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fall hockey season 2008-09

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  • jeff sax
    for some of you this is going to be a duplicate but here goes First off, fall/winter league is scheduled to start, Sept 14th. Rink 1 should come up that day
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      for some of you this is going to be a duplicate but here goes

      First off, fall/winter league is scheduled to start, Sept 14th. Rink
      1 should come up that day and if it does, that should confirm our
      start. I wanted to get this out early because I wanted to give
      everyone a heads up about the rinks "back to hockey" day this Saturday
      august 2ND. There will be youth hockey registration, food and drinks
      and raffles for prizes like autographed sports memorabilia, ND hockey
      season tickets and other sorts of things. We are also raffling off
      free league fees for a C league player ( a $320 value). There will be
      a used equipment sale as well. The rink will also be open all day for
      an open skate so bring your family and skates and run some laps around
      the rink on Saturday.

      There will be a grand opening that Saturday for the pro shop. A guy
      named Dave waltman took it over. He plays in the Sat night league and
      has kids in the IYHL and is a really nice guy. My personal concern is
      that he is too nice and will give away the store, but he is getting in
      a newer skate sharpening machine either monday or wednesday and is
      teaming up with a place in Wisconsin called hockey haven
      http://www.hockeyhavenonline.com/ and will be on occasion be bringing
      in truckloads of gear and having sales. Gear should start arriving
      thursday night. He will have a schedule up sometime next week. He
      promises to be fully stocked with gear and will attempt to match
      online prices. I hope everyone patronizes him and ensures his success
      so we continue to have a local pro shop at the rink. Again the grand
      opening will be August 2ND.

      Ice fees have stayed the same from last year ($250 an hour) and we
      right now don't expect a rise in our insurance premium, unless
      something catastrophic occurs. It averaged out to about 16 a head
      last year, but our insurance agent recommended 20 this year to have a
      cushion, which is what I am doing. It still beats the 35 bucks a
      head, plus team fee, that USAH offers and the 26 for ISI. The
      insurance is provide by christian barnes who plays for wightman in the
      C league and its nice to give back locally and to a fellow skater.
      The coverage is far superior to what the two previously named
      organizations offer. Everyone must have insurance and we must be
      covered if we wish to continue our games at the box. This is not

      A reminder for those who were gone for the summer. Cages/shields/half
      shields, are required to participate in any rink activities, including
      the league and rat hockey. It was an oversight on the rinks part. In
      order to stay insured, this is a requirement.

      The mens league consists of 3 divisions A league, B league and C league.

      A is advanced and consists of college kids, some former junior
      players and is a faster pace than any of the other leagues. The league
      is more of a gentlemans league and the guys respect each other and
      penalties are rarely called. Right now they have about 3 teams and
      would like to keep a fourth. Games are usually Sunday night 8:15 or
      Wednesday or Thursday 9:15 or 9:45. If you're interested in playing A
      league or know someone who might, please contact bill lerman
      billl@... and reserve your spot.

      B League is a intermediate league, but still a quick game and most of
      the guys come in as teams. The games are very competitive and the guys
      take the game seriously. We anticipate, in no particular order, red
      army, South Bend Fire, franks, chiefs, zahoran, homeworks, rats and on
      a part time basis, ND faculty. Goshen college, if they come back will
      probably be playing in C. Those who don't have a team, every effort
      will be made to place them on one or form a new one to accommodate
      those guys. I am going to assume team fees will be around $5200 but
      that price isn't set in stone. Factors like refs and amount of games
      are yet to be determined. We will discuss it at the captains meeting
      what route they want to go and then take it from there, but $5200 is a
      good foundation. And based on cost of ice time, insurance, refs, and
      amount of games, I am willing to explain to anyone where I came up
      with that $5200 figure. The commissioners for B are brad books
      bkbooks@... and Kevin masters kpmasters@.... I will
      also be somewhat involved, mainly financially in B and can be
      contacted as well, but those are the guys running it. Games are
      usually Sunday nights 6:45 and onward, Monday Tuesday 9:30, 10, or
      10:15 and occasional Wednesday night game around the same times. Its
      usually 33 games for the season so figure 5 or 6 games a month. There
      will be a mandatory captains meeting and all captains and alternate
      captains must attend. There has been talk about refining some
      policies in the B league and if you want to voice your opinion, you
      must be there. All gripes into the season by teams not represented
      will be ignored. The captains meeting will be August 21st at 7pm.
      Those intending on playing or have a roster please let the 2
      commissioners know.

      C league is a beginners/old timers league. C league is for players
      that are new or someone who likes to make it to work the next day. C
      has now grown from 2 teams when I started, to 10 last year. I don't
      know what the turnout will be this year, but many people have told me
      about bringing friends or co-workers into the league and we welcome
      that. I would expect as big or bigger than last years 10 teams. Some
      of the guys will be coming in as teams, like wightman, lynxes,
      fiddlers, etc....If you come in as a team you must have at least 13
      skaters plus a goalie. You can have more than 13, but everyone in C
      pays the same 320. For those who don't have a team I will place you
      on one, or create one. Its $320 this year per person because ref fees
      have gone up but still $200 for goalies. Last year I promised 25
      games, and with the extra money was able to squeeze out 27 games and
      playoffs. We also used it for a party, which we might put on again in
      December as well. That seemed like the a good request from the
      consensus. Whatever was leftover went to new shooter tutors for the
      rink, so the money was spent wisely. Games are usually once a week,
      and are either Sunday night anytime from 5:30 up to 9:30, Mondays or
      Tuesdays anywhere from 9:15 to 10:15. Cyril oake
      acorntech@... will be giving a clinic again for beginners
      sometime in august those interested should contact him. I will also
      try to run some sporadic rat hockey leading up to the season and I
      will post it on my yahoo group
      http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/southbendhockey/ those who have
      signed up for it should get an email. We will be having a captains
      meeting separate from the B league. The mandatory captains meeting
      for all C league captains and alternate captains is set for august
      19Th @ 7pm. I am commissioner for C league, so if you have any
      questions, or want to get on a team, contact me, Jeff Sax
      Southbendhockey@... Those with rosters or wanting

      Since I do the collections, I would like all payments or checks in by
      Oct 1st. It makes my life easier instead of chasing guys, and to
      compel people to be prompt, this year I will be charging late fees.
      Teams in B not paid in full by October 1st will tack on a 100 team
      late fee. Guys who are late in C will be charged $350 and will be
      kicked off the ice by Oct 1st for non payment. I have been more than
      accommodating in the past, and if you don't think this is fair look
      around at the leagues in Kalamazoo, Fort Wayne or St Joseph where
      everyone pays weeks up front or they cant play. Guys can pay by
      credit card at the rink for an additional 3% surcharge or give me 3 or
      4 post dated checks to be deposited on a future date (oct 1st, nov
      1st, dec 1st......etc). If this doesnt work for you, then find another
      league. I can put up with the bickering and the scheduling, but the
      collections is definitely the worst part of this. Those who stiffed
      the league this summer will have to make good on their fees, or they
      will not be playing this fall. Deadbeats will not be tolerated. This
      will be talked about at the captains meeting.

      Guys in C and possibly B we will be paying refs $20 a game instead of
      the 15 we paid this summer. I feel it will help draw in more people
      to the pool, and its a way of showing appreciation to the guys who put
      up with our abuse. Everyone is an expert about how the game should be
      called, and I personally feel everyone should ref at least once and
      see how big of an expert they truly are. Phil Wolf
      puck42058@... and Jason Ciastko JASON1657@... will be
      handling refs for us this summer and if you are interested in becoming
      a ref or reffing, those are the guys to contact. USAH is putting on
      ref seminars Sat August 16th for new refs and returning level 1 refs.
      Sunday august 17th is for those registering for level 2 or 3. You can
      register at www.midamref.org or contact paul Maciejewski
      puck1ref@... for more info.

      Ok those are my plugs and info. If you have any questions or comments
      email me or the people above.

      Enjoy the rest of summer!
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