
      When thunders of secession were heard on every hand,
      From the war clouds that had gathered above our sunny land,
      And roaring guns on Sumter the jarring sections woke,
      Till peace at Appomattox rolled back the battle smoke,
      This veteran stood to duty like the needle to 'the pole,
      And went wherever duty led through hardships never told.
      He 'comes now with a shambling step, of health, of all, bereft,
      And asks the State to help him o'er the few short years that are left.
      But the men who make the laws and crowd our halls of state
      Have failed to offer him a home, and so he'll have to wait
      Until some kindly hand shall lead him from the storm,
      That breaks above his hoary head and racks his tired form.
      The State is poor, they tell us; ah! she must be poor indeed,
      To see such heroes suffer and not supply their need.
      Hard is the fate of the infirm and poor, sad to be thus denied,
      But short the passage to the friendly tomb, where the burden is laid aside.
      Old veteran, you must stand aside! you're thirty years too late;
      With a pittance for a pension, we leave you to your fate.
      Yet history, in coming years, these truthful words shall say:
      God never chastened braver men than those who wore the gray.
      On Chickamauga's bloody field, at Malvern Hill, as well,
      In fact, upon a hundred fields, these heroes fought and fell.
      Full many sleep in unmarked graves and will till judgment day,
      But God, the giver of all good, will not o'erlook the gray. 


      HK Edgerton Critical Of TN SCV Camp For Removing
      The Confederate Battle Flag

      Burn myths, but not crosses
      See, it's times like this when the oft-offensive Confederate flag becomes even more of a lightning rod.

      Morris Dees and the Oklahoma City Bombing
      MacDonald King Aston
      Morris Dees and the Oklahoma City Bombing: Reference Materials

      FBI has secret docs it's reluctant to give up
      Judge ordered disclosure of info on informants that could shed light on Oklahoma City tragedy

      National Civil War Museum Explores History of 'Taps'

      Fortune seekers scour North America in search of Confederate stash

      New Generation, New View of Race Relations
      Jeff Adams

      Send alerts to:
      wmshnv@the southernamerican.org

      Things of Southern Interest

      River Walk Heritage Violation
      Post your Southern events, fundraisers, meetings, etc. FREE

      7th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment

      "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are:
      "I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"
      Ronald Reagan.
      RESPECT LIFE:  From Womb to Tomb!    ~mary~
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