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spring hockey

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  • jeff sax
    Guys just a recap from the captains meeting  you are getting this early and the email to everyone should go out tomorrow night we are going to start spring
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2011
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      Guys just a recap from the captains meeting  you are getting this early and the email to everyone should go out tomorrow night

      we are going to start spring session around april 4th and run that thru mid june, then immediately run summer session thru mid august.   Team fees will be $1435 for 9 games and games will be pretty much any day of the week.  Games will be monday thru sunday, so try to be ready to play anyday.   Of course if guys have requests, we will try and accommodate everyone as we have in the past. We do our best, but make no promises.  Were looking at 4 divisions A, B, C and rec and are right now guessing to have about 25-27 teams.    We are attempting to place teams in their proper divisions, and if we get them wrong we will mix it up when the summer sessions rolls in mid june.  

      There are captains looking for players, and there are players looking for teams.   If youre a player looking for a team to play on, please email me and I will post your name on the roster list to put your information out there.  The roster list for spring can be found here   You can also go to the eteamz site and there will be a link on the homepage to see who is available.   If you want to put your name out there, again, please let me know.  It seemed from the meeting that there are still teams looking to fill rosters, and its quite possible some teams might merge.  

      Guys can play on more than one team if they want.  Just make sure you're rostered on both.

      If anyone is interested in reffing games, please contact Shannon hyduk.  Refs get paid $20 a game, cash, and are paid right after the game.   Shannons email is shyduk@...

      One more plug for the 3 on 3 tourney I want to run sunday april 3rd.   Cost is $250 a team, goalies free.  There will be one sheet of ice up, so we are limiting it to 10 teams.  Each team get 4 games, with a possible 5th.   Beer and Pizza provided.  I am hoping to get some feedback, or we will just ditch the idea and probably start our season that sunday

      Just to recap, $1435 per 9 game session.  I will not be chasing guys for payment, and team fees must be in my hand before they are scheduled. Guys who have been in the league, and are "good for it" will have to show me the money.   I have been taken advantage of in the past and with more teams playing this summer, I want all money in by april 1st.   Payment can be in the form of postdated check as well, and would recommend captains pay the $1435 amount in one or two checks and date them april and may 1st if they want to give them enough time to collect.   I have also setup paypal to make payments.  Theres a link on the eteamz website to get there.   If you do go thru paypal, please add 3% to your payment, as thats the fee paypal charges us.   Guys can mail me checks to my address, or leave them at the rink.   You can give your check to any of the rink workers and have them drop it in the safe in the snack shop.   Please put down your team in the memo please. 

      I have gotten the word out pretty early on this and people are aware.   Captains, please get me your rosters when you have them.   I will post things up when they come in. Theres a link to the rosters on the eteamz website.  If you dont see your team on the schedule, its because your money isnt in.   I am praying things go smooth this spring/summer, but that all depends on you.

      As always people with questions or comments, I am all ears........................

      Jeff Sax South Bend Senior Hockey League

      “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”  Harry Truman

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