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Quick Acting Tail Stock System For 9" SB

I have a tail stock lever system that I used on my 9" SB. It works by replacing the hand wheel and installing a lever that is attached to the ram. Moving the
Apr 5

Pics of 18DP 'hob' and gear cutting

Added a folder of a few shots of a 'hob' and gear I was cutting for the SB10k. Actually 2, a 37 and 47 tooth. The 'hob' was maee by creating a rack based upon
Dec 2, 2012

Replacement screws for a sunthbend 10K?

I was having trouble with my 10K power feed so I decided to take it apart. Well to make a long story short, I broke the screw that holds the friction cluth
Jun 14, 2012

9" southbend granny gear

I have a 9 inch southben lathe, model c I think,. The serial numbers have been erased and I can only find 40044 on the tailstock end. Anyway, the back gear is
Oct 8, 2008

My new Web Site, Hit 'n miss engines

I just recently created a web site for my own "bragging" use and maybe sell a tool I make on occasion. My current kick is hit `n miss engine so I've got some
Neil Butterfield
Jun 6, 2008

End Mill Holders

There are two nice looking, #2 MT (3/8X16 drawbar) endmill holders listed on ebay #230214698739. They might be useful for someone in the group
Jan 20, 2008

horizontal shaft oil question

In this photo http://ph.groups.yahoo.com/group/southbend10kpics/photos/view/a15a?b=7 you can see something in the casting parallel with the shaft. On my lathe
Jan 13, 2006

Jacobs chuck pics

The Jacob Chuck pics are under photos and in the files section also. The files section has download limits, they may be exceeded at times. Just check back
robert wright
Feb 21, 2005
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