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4706cross feed screw replacement

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  • guycad@netzero.net
    Apr 30 6:08 PM
      There has not been much traffic on the group for a while.

      Last week-end I started a small project for my 10K under drive. (9A converted to 10K)

      I am upgrading from small dial Xfeed screw to large dial. I had collected parts for a while. I had a Xfeed screw assembly for large dials in bad shape. (bent shaft on the screw, bent bushing, thrust bearings in very bad shape.

      I re-built the bushing over the last 2 days, taking measurements from the old assembly.

      thrust bearings were purchased locally at GBS

      Tonight I fitted in the bushing a xfeed screw in slightly better shape. (this one only has the ball handle screw (10-24) bent. The acme thread is relatively decent. (still needs to be changed)

      At least everything if fitting OK.

      Over the next couple days I will replace the acme thread. The new acme thread is already cut, with a very good fit on a new nut that I also made.

      By the end of the week-end I should have the Xfeed screw completely replaced, without any modifications to the original screw. (I will only borrow the ball handle)

      Replacement of the xfeed screw is not a difficult job. It will be the fourth that I replace. For the 10-24 screw for the ball handle nut, worst case scenario, I will part it out, re-drill the shaft and silver solder a piece of steel in order to cut a new screw. (I have done same job on two other xfeed screws

      Lot of funny stuff to do for a forecasted rainy week-end
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