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  • jeff sax
    GUYS I AM FORWARDING THIS ON  Hey Guys and Gals,                               Just sending out a reminder. In a couple weeks we
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      Hey Guys and Gals,

                                    Just sending out a reminder. In a couple weeks we will be having our third hockey 4 life tournament. Because of your help, the last two have been great success stories. I am hoping that this one will be the same or better. We are raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation. We will be helping a 9 year old girl this year. She is from Walkerton IN.  Tournament starts with 0ne game per team on Fri. evening Oct. 22, 2 Games per team on Sat. Oct 23rd, and one Game per team on Sun Oct 24th. We will be serving beer all weekend and there will be dinner being served on Sat evening. This is all included in the tournament fee. The fee is $60.00 per person. Each team will have 10 Skaters and a Goalie, that way everyone gets ample skating time. Each team will be built on a draft system so that every team has a fair chance. Below you will see a list of the people that have already signed up for the C-Division. At this time, we are only half way there of the number of people we need. If you do not see your name on the list and you are interested in playing, please contact Jack Basich - jackbasich@...  1-219-508-0126. You can also talk to the other captains to get your name on there. They are Kevin Nobes.   Brad Books   Aaron Nowak   and  Don Sheliga. We would love to have you play and this is for a great cause, so join up as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.


      Jack Basich



      1  Captain - Brad Books

      2-  Captain - Kevin Nobes

      3-  Captain - Aaron Nowak

      4-  Captain - Don Shelinga



      5- Steve Church

      6- Adam Tennis

      7- John Banks

      8- Scott Fraser

      9- Nichole Paulk

      10- Frenchy Perrault

      11- Bryan Borger

      12- Jeff Smelser

      13- Andrew McIntyre

      14- Dave Deranek

      15- Michail Compton

      16- Dave Shenk

      17- Adam Gluwkowski

      18- Steve Degroote

      19- Eric Krantz

      20 - Pete Huff

      21- Kevin Lemkul

      22- Zac Nebus

      23 - Brian Matthews

      24 - Joe Lawrance

      25 - Paul Gonsoroski

      26 - Derek Bodford

      27 - Michail Kirkham


      Goalies-  1- T.J. Hixon

                     2- Mr. Nush

                     3- M. Lynn

                     4- Jack Basich -I will skate out if there is another goalie interested.       


      Jeff Sax South Bend Senior Hockey League
      I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out. ---Rodney Dangerfield

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