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Turkey Trott Results and This Week!

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  • Daniel Stein
    Hello all, I am happy to begin with some fantastic results from the Thanksgiving Turkey Trott. I heard a common theme from the race... I felt strong, but no
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2002
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      Hello all,

      I am happy to begin with some fantastic results from the Thanksgiving Turkey
      Trott. I heard a common theme from the race..."I felt strong, but no
      turn-over!" This is exactly what I would have predicted. Most of the
      people who were really happy about their results came from the 10K. Thus,
      over longer distance speed becomes less of a factor and strength takes over.
      We are in base training mode. My suggestion to everyone from the very
      beginning was to train through races to at least Jan. It is always good to
      go out and get a hard effort in every once in a while during training and
      get an idea where you are or how you are feeling. I feel this race gave us
      just that...we are getting stronger, but at the same time are tired and our
      speed is gone. I believe it is very hard to run prs or even fast times
      without running workouts that are well below race pace so you get used to
      feeling a little uncomfortable, a little in oxygen debt, and get used to
      taking some pain. However, first we most get strong, able to recover and
      stay healthy!

      As for the results...David Shiller finished 3rd in his age group with a nice
      36:36 time for 10K. Tom, Tonson, Rick and Rob all finished within a minute
      of each other with Sue and Jim A. not far behind coming back from their
      marathons. I must say it was great to hear all the encouragement from each
      of them on the course. However, it also leads me to think we will soon see
      a lot faster times out of each of them once their confidence in their
      training leads them into running a little harder and going into some deeper
      oxygen debt where talking and cheering is basically not possible. Fred C.
      ran well although he was disappointed. Fred ran 16:07 for the 5K race. As
      I told Fred, a choice must be made by all of us...do you want to be a road
      freak, taper, and try to run every race fast and run all races at or about
      the same pace with little improvement. Or do you want to focus on training
      for a specific time frame/event and really improve and run fast during the
      time frame. In other words, it is the difference b/w looking at ourselves
      as recreational runners verus elite runners!

      It has a been a while since I could write in about my own race. I was very
      happy with my performance and time in the 10K. It was my first 10K since
      college 5 years ago. I was expecting to run around 35 mins. However, I was
      able to get into a pack with Dave P., Juan and a few others and work with
      them to carry me through 5 miles. My pain threshold wore down with a mile
      to go, but I held on best I could to finish under 34 mins. with a 33:56. I
      felt very good about where I am with my training and so should the rest of
      us following the program. I have only been back for 3 weeks training
      consistantly and I felt as everyone else did...pretty good strength, but no
      speed. I went through 5K faster then my Carlsbad time last year and through
      8K faster then my Distance Derby time a few months ago. With both of these
      races, I had several workouts underneath me, but little base. I am very
      excited about the coming season and being able to have a good base going
      into workouts and races.

      As I constantly say, everyone is going to handle more mileage and base
      training differently. The marathoners and higher mileage folks should adapt
      pretty easily, while Fred and some of the newer runners might go through
      some really tired, dead legged times in the next couple months. I ask you
      to again listen to your bodies and try to counter how you are feeling with
      how fast you are running your daily runs. A couple days in a row of being
      tired and/or sore is okay, but if it gets to a week or more please come talk
      to me and we will incorporate a plan to get your legs back underneath you.
      Please also tend to injuries quickly and make sure you are watching your
      shoes and not running on broken down equipment. Higher mileage will result
      in shoes breaking down faster, and can cause additional aches and pains.

      As for this week...
      M-Heritage Park- lower mileage day
      T-BackBay- Higher mileage day
      W-SnailsPace Laguna Hills- Lower mileage day
      Th-Heritage Park-SCRR-Higher Milage Day
      F-On your own- Lower mileage day
      S-Lower mileage day

      For the people who started with me, our program should be up to 50, 80, 50,
      80, 50, 110, 50. I will be out of town this weekend and will not be able to
      meet for the longrun on Sat. I may do the longrun on Thursday instead!


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