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634Wednesday Hockey

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  • Peter
    May 21 1:00 PM
      Starting next week, please e-mail me at bauer_peter@... (preferably before, say, 2PM) if you plan on attending the 3:30 skate on Wednesdays.  If not enough folks respond to make it worthwhile, I'll e-mail you back and tell you not to bother showing up.  Please pass this message to people you think might not be signed up for the Yahoo group.

      Reminder: Wednesdays 3:30 - 5:00, all skill levels welcome, adult skaters $10, under 18 $5, goalies free.  (And yes, if your kid plays on a team, he/she is also welcome to come to the Wednesday skate.  Until they start making us look too bad, perhaps . . . .)

      See you at the rink!