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4711Re: [southbend10k] taper attachment

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  • guycad@netzero.com
    May 1, 2014
      Additional info for people that would like to follow my traces on this retrofit, or that need to change the thrust bearings on their xfeed screw while rebuilding their lathe
      The bearings Part No I got from GBS is:
      SGROUP P/N    AKL.FT010-HLG
      Under the Part Number, there is also this code on the box   056533756
      The thrust bearing is same diameter as the original, but 25 thou thickerl.  I modified the bushing accordingly

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      The cross feed screw is the same.
      When you got your unit, did the nut come with it?  If not, I can make up a small sketch with dimensions. 
      How much did you pay for the taper attachment?

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      Subject: [southbend10k] taper attachment
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      Got a pretty good deal in the works for a taper attachment for my 10K.  I know the cross feed nut is different, but what are the functional differences in the cross feed screw, if any?  Thanks, Lurch



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