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Fwd: 3 on 3 tourney saturday july 31st

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  • Jeff Sax
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2010

    Jeff Sax
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    Subject: RE: 3 on 3  tourney saturday july 31st

    Guys....just another note about the 3 on 3 tournament being held at the IB on Saturday July 31st.   So far the A division is filling up nicely but we can certainly accomodate more.  We still nee several B and C teams.
    See the attached flyer for more details or feel free to call.
        Bill Schmatz,

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    Cc: Schmatz, Bill; mike klute; mike mcneill
    Subject: 3 on 3 tourney saturday july 31st

    Guys just passing this on and am forwarding this out.  Feel free to pass this on to youre teammates.  Bill schmatz is setting up a 3 on 3 tourney as a fund raiser for the holy cross college hockey team.    Its open to anyone in the mens division and will be taking place saturday july 31st.    I am guessing it will be around $250 -275 a team,  A bit more since its a fund raiser, but probably along the lines of something to very similar to what I have set up in the past.    Its my sabbath so I wont be there, but I plan on helping out and recommend they use the same format as I have done previously.   4 games and a 5th for the top 2 teams.  Since there is only one rink it might be a half day event and run 2 teams, or possibly a little longer and have 3 divisions and 15 teams if the demand is there.     

     Bills email is bill.schmatz@...  and cell number is 574-370-2064.  

     Beer and pizza will probably be provided as was done in the past.      Right now they are in their infancy stages and are looking for commitments to get things going.    If you have any questions, or want to reserve a team spot, please contact bill and let him know sooner rather than later.

    Turnout has always been great in the past and it should be a fun event, for all those participating.

    Jeff Sax South Bend Senior Hockey League
    I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out. ---Rodney Dangerfield

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