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3 on 3 tourney and spring/summer hockey session preview

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  • southbendhockeyplayer
    Guys I will be sending this out either sunday or monday night to the already 500 people in my hockey email list. Here is a preview of spring/summer season
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2010
      Guys I will be sending this out either sunday or monday night to the already 500 people in my hockey email list. Here is a preview of spring/summer season and the costs. Some of you will get a duplicate then, If so I apologize.

      Here you go......

      Going in chronological order..... march 28th there will be a 3 on 3 tourney and we expect 20 teams like we had last year. The 28th will be the last day both rinks will be up so we will squeeze it in then. Fliers are up at the rink. Beer and pizza are provided. RSVPs would be nice sooner than later. I only have room for 20 teams so please let me know. I already have 3 teams signed up. Cost is $245 per team, goalies $15. I am anticipating 4 different levels and there will probably be some co-ed teams as well. If you have never participated in a three on three tournament, its really a blast. Please let me know if you're interested or for more information.

      Spring summer hockey will be split into a spring session and a summer session. Each being 9 games each. Spring will start April 11th and run thru mid June. I would start earlier, but its spring break for a lot of schools and people are telling me they will be out of town the week of the 5th but we could start earlier if teams want and are available to play that week. We might need the time to fit in all the games. Summer session will probably start mid June and run through end of august. I have had one guy approach me and said they didn't like that it was split. If its an issue, you can just play in both sessions. We never had playoffs in summer anyways. Some guys don't want to play all summer and like it that they don't have to commit to the whole thing. The majority of feedback has been positive.

      Coed, which we are anticipating will now have 6 teams, and will utilize their 3 Monday slots. They will be starting April 19th and run through end of July. Right now in order to get in you need to bring a gal with you. If you have a female/girlfriend/wife willing to play with you, contact kevin nobes knobes@.... He is the guy to contact, I am not running it. The doctors league (invite only) will be using their 2 slots again thursday night leaving us 2 or 3 slots on both tuesday and wednesday. They will be starting april 22nd and run through end of july. High school at the current time is looking like only having 2 slots freeing us another slot for sunday. They start up april 25th and have their last session july 11th.

      I am just giving you a background to let you know whats leftover for us. I have had 3 new guys approach me this past week telling me that they will be bringing teams, so we will have a tough time fitting in all the games. We will have at least 2 maybe 3 divisions for summer, and will probably have a captains meeting to see where we are going to put everyone sometime beginning of April.

      When I started playing in summer league in 2005 we had 4 teams, 5 teams in 2006, 11 in 2007, 16 in 2008, and 17 last year. I dont know what this summer holds, but its going to be tight. I know there will be some bellyaching suggesting this, but in order to accommodate all these teams, we might have to have occasional games on friday, or saturday nights. I know this is preliminary, but its definitely a possibility. We would spread it out, so it wouldnt be every friday or saturday night unless some teams want that, but its going to be there if we have a lot of teams and would only be used a last resort. I am sure some teams have a preference of not playing sunday, mondays...etc All I can say is in the past I have tried my best to accommodate schedules but with the influx of interests it might not happen this summer. Be prepared to play the schedule you are given.

      I heard back from pat mcmahon, president of the rink, and he said we will have to pay another fee for the security this summer. He hasn't told me a price yet, but I will assume its going to be 10 bucks a guy again, and in order to make it easier, I would split that in half between the spring and summer sessions. I am going to make it a team fee assuming roughly 14 guys per team so $70 per team, per session. I am not going to count rosters nor have the time, I just want a uniform cost per team. Whether you have 8 or 16 players, that's what its going to be. There will be security in the parking lot during our games, so its worth it. The past car break-ins are non existent now and the extra 5 bucks gives everyone piece of mind. This fee is not set by me, its a rink fee which I have no control over. The IYHL, coed, high school, doctors, pay this as well. What we pay into it doesn't fully cover the cost. Last figure I heard was its about $700 a week for security at the rink.

      The refs came to me wanting to be paid $20 a game for summer. In the past we have paid them $15 game in the summer and $20 in winter. My logic was in winter we were using 2 rinks at a time and made it harder to get the refs, where in summer it was one rink and less of a demand. I told them fine, unless captains are going to step up and do it. I can tell you its doubtful we can accomplish that, and I think most of the people will agree the refs are doing a good job, so just do it. Just to humor myself, I sent out email a week ago to the captains to see if they wanted to handle the reffing themselves and got no response, so its a done deal. Refs will be paid $20 a game this summer. If you're interested in reffing contact shannon hyduk shyduk@...

      Ice fees again will be the $250 for summer but I do anticipate a rise in ice costs in the fall. For several years the ice rink has be tax exempt and didn't have to pay property taxes. Due to the economy, the county is now having the rink pay property taxes, so the rink is kind of hurting financially at the moment. Don't get me started on the wonders of government, but its nice the county can just give itself a raise whenever it wants. I am going to guess that it wont go up much, but I am going to go out on a limb and guess we will be paying $260 an hour in the fall. I wont know until the annual board meeting this summer. For spring and summer its still $250 an hour.

      No cost for insurance for summer. Insurance is paid for with fees from winter, so no need to charge for insurance again.

      So I am going to charge $1385 for 9 games and then again if we can fit it in the summer session will be the same for 9 games. I know if you do the math its 10 bucks more than cost, but as I have said in the path I like a surplus and some of that goes to pay for my league fees. Which I feel I earn as I will be doing the scheduling this summer. Last year the whole summer schedule was done and posted within the first two weeks. I expect the same this spring. Figure on a 14 man roster its about 11 bucks a game which is about what we pay per game in winter.

      Hear Ye!!!! Hear Ye!!! I will not be chasing guys for payments and there will be a roster/league fee deadline, or you wont be participating. Deadline is April 4th, but if we start on the 5th, it will be earlier. Guys can post date check(s). Its really easy. I believe the rink is going to dump the credit card machine, sine only a handful of guys used it. I am hoping by getting this message out now so people will have plenty of time to setup their rosters and know who is going to pay and who isn't. Hopefully guys from winter know from winter session who they cant rely on for payment. Please remember if one of your guys doesn't have the money in on time your whole team isn't playing. Just something to remember!! Personally, I am going to be writing a check for my entire team to make sure its in. I want to play and if I have guys on my team who wont cover the fee that's my responsibility, but I will know its paid. You guys do whatever you want. I have been extremely flexible in the past and still caught crap from people. No matter how nice of a guy I am, I am going to catch crap anyway, why not be a jerk and earn it???

      Captains please let me know ASAP if you will have a team participating this spring or summer. I am not looking for money yet, I just want to see where I am putting guys. If you told me before, remind me again. I want to get a email list of captains so I can shoot out names of newbies and people new to the area to pickup for your roster.

      Those newbies looking for teams let me know as soon as possible if you want to play. I will either put you guys together, or if we have captains needing players to fill out a roster, I will pass out your name. The sooner you contact me the greater your chances are to get on a team for spring session. Latecomers will get a chance to get on a team in June when we start summer session.

      If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email me. Also, feel free to pass this on to anyone you feel might be interested in joining our league.

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