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4714Re: [southbend10k] taper attachment

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  • Walt Beckwith
    May 4 1:20 PM
      Re: [southbend10k] taper attachment I have been following the taper attachment thread and wanted to jump in with a question.  I have a 13” SB (same bed as a heavy 10).  I swapped out the carriage and bed with another lathe that had less wear on the ways.  The original carriage had a taper attachment.  The new carriage does not have the two dowel pin holes on the rear for the taper attachment.  

      Any suggestions or ideas on how I would align the two and drill new holes for the dowel pins?   I had thought about drilling new holes using the taper attachment as a guide and then reaming them oversize.  I could also pour babbit around the pins once the taper attachment was adjusted so the cross feed screw ran true.    Has anyone gone down this path?
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