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fall winter hockey

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  • jeff sax
    guys the annual email is going out tonight    you might get a duplicate First off   you are receiving this email because in the past about an interest in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2010
      guys the annual email is going out tonight    you might get a duplicate

      First off   you are receiving this email because in the past about an interest in hockey.   If you want off the list, please let me know.

      First off the rink has youth, high school, college and womens league besides the mens league and I just wanted to share the other opportunities at the rink.

      The IYHL (irish youth hockey league) is having registration august 4th, 8th, and 14th.  Theres more information on their website 


      Saturday august 14th from 1-6pm is the rinks official back to hockey day, where there will be a used equipment sale activities for the kids, food and registration for the IYHL. There will also be prizes raffled off as well.   The rink will be open for an open skate if you want to come out and skate. I am looking to put up a table for the mens league and am looking for volunteers to basically sit at the table and field questions.   We will be raffling of a couple of $200 vouchers for the mens league.  The vouchers can be applied for your league fees for the upcoming fall winter session.  

      I am working on  some adult clinics given by mike mcneill starting around mid august and run thru sept before the session.   Cost is going to be $10 a session and this time, we are going to split the sessions up for those who are truly new and for those with a year or two under their belt.   No need to reserve a spot, just show up and bring 10 bucks.

      I will try and setup some open rat sessions through the week if ice is available and I will post the times on  the yahoo group (link below)

      There will be a 3 on 3 tourney on Sunday Sept 12th and will run from about noon to 7:30.  This year we are making this a charity event for a friend of steve rogers AUTOPLUS98@...  who has fallen on hard times. He is in the hospital at the moment, and steve can get you the details if you want to hear the story.   I have chosen to get involved and hope we raise some money for him.    Steves brother in law is a caterer in Chicago and will be donating the food. He has a grill and will be grilling pulled pork and chicken with side dishes.   We will have kegs, as we have in the past and maybe get some donations to raffle off as well.     I am hoping for 20 teams, 4 divisions, 4 games with a possible 5th.   Cost will be $270 per team goalies free....   Please email me either steve or myself if you want to play, have questions, or want to donate something. I am hearing there will be other things being donate for raffles and what not.  It will be a good time to get on the ice before we start the regular season.  All proceeds will go to the cause.

      Fall/winter division will start monday sept 13th and run thru mid/end march.   We will split into 4 divisions, maybe 5  A, B (possibly split), C and REC.   I am still working on costs.  A few things to consider: ice, insurance, security fee, and refs.   I base the team fee on these costs and then figure out how many games played to come up with a figure. 

          We have not had our annual board meeting for the rink, so I have no idea what the costs of ice will be.  Last year it was $250, but I am going to assume it will be $260 this year.   Thats what the IYHL is basing their fees on and without a board decision, thats what I am going to have to go on as well.  We paid the refs each game $20 a piece and I expect the same this year. Each game will have 2 refs.    So with the 260 + 40= 300 you can figure each team pays $150 per game for just the ice and ref costs.  

       The rink charged each player $10 bucks for the spring/summer to help pay for the security guards and I would assume the same this winter.   I never did a head count and rather applied it evenly per team.  I figured each team on a 14 man roster.  Some had more some had less, but regardless every team paid 140 bucks.  Expect the same this winter, although since we havent had our annual board meeting, I am just guesstimating  if thats even a word. 

        Insurance was around $23 bucks last year and I am still waiting to hear back from our insurance guy to see what were paying this year.  We have more players and more teams so our insurance policy will cost more, but I always split it up per person.  I am not sure what its going to cost but estimate around 25 bucks a guy just to be safe.   It was 20 bucks 2 winters ago, and 18 the year before.  USA hockey costs $35 and doesnt have as good medical coverage that we carry. USA hockeys $35 fee is based per individual not team.   If theres people on the ice and if one person does not have insurance and an injury occurs, USAH wont pay the claim.   Also, with USAH we would only be able to use USAH refs.  If for some reason, we dont have 2 refs on the ice for a game and an injury occurs, USAH wont pay the claim.   Our policy is an umbrella policy and we wont have to worry about those things.  Working in chicago, I dont have time to monitor this stuff on who is and who isnt insured. The policy covers everyone regardless if a refs not there, or if some guys brother in law sneaks in and wants to play a game.  Like the security fee, I am going to base it per team.  Again figure 25 bucks a guy and 14 guys regardless of your roster.  So figure  $350 per team.    I dont have time to figure out if guys are playing on two teams or if a guys is part time, just count on $350 a team.   

      A league will be run by brandon rigby  brandonr@...  right now they are at 42 guys but could use some more.  I believe they have 4 goalies and they look to start the A league back up again.   A league consists of guys out of high school, current NDU players, guys who played juniors, and basically anyone who is able to play at the highest local level. The teams will be based on a draft.   They usually play 32 games and times are usually on sundays wednesdays and thursdays.    At 32 games figure

      4800 (32 x 150  ice and refs)
      350 (insurance)
      140 (security)

      =5290     I like round numbers and will round up to cover the $400 in vouchers for the IYHL back to hockey and to cover any unexpected costs like bounced checks and guys stiffing the league.  I have the stories if you want. so guys figure $5325  per team.  If you guys play more games, then the cost goes up.  Were talking $35 bucks extra a team or about 2 or 3 bucks a guys.....suck it up!!!!     based on a 14 man roster were talking 380 bucks.   A few years back we were charging 400 a guys so this isnt anything extensive.

      B league is going to be headed up by dave mensik and kevin masters.   B league will have about 8-12 teams.   Right now they are making an effort to have parity and will be going thru rosters and pushing the better players up to A league.   The B league is also competitive but not as fast as the A league.  The B league consists of guys who have played for a while and are usually guys in the 30-50's.   B league will probably play the same amount of games as the A guys, so figure on the same figure $5325.  Games are anywhere from sunday night thru thursday night. 

      There is a possibility of having a lower B division for those teams that dont quite fit in the middle, like bulls, nd faculty, goshen, beavers, maybe franks silver?  We will figure out where everyone is going at the captains meeting.

      C league started out as the beginners league 7 or years ago with 2 teams and blossomed to about 12-15 teams last fall and then split those teams up for the B and C league.   We plan on doing the same with the C and rec league this fall. C league is for the guy who plays at a lower pace but is looking for a good time. Most of the guys in C have been playing for a several years or who have played for awhile and have slowed down. Games are anywhere from sunday night thru thursday night.  The C league has traditionally played 26 games in the past.  Based on that

      3900 (26 x 150 ice and refs)
      350 insurance
      140 security


      Again, looking for a round number and to create a small surplus  I am going to with $4425 per team.   based on a 14 man roster were looking at just under 320 a person.   I think most guys it was about 325 a guy in the past.   So this is pretty much on target.

      Rec league will probably play the same same amount of games so they too can bank on the $4425 team fee. Going on what we created this summer, we will have a rec league this winter.    Rec league is similar to the co ed league in summer, but at a slightly faster pace.    Rec league will encapsulate the love of the game where winning isnt everything.    This is a good way for beginners to join the league without feeling pressured to not hold the team back get their feet wet and have a good time in the process.   Most of the teams will have captains at a higher level that will help build confidence and teach the newbies how to play.  Rules and penalties will be called tighter and we will have a zero tolerance policy to keep the spirit of the division.   Games are anywhere from sunday night thru thursday night.

      Team fees can be paid by post dated check(s), cash, or by paypal (add 3%) on the eteamz website.   I want half up from by say sept 7th and the other half paid by october 1st.   Teams that dont pay will be called on and information shared with the other teams.    This has always been the biggest thing I have dreaded.   Captains I will be leaning on you guys to come thru.  

      We are going to be instituting a few rules this winter.  First off guys can only play on one team per division.  This is to close the loophole when guys get suspensions, and then wondering what team are they sitting games for.    We will add to it that if a guy plays in 2 divisions and get suspended, they will have to sit out all their games until their suspended games are served in their division. Theres really no punishment if they sit out a game, only to play for their "other" team the next night. 

       With guys wanting more and more and playing on different teams in different divisions, people will have to keep in mind that with two rinks going  people will sometimes have both of their teams possibly playing at the same time.    We will make every attempt to work a schedule, but no whining that its not working out.   Theres other teams out there...live with it!!!  Scheduling is a nightmare, please make my life easier.  If captains want to establiish a schedulinng comittee, be my guest.   I can tell you scheduling as always has been a nightmare and youre always going to piss off someone. I have done my best to get the schedule up as quickly as possible, but sometimes its not good enough.  Have at it if you want.

      This summer has been pretty lax  and we hope to reign things in this winter.   One thing is cages and shields.   Heres a heads up.  All players will need to wear an UNmodified cage or shield in order to comply with the rink policy and our insurance.  Also, as far as subs go, we encourage guys to increase their rosters so they wont be using subs.   This summer has been horrendous and it seems that some teams had a different set of guys every other night.   In order to eliminate this problem we will be giving the captains a one game suspension for allowing a non rostered sub to play a game with them.   If the captains not there, we will give one to the alternate captain.   Hopefully this will eliminate this problem.   

      The disciplinary board will consist of 8-10 guys, but will be looking for 2 or 3 more.   We would like representation from all the divisions.  Their job will be to take the reports from the refs of incidents and decide what game suspensions if any are needed.  Decisions are to be made as quickly as possible and to be given out fairly.    If youre interested and feel that you will have good communication plus the ability to make tough decisions, please let me know.   Currently we have Brandon Rigby A, Dave mensik B, Kevin masters B, Kevin nobes, B, Matt popovic C, Todd montgomery REC.   I dont really sit on the board, but I do get involved on some issues.

      There will be a captains meeting sometime the end of august to touch on some things and to express concerns and answer questions.   I will let you know when that happens.

      If guys dont have a team yet, please let me know and I will make the utmost effort to place you on one.   Any other questions can be placed to me and I will do my best to answer them.

      As I send this out a few things that I have just recently become aware of.  The refs might be looking for a raise.   We have paid them each $20 in the past and I have always tried to keep costs down.   Not sure if others are willing to step up and cover for them if they decide to walk.   Keep in mind refs in the IYHL and high school make between 30 and 85 bucks a game.

      Still not sure on the insurance costs, ice fees, and security fee.    Still a lot of what ifs.  I want to basically get the word out and let people know that this is the costs based on my assumptions.   Anything can change, but I am not anticipating any big surprises.   Another thing being floated around is for the A or B divisions to not play the full 32 games and go with a similar schedule like the C or rec.  That will be a captains decision.  

      Thats all for now.


      Jeff Sax South Bend Senior Hockey League
      I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out. ---Rodney Dangerfield

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