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Update on Yahoo Changes

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  • Jim B
    From the Yahoo Groups Blog Hello Yahoo! Groups moderators and users, My name is Jim Stoneham and I m the Vice President of Yahoo! s Communities products, which
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2010
      From the Yahoo Groups Blog

      Hello Yahoo! Groups moderators and users,

      My name is Jim Stoneham and I'm the Vice President of Yahoo!'s Communities products, which includes Yahoo! Groups. I'd like to update you on where we are with the changes to Yahoo! Groups that some of you have seen in the past few weeks.

      First, I wanted to make it clear that we have been reading all your email and comments carefully. Based on your feedback, we have decided to roll back all of our recent changes at this time.

      Some of you have made the point that the original intent of Groups (essentially an email listserv) is different from what our new design entails. You are right, of course. The new design is intended to better serve smaller, private groups – which are a significant part of our user community – and we know these changes are not going to be welcomed by everyone.

      Based on your feedback, we are going to iterate on the new design separately from the original Groups product. For those who are interested in using the new design, we are creating a whitelist (instructions forthcoming in a blog post next week) where you can sign up for the option to use the new design. There are two things to note about this whitelist: (1) you can revert back to your original groups experience any time and (2) we may ask you for some feedback so we can continue to improve the user experience.

      I realize that our recent changes have created uncertainty for you. Yahoo! Groups is a mature product, however, and it is natural and prudent for us to evaluate how to evolve the product so that it meets the needs of our wide range of users and the needs of our business as well. I believe we can do a better job of involving our customers in the conversation, and that is what we aim to do going forward.

      If you want to contact me directly, you can do so by sending an email to me at jimstoneatyahoo-incdotcom. Please also continue to provide your feedback on this blog and the Yahoo! Groups Suggestion Board – our team is listening.


      Jim B.
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