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Fall hockey and upcoming events (please read)

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  • jeff sax
    For some of you this might be a duplicate, but here are some updates about fall league and other upcoming events. I am going to go in chronological order on
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      For some of you this might be a duplicate, but here are some updates about fall league and other upcoming events.

      I am going to go in chronological order on the upcoming events, but I want to mainly focus on fall/winter leagues.

      Item number 1
      We have a surplus of money, or will when people get the rest of their fees in for summer hockey, which is why I always charge a little extra in case they don't come through. I talked it over with the captains and we decided to use it for a TV for the rink. Its at the moment in the rink lobby and it works. It isnt pretty but its big and it works. Since there is no cable at the rink we have to use an antenna, so the picture there is as good as it gets, but I got an electric antenna and the picture is pretty decent.

      Item number 2
      Just forwarding this from chris kleva to the guys!......
      The 3rd Annual Back to Hockey day is upon us again! Please join us on August 15th, from
      1:00PM-6:00PM, for a fun family day at the Ice Box Skating Rink.

      We are looking for volunteers to help make this event a huge success. If you are interested in volunteering for a few hours the day of the event, please contact Mike McNeill at 574-288-3300 EXT 201.

      We are in need of raffle items. The proceeds from these donations go towards decreasing costs for the youth in our organization to play hockey. If you would like to donate an item or service please contact Becky Savage at 360-2204. The Irish Youth Hockey League(IYHL) is a not for profit youth hockey association.

      Our Back to Hockey celebration has been a huge success. Families continue to rave about how fun the day is. We encourage you to join us as we kick off the start of our new hockey season.

      I wouldnt mind having some representation from the mens league so if anyone is interested in showing up and fielding questions and sitting at a table, I would appreciate it. The C league will be donating 2 $200 dollar league fee vouchers to try and encourage guys to join the league and help defray their costs. They will be raffled off there with proceeds going to the IYHL. C league teams are going to split this.

      Item number 3
      Summer season ends august 23rd...well officially the last game is the 25th. We wont be starting fall league until Sept 14th. I will setup rat hockey during those 3 weeks in between and will post the times on the eteamz calendar

      f you want to get an email alert, you can join the yahoo group here and you will get an email reminder of upcoming times.

      Item number 4
      Mike mcneill will be running some clinics during august and early September to go over skills and anything people want to cover. Again the times will be posted on the eteamz site and will be alerted if you are a member of the yahoo group. I am still waiting for a response back from him, he is running clinics as we speak and hopefully we can set something up soon.

      Item number 5
      I want to plug the upcoming 3 on 3 tourney, and flyers are hanging in the lobby in the rink. Its going to be $230 per team and $15 per goalie. It is sunday sept 13th from 12-7pm. The turnout has been getting bigger and bigger each time we do this and I do expect to have 20 teams. We have at the moment 5 teams already and 4 goalies, so please let me know if you plan on bringing a team I expect this to fill up quickly. We will have barnabys pizza and mike jamison hooked us up with a better price on the beer, so we will probably have at least 2, but probably 3 kegs of molson there as well. If you dont have a team, I will try to pair you up with one, or I might field my own team with guys not on one. If you want to bring a team, contact either kevin nobes knobes@... or myself southbendhockey@...

      FINALLY.......Item number 6
      Fall winter league starts Sept 14th and will run thru mid to end march. The leagues will be split into (possiblyy A) B and C. A being for the best players, B for intermediate and C for beginners and old timers.

      A LEAGUE
      Brandon Rigby is running A league. his contact info is brandonr@... and cell number is 574-286-7342. I dont know much about A league, but I am hearing its $400 a person, and the games will be sundays 9:15 or 9:30 and every other thursday night around 8:45 or 9pm. Brandon will be the contact for A league for all your questions. They are mainly looking for ex-high school players and college kids to fill out the teams. The level of play is up there.

      B LEAGUE
      B league will be run by kevin masters kpmasters@... along with a disciplinary board overseeing the flow of the league and taking care of the suspensions and problems that come up. We are forecasting roughly 33 games plus playoffs. Most of the guys come in as team, but if you dont have a team, we will try to find one for you or make one for the people who dont have one. B league is a fast competitive league and the games are taken pretty seriously. B league plays about 5 times a month and games are anywhere from sunday evening and night along with monday thru thursday nights from 9-10:15pm. We expect the same 8 to 9 teams again this fall. Contact kevin for more info or if you're looking for a team. Rosters and checks should be in by Sept 1st.

      C LEAGUE
      C league will be managed by me behind the scenes and the disciplinary side will be handled by a board. C league is more of a developmental league and for guys who are older and to be honest, its more of a beer league. Games are at least once a week and range anywhere from sunday afternoons thru evening and monday thru thursday nights 9-10:15pm. Guys looking for a team can contact me and I will try to place you on one. I would guess 12 teams or more this fall. Games are still competitive, but at a more relaxed pace and beginners are welcomed and encouraged.

      Disciplinary board
      Each division will have its own disciplinary board who will decide on the outcomes of players who get suspensions, if they are justified and whether they want to back the player or back the refs. I am backing off being the sole guy getting the finger pointed at me when a guy got a suspension. According to these players, its never a guys fault when he cross checks a player from behind and gets a game suspension....its always my fault. So instead of me, there will now be 5 or 6 guys to point the finger at. I will still be doing the financial side, marketing, returning emails to those inquiring and of course scheduling, so if teams have preferences please let me know. I will be scheduling B league too. I am pretty proud to say that the full summer schedule was up by the beginning of may. Not sure yet with fall, as we have to rely on the IYHL to get their stuff together and then we get the leftovers. Guys who know me are aware that I go out of my way to schedule teams to what fits their schedule, so if your team has a preference, let me know.I will do my best to accommodate. So, going forward, I wont be totally of the radar map, but I will be doing more stuff behind the scenes than what I am used to.

      Just a note for C league, the disciplinary board members are matt popovic, kevin nobes, mike person, todd montgomery, kyle bordeau, and len jablonski. They are going to try to keep a handle on the players that the league doesn't feel is a good fit for a "beginners" league. I am guessing that the Board for B will be doing the same. The league has grown by leaps and bounds to the point where we can turn people away. Guys should remember, and with the risk of sounding pompous, that its a privilege to play in the league. We don't want a few bad apples to ruin it for everyone. The respective boards will clean the pool if that is apparent.

      $10 SECURITY FEE
      The rink this year is demanding a 10 dollar fee per player to help cover the security costs for the security guard outside. Last winter it was a big help and did stop the break ins. Unfortunately they got the security guard AFTER the vandalism occurred, but this year we are going to do it right. This 10 dollar fee isn't negotiable. I am not going to count guys on a roster, but I am going to charge a flat fee of $150 a team instead so I dont have to do a head count. This is a new fee and the IYHL, high school, and womens teams are all required to pay this as well. I will be turning in the $150 per team to the rink per their request.

      The insurance is not yet set in stone as far as costs are concerned. Our liability policy did stay the same, but the medical injury policy might go up due to several claims submitted this past fall/winter. I am waiting to hear back from our insurance guy, but we are figuring roughly $20 a guy (same as last year), and if it does go up we are looking at maybe 3 or 4 bucks a person more. Our policy is based on the number of participants and not on individuals like USA hockey where everyone has to register individually. So I am going to figure $300 per team for the insurance. Again like the security costs, I am just going to base it per team, no head counting and I would assume that some teams might have more than 15 players on a roster, some less, I am just going to average it, but we are going to make the cost uniform across the board per team. I will get to the team cost near the end and tell you how I came up with that figure.

      I just want to throw a plug in for our insurance guy. Christian Barnes who plays in our league as well as getting us the policy. If you need insurance, or if g-d forbid you get hurt in the league his email is christian@... and work number is 574-546-3341 If you get hurt during the season during a game please contact him, not me! Just to let everyone know why we dont go with USA hockey for our insurance. Its usually $30-35 a guy and then they also charge a team fee on top of that. Then we would have to use USA refs who charge around $30-35 bucks a game. Thats what they charge up in st joe and kalamazoo. Its a no brainer and I am doing my best to keep the costs down so please dont complain.

      Speaking of refs...there will be a ref clinic at the rink on a saturday and sunday to be some time end of august if you are interested in becoming a ref. I would contact Paul Maciejewski puck1ref@... for more details. We will be paying refs 20 bucks a game this fall. Again compared to the $30-35 they are getting elsewhere, I am trying to keep the costs down. There will be 2 refs per game and so far for the past couple years this has worked out extremely well. If you want to ref games this fall/winter the guys you need to contact phil wolf puck42058@... jason ciastko JASON1657@... or shannon hyduk shyduk@... They will doing the scheduling and fielding the complaints if teams have issues with the refs.

      ICE FEES
      Due to the current recession, the rink board felt it would be best to not raise rink fees. The current price to rent the ice for an hour is $250. That has been the fee for the past 2 or 3 years. The board votes on that and the price is paid by everyone regardless of the time the ice is being used. All the leagues pay the same $250 price, with the exclusion of rat hockey which is done off hours, and is just extra money if the rink wouldn't be used anyways. With the growth of the league, I don't anticipate much rat hockey going on, unless people are interested in playing at 11pm....not likely.

      For some of you who dont know, this march I took a job in chicago, cicero to be exact, working as a controller in a nursing home. I spend the majority of my week in chicago and am not at the rink as often as I used to be. I simply dont have to time to chase guys for fees and if you can imagine we STILL have a few teams at the moment that haven't paid in full the summer league. They are posted on the bulletin board in the lobby in case you want to know who they are. Teams need to be paid in full if they intend on playing this fall. I am instituting this year that teams pay half up front (Sept 1st) before the season starts and the other half due by November 1st. THIS IS SOMETHING SET IN STONE. Your team will not be scheduled until I get half the money up front and will not be scheduled for the second half of the season if the rest isn't paid by November 1st. Originally I wanted it all in full at the beginning of the season, but compromised to split it up. This can be accomplished by writing the league postdated checks or using the credit card machine at the rink. You don't even have to waste the stamp and mail it to me, you can leave your checks at the rink with any of the rink workers and ask them to drop it in the safe for me. I make it real easy for everyone and I still have collection issues. NO EXCUSES!!! I am hoping this puts more of a burden on the teams and captains to choose guys who are going to pay instead of jeopardize their teammates schedule by paying and getting cut. This is your excuse to cut the deadbeats on your team loose. The balls in your court guys.....choose wisely!!! I want team fees in by Sept 1st so I can start the scheduling. I will schedule out until end of December, based on how quickly the IYHL gets theirs done, and then hopefully when the teams pay the rest of their fees by November 1st, I will schedule out farther if I can.

      I am going with $5550 for the team fee for B. The breakdown is as follows. To play a game we have $250 for ice and for 2 refs @ $20 a piece we come to a total of $290. Each team pays half, so its $145 a game, per team. I am figuring 33 games like last year which is $4785. I am guessing 8 teams again like last year and if we have single elimination playoffs thats an additional 7 games split between the 8 teams is $254 per team. ($290x 7= $2030 dived by 8 teams is $254) Security fee is $150 per team and insurance is forcasted at $300 per team. That gives us a total of $5489. I want a bit of a surplus...in case of deadbeats and an emergency, so $5550 is what I am requesting. The surplus helps me sleep better at night knowing we have some money in the bank and I personally dont feel guilty asking for it. Also the summer surplus got us a TV for the rink, which I feel is money well spent. $60 bucks extra wont kill anyone and I think it fair to ask an extra 5 bucks a guy. At $550 if you have a roster of 14 guys its $397 a guy. If more guys are on you team, then its less. They used to charge $400 a guy years ago and this is pretty much in line of where we are at. I feel confident with this figure and feel even better that I can stand behind it and show where I came up with it. Since ND faculty and goshen, play on a limited basis and I will figure out what the fee for them is.

      I am going with $4550 for the team fee for C. Just a repeat, the breakdown is as follows. To play a game we have $250 for ice and for 2 refs @ $20 a piece we come to a total of $290. Each team pays half, so its $145 a game per team. I am figuring 26 games, same as last year, which is $3770. I am guessing 12 teams again like last year and if we have single elimination playoffs that's an additional 10 games split between the 12 teams is $242 per team. Security fee is $150 per team and insurance is forcasted at $300 per team. That gives us a total of $4462 (3770+242+150+300=4462). Like B league, I want a bit of a surplus...in case of deadbeats and an emergency, so $4550 is what I am asking. The surplus will be used for the 2 $200 vouchers being raffled at the back to hockey day, my league fees, and for our christmas party and end of year family skate. If you have a roster of 14 guys, it works out to $325 a guy. If more guys are on you team, then its less. Last year we charged $320 a guy so this is pretty much in line of where we are at. Again, I feel confident with this figure and have the stats to justify it.

      I probably dont have to justify how the money is spent or back up my figures for arriving at the costs, but I am all about disclosure and feel obligated to share. I dont want any question about the league fees, and want to assure everyone, that I am surely not getting rich off this. I put in a lot of hours fielding inquiries, doing the schedule, writing emails, and taking abuse from league players. I just hope the skeptics, give me the benefit of the doubt.

      I am looking forward to fall season and hope it works out better with this new boards in place. Again if you have interests any of the activities above (3 on 3, fall league, back to hockey, ref clinic, etc...), please contact the appropriate people ,or myself, for more information.

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