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129rat hockey sat night april 5th 9:30

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  • jeff sax
    Apr 3, 2008
      You early birds who like to show up early, I will be openin, and
      probably wont get there until 9:15. If you want to congregate in the
      parking lot thats fine.

      Sat night is going to be 5 bucks since we usually get a smaller
      turnout on sat nights. I hope it doesnt detract from our turnout

      I will need another goalie besides myself so anyone availible let me
      know. If not we can use a shooter tutor.

      Probably no rat on sunday. I have family coming in. But next week
      looks good. I cant make thursday night, but will try to get aaron to
      come in and close. No rat next sat night the 12th, because the next
      day is the 3 on 3. Also, probably no rat on april 19th and the 26th
      due to passover, but we should pick up after that. If I can get
      soemone to come in to close it might happen

      I still have about 5 slots open in C league and 4 in B league. If
      you know someone interested have them contact me soon.