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south bend fall/winter adult hockey info

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    Guys this might be a duplicate, but I am sending this out via the yahoo group First off you are receiving this email because in the past you have contacted me
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2012
      Guys this might be a duplicate, but I am sending this out via the yahoo group

      First off you are receiving this email because in the past you have contacted me about hockey in south bend. I don't want to burden anyone and if you want me to remove you from my address book please let me know.

      I know this might seem lengthy, I like to call it resourceful. I hope to answer all your questions, so please hide this somewhere when you're finished. I want to go in chronological order and hope I don't lose you. Please forward this to anyone you know that is interested in playing the fall session who didn't get this. Those who didn't, please let me know to add you to my address book.

      The IYHL (youth hockey) is having their registration this week on august 1st from 6-8pm at the ice box and then again at the annual back to hockey day august 11th at Notre dame. The back to hockey will run from 1-4pm at the Compton family ice arena. All the information For the IYHL and to download the registration forms, go to www.irishyouthhockey.com Anyone with questions should contact Chris kleva........email is chriskleva@...

      The IYHL, which I am now a board member of, is looking for volunteers to help coach, or assist coaches with on ice practices and to help coach games. I know we have a lot of guys who aren't really affiliated with the youth league either because they don't have kids or, their kids are older. I think the adult league players have a chance to get some extra ice time and to fill a void on the coaching segment. Many parents don't play hockey themselves and the IYHL relies on many volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, please contact drew herendeen drew@...

      The captains meeting for the league will take place Wednesday night august 8th @ 6:30pm at the Ice box in the team room . Team captains must attend this meeting, if you can't make it please send an alternate captain or a team representative to the meeting. There will be a wide range of topics to discuss and I don't want anyone to use the excuse of ignorance when new policy is enacted. Email has been sent out and the captains have been made aware. Consensus was to have the meeting earlier rather than later, and guys are starting to get collections in to have ready when the season starts. Those who want their captains to bring up an issue should tell them, or let me know what you want us to address. There is talk about having an over 35 league to keep the parity there, but I am still not sure how we can enact it. I look forward to every ones input. I will bring pizza, bring your own beer.

      There are going to be many new teams this year with new captains. Periodically, I share rink information with league captains to distribute to their teams via email. So first off if you're a captain, please email me and tell me what team you will be captaining so you will be on the email list. I really need the captains to step up this year. Some of the guys don't communicate, and some of them are captains that never make games. I would prefer guys who are in the loop and can be counted to quell a situation if their guys get out of hand. Be a captain, or dont sign up.

      Once again Chris Sandnas, will putting on a beginners boot camp for new adults men/women (please no children) on various nights during the week. The clinics will be 60-90 minutes each, on ice, running sometime between august 16th through Sept 10th. Each session will be 10 bucks. Full equipment is needed to attend. Each night Chris will work on skating, passing shooting, stick handling, positioning, etc........ There is no need to register, just show up. These clinics aren't mandatory for new players, but it will surely give them confidence and help them get acclimated to the game before the season starts up on the 16th. Those new to the game are recommended to attend. It's a good place to get recruited for a fall team and get your legs back.
      The dates are
      FRI 17-Aug 7:30 PM 9:00 PM
      TUE 21-Aug 7:30 PM 9:00 PM
      FRI 24-Aug 7:30 PM 9:00 PM
      SUN 26-Aug 6:00 PM 7:30
      WED 29-Aug 7:30 PM 9:00 PM
      FRI 31-Aug 7:30 PM 9:00 PM
      TUE 04-Sep 9:15 PM 10:45 PM
      FRI 07-Sep 7:30 PM 9:00 PM
      SUN 09-Sep 6:00 PM 7:30 PM
      TUE 11-Sep 7:30 PM 9:00 PM

      Goalies wishing to attend should contact Chris Sandnas sandmanhockey617@... or 574-250-1296 Goalies will usually be there.

      There will be a USA hockey ref clinic tentatively scheduled for August 25th and 26th. I don't know all the details as of yet, but if you're interested in becoming a USAH ref please contact Barry mead icerefs@...

      PROSHOP People always ask me about the pro shop and when they are open. They have a webpage with their hours posted on it. Please bookmark this, the website is www.hockeystopsouthbend.com

      Ok here we go..........Fall winter season will start Sept 16th and run through the end of March. The league consists of currently 5 divisions. A, B gold, B silver, C and Rec. We might be splitting the C league into a C gold and C silver as well like we did last year, but some teams were on the cusp, so we might just have the 5 divisions and one C league. We didn't have an ice fee increase this year, but it was basically on condition that keep our ice usage up. Last year we really pulled our weight. For the 2010-11 we used 419 hours and for 2011-12 we used 570 hours. We need to keep the rink open and they need to sell ice. So all teams need to commit to at least 30 games and if teams want more, we can make that work. Usually the B league plays more than C and rec, But that will be up to you. Some teams said 30 was a good number, some liked 35 and one team said they wanted 40 games. Teams like ND faculty, Goshen and Andrews will probably run their condensed schedule, but everyone should count on a minimum 30 game season. Teams will make it work.

      Games are typically Sunday through Thursday, with the high school using the ice Friday and Saturday nights. High school numbers this year are down and some teams might be consolidating. So things might change in the fall, and as I write this now, we plan to keep it that way, but if anything changes I will let the captains know. Game times on Sunday can start as early as 3pm, although rare, and go as late as 9:30. Weeknight games are as early as 7pm and no later than 10:15. We are pretty spoiled, as games in Chicago can be as late as 1am. For those getting the 10:15 game, suck it up, you really don't know how worse it could be. I will make scheduling request and do my best to accommodate. All scheduling requests must come from the captain. I had a team with a player who only wanted to play after 10 one year and the others on his team wasn't aware why they got stuck with all 10 or 10:15 games. Doing this for several years, it's still a work in progress, but I am still learning from my mistakes.

      A league is run by Brandon Rigby, his contact info is brandonr@... and cell number is 574-286-7342. The games are typically on Thursday nights and an occasional Sunday game this year in order to get in the 30-35 game schedule. Brandon will be the contact for A league for all your questions. They are mainly looking for ex-high school players, former junior players and college kids to fill out the teams. The level of play is up there. They usually have a 4 team draft. Again, contact Brandon with any questions.

      B League is still competitive, but not as fast as the A league. B league is split between B gold and B silver.

      C league is the former beginners league and last year had grown to 14 teams last winter. The level of parity, has seemed to disappear now that it has grown and we have seen some of the hot shots from the B league starting to drop down to the C league and start dominating some of the games. We will discuss this at the captains meeting. C league is still competitive, but I guess I would classify it as semi beginner/old timers league. Guys who want to bring B players down to their team will find themselves playing B teams.

      Rec league is for beginners and has been a great entry level league for those who haven't played before. It's not as competitive, and should be more for the fun of the game. Although, I have had rec players contact me about scores in rec posted incorrectly........rec league........I mean really??? Many of the guys/gals going through the adult boot camp are fed into the rec league and captains, in the past like myself, will be looking for players to fill out their rosters and setup teams.

      Also, like the C league, some of the current rec players really don't know how to take it easy on the newbies and its really come to a head where these guys must move up. It's nice to be able to skate end to end in the rec league, but try that in a division higher and see how it feels. Point blank, a lot of guys in rec league really need to move up. When you're getting called for penalties in the rec league, then you don't know how to play down and you have no idea what rec league is all about.

      I would suggest that rec captains before the season scrutinize each others rosters and make suggestions of players who don't belong. I think the best way to combat this league wide is to have players play in only 2 divisions next to each other. Example play C/REC, C/B SILVER, B SILVER/GOLD, A/B GOLD. Playing B and rec shouldn't be allowed. Playing A and C shouldn't be allowed. This is going to be a discussion at the captains meeting. I understand guys want to play as much hockey as they want, but some guys are rostered on 3 teams. Join the sub list if you want more hockey. You're playing for it anyway.

      I will be posting a link to the rosters on the eteamz website. Those looking for a team in the fall, please email me with your contact information and skill level, and I will do my best (no promises) to get you on a team. The sooner the better, and it will increase your chances of getting on a team. I will also forward your email out to all the captains to see who wants to pick you up.

      I will be creating a new, fresh sub list for those who can't play the whole season but can sub in once in awhile. Subs will be contacted (by you) and will agree to pay a $10 fee to come in for a game. I will not be moving games like I have done in the past. I have been too nice and if guys can't make a game, find some subs or create your own sub list from the roster submitted. Moving games has been a tremendous pain in the ass and people don't realize that when a game moves how many people it affects besides YOU. When teams ask me to move games this fall, be prepared for me to tell them no. I will still do my best, as always, to accommodate team date requests, but this fall/winter, with the absence of Friday and Saturday night games like summer, it just gives me less options when scheduling games. We have a goalie list on the website as well. If you want to get on the sub list, or goalie list, please email me to be added.

      We currently have a disciplinary board made up of mike compton, Dave mensik, nick linarello, Todd Montgomery, ed moore, dennis jordan, and mike klute. Incidents are typically reported to them by the refs and they make our recommendations and relay them to the captains. Currently it's basically a 3 strikes and you're out type of deal. We will tweaking this at the board meeting.

      The league fees consist of 5 things: Ice rental fees, refs, security fee, insurance and a management fee I call the "sax tax". I use these factors to come up with the costs for the season and stand behind my figures so people don't think I pulled a number out of a hat. I sometimes get criticized for being too open, but the last thing I want is to have anyone think I am getting rich off this. If anyone is curious as to what our leagues finances are, bills, bank statements etc... I don't mind sharing. Transparency is the best disinfectant.

      Ice fees have stayed the same from last year. We are still at $265 an hour, which in our case is sometimes more than an hour, but our games are 3- 18 minute periods, running clock. We get a 5 minute warm up and we get to stop the clock when a game is within 2. So as you see its sometimes more than 60 minutes, but you get the picture. Nobody is kicked off the ice when the 60 minutes is up and we are allowed to finish our games. I am trying to make a point about how good we have it and other rinks don't give that flexibility. Just as a comparison, I have a feeling merrifield ice fees will be going up in the fall and ND already raised their fall fees $10 for a 50 minute slot.

      Refs currently are paid $22 a game, it's really a thankless job. We're going to keep it at $22. I think the refs like the $2 bills. With 2 rinks running simultaneously this fall it will be harder to pull from the same pool. Just a note USAH refs in the IYHL make as much as 50-70 bucks a game, so we get what we pay for. Shannon hyduk runs and schedules all our refs and if you're interested in reffing, email him shyduk@... or call 574-360-2276 Anyone, who has never reffed before should try it. I have in the past reffed and it's a real eye opener. Players always think they know more than the refs until they have to put on the stripes. There are always complaints about the refs and some warranted, some not. We do our best with what we have and please consider that before you complain.

      Security fees are used to pay the security detail in the parking lot and was implemented 2 years ago. Its $10 bucks a head and I figure it based on a team fee. I am not in the mood to do a head count and if you're playing on two teams, the team contribution will be the same. I base it on a 15 man roster, whether you have more or less. Last year I did 14 players but it seems like rosters are getting bigger and bigger, So $150 per team.

      Insurance came in cheaper than I thought last year. We bid it out to two separate companies and the current company cut the price from 25 to 15 a head. At this time, I still don't have the quote yet, but I want to get this email out to everyone. Based on the conversation with our insurer, he doesn't expect anything drastic and if there is an increase he thinks it will be only 5%. Based on this info. I am going to stick with $15 a head and hope for no surprises. If it's something drastic, then expect a slight bump in league fees.

      We have two policies. One is an umbrella general liability policy that insures the ice box and any other facility we play at for $1 million and then we have a medical injury policy. The medical injury policy is a secondary to ones primary insurance with a $1000 deductible and a max payout of $25k. This only kicks in if your primary doesn't cover everything. In the case where one doesn't have primary insurance this would be your primary. In the past we were contemplating going with USAH but it only raises our costs for everyone, with the same or inferior coverage. Our policy is based on whoever plays in the league and whoever is on the ice, including the refs. With USAH you must register and everyone else must register in order for there to be coverage. If a players buddy is in town and skates on without USAH insurance, and an accident occurs, since not ALL players were with USAH at the time of injury, nobody is covered. This was confirmed to me during a conference call with USAH last fall. They only cover catastrophic anyways, I have stories about that too. So, I really don't want to take that risk of not having all USAH players on the ice at one time. I am in Chicago during the week and don't have the time to babysit everyone and check who is and isn't registered. Hell, we have problems with captains sticking to rosters all the time. Guys walking off the ice after their game get approached all the time asking if they want to stick around and play another. We run a beer league and like the flexibility. This policy covers anyone on the ice...........period! I think it's excellent coverage, NDU doesn't, so we don't play there. I base the fee on a roster of 15 guys. Again no head count. If you have less or more, it's still the same. So $225 per team for insurance assuming no surprises on this years premium. Yes I get the question, some guys are rostered on more than one team why pay twice???.........just pay it, unless you want to do a head count for the entire league for me and some teams would be paying more than the $225. Let's just do it this way. It's easier for everyone and makes the costs uniform across the board.

      The Sax tax is my management fee. I put countless hours into the league and I use it to cover my league fees. Any extra in the past we have used it for shooter tutors, a TV and 2 sets of backup goalie gear for the league. I will be using the extra to replace some of the goalie gear that's been abused. It all goes back to the rink, and we have a surplus so I can sleep well at night. I am tacking on $15 a team, or basically a buck a guy to cover this. I don't feel guilty asking for it.

      So let's add it up......right now we are looking at a 30+ game schedule
      costs based on 30 games $265 ice $44 for refs ($309/2) or $154.50 per game, per team.
      ice/refs (265+44)/2 *30= $4635
      security $150 ($10 each based on a 15 man roster)
      insurance =$225 (assuming $15 each based on a 15 man roster)
      "sax tax" =$15 ( to cover my league fees....and because I am a greedy bastard)
      total =$5025
      It's basically gone up $25 from last year or roughly $1.50 a guy.

      All teams have a fixed cost of insurance/security/sax tax.
      For the A/B and anyone who wants to play extra game figure $155 a game.
      31 games = $5180
      32 games = $5335
      33 games = $5490
      34 games = $5645
      35 games = $5800

      Based on a 15 man roster
      30 games = $335 each
      32 games = $356 each
      35 games = $387 each
      (can you tell I like numbers?)

      I hope I haven't bored you to death, but I just wanted to show where I came up with that figure, and I am sure many of you are curious what things costs. It might seem a lot, but it's still a lot cheaper than many of us are paying for our kids to play youth or high school hockey. It's also cheaper than some of the leagues at the rinks I play on in Chicago.

      So there's your number $5025 minimum........more if you want games.

      Guys collecting fees has always been the worst part of the job. Yes, I get comped for this but this summer has pushed me to the brink. I am not at the rink as much as I used to be and some of the captains haven't been on top of this like they should be. Captains are in charge of collecting fees. I know I am my worst enemy and I let things go and it's my fault. I say this every year......but all teams have a few deadbeats that don't carry the teams financially and they will be outed at the captains meeting. All league fees must be in by Sept 7th and teams who in the past have these people on their teams should drop them. We will let the captains know who they are and that if you want one of these guys on the team that they will have to pay up front. I will post a link on the eteamz website of the rosters and payments as they are booked. This year teams won't be scheduled until their team is paid in full. I am going to recommend that captains collect what they can, turn it over and whatever the balance is write me a post dated check(s) to cover it. I will hold your check to give you time to collect from your players. If you don't want to cover for a guy who you think won't pay, then drop him. You won't be playing if one guy is holding you up and I will sit back and watch with a bowl of popcorn as the other teammates find the guy and hang him!! I want the $5025 in by the 7th and post dated checks count towards that amount. If you want more than 30 games, we will get there. I need MONEY AND ROSTERS before you get scheduled. Rosters especially before Rec League gets scheduled, because some of those guys shouldn't be there.


      Here are your options to pay- cash, check or pay pal. There's a PayPal link on the website where you can pay by credit card. PayPal charges me 3%, so please include that if you want to go that route. If you pay $100 by paypal, I will only credit you $97. If you pay by check(s) you can post date them, and I encourage you to do so to get your money in. If your team fee is say, $400, you can write me 2 checks for $200, 3 checks for $133 or 4 checks for $100 each dated Sept 1st, Oct 1st, Nov 1st, Dec 1st as an example. You get the idea. I will hold your check and deposit it on the date its written on. Checks should be made out to me or SBSHL . They can be dropped off at the rink and given to any rink worker to "drop in the safe" or mailed to my house

      Jeff Sax
      2804 s twyckenham dr
      south bend, IN 46614

      I am extremely flexible and willing to work with anyone who asks for it. Once I get your payment, in hand, I book it and post it next to your name on the roster website, so guys can check and see how your teams money has come in. Everything is public. This also shows the others who on their team HASN'T paid. Again, I can't stress enough, games for the season won't be posted until the team is paid in full, so teams pick your players wisely. Drop the dead weight!! Please remember post dated checks, in hand are considered payment up front. The hassle I have had in the past is emailing the captains on a weekly basis to get the fees in. I can't continue to do this. Maybe we need to tack on a late fee or reward those who pay early??

      Alternative locations
      Without USAH insurance we won't be going to NDU for games. I spoke to people over there and even though I feel we have good insurance, I was told unless we get USAH insurance, it was a "one way conversation." At this time the men's league doesn't plan on playing there. No beer, 50 minute games, and USAH insurance are the other big hurdles. I still remember sitting at the IYHL annual meeting this spring with a group of close to 60 parents and then two guys walking in for a men's league game, each with a case of beer under their arms. The IYHL parents jaw dropped and I smiled. Where else do we get the flexibility to do that, and I can tell you in Chicago where I play hockey Wednesday nights, beer isn't even allowed in the rink. We really have it good. If guys want to play over there, please feel free to do so.

      Merrifield park is supposed to be putting in benches for the fall. As of now, we aren't sure they will be constructed in time. I would love to run some games out there since it seems to be a wonderful experience to skate outside, it's cheaper and we could get in another game. If we have enough overflow, and the benches are put in I will run some games there. If there are any credits at the end of the season, I will credit people for summer, or issue team refunds. I would rather give guys the game though.

      Just a note, there is 2 extra sets of goalie gear across from locker room 7 in the breaker room. Things have disappeared and people aren't putting stuff back. The equipment has come in very handy to those who have needed a goalie last minute, guys wanting to try playing net and for goalies who have forgotten something right before a game. All I ask is that people put stuff back on the top shelf after they use it. The room has become a pigsty since people don't put thing back and throw things on the floor. We will do you a favor and let people continue to use it, but please return the favor and return it to the top shelf. If we continue to have problems, we are either going to have to lock it up, or take it away and I really don't want that.

      So that is what I have for the time being. I hope this answers all of your questions if you took the time to read this, but if you still have them, please let me know.

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