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4666Re: [southbend10k] Bonding with my 1966 10K Model A 4 1/2.

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  • Chris
    Dec 1, 2013
      Since you mentioned China, these are made there but they were made to Jeff's specs. I believe he keeps tight QC on his SB reproductions.


      On Sunday, December 1, 2013 11:17 PM, Curt Wuollet <wideopen1@...> wrote:
      Yeah, I guess the trav-a-dial is kinda old school, but I've always wondered how they work with seemingly no mechanical connection to the bed. I came to trust the thing because I was doing a lot of shaft work and had nothing else that would measure that long. $45 is a lot cheaper than the trav-a-dial if you can even find one. Out of habit I keep looking out of the corner of my eye where it would be.
      I also _need_ a threading dial. I've been considering all the possibilities, from making one to using one from another brand that isn't quite in such demand as to promote highway robbery. In the end I'll probably cough up 100 more tear stained dollars. You can thread without one, but some of the workarounds would be pretty tedious for 25 passes with certain tpi. It's not that hard to screw up the routine as it is.
      Even the little 7x14 came with one, but I did have to buy one for the craftsman for a princely $20. From the number of people looking for one on the net, you'd think they would be coming from china by the container load.



      On 12/01/2013 09:26 PM, guycad@... wrote:
      Last winter I rebuilt a 9A UMD  (that I converted to 10K as I had the tailatock and headstock available)
      It is the second SB I rebuild.  (I rebuilt another SB 10K rear drive 4 years ago)
      You mentioned something on your wish list, a trav-a-dial
      On my UMD lathe I installed a cheap DRO scale.  (they are available on ebay... see the URL for the model I bought)
      This is a $45 investment that you would not regret  (I bought mine at Busy Bee tools in Ottawa)
      After the hand scraping (a month of work), it is the best investment I made on the machine.    It takes about half an hour to install,  It works like a charm.  Two small holes need to be drilled  and tapped on the rear of the bed.  The bracket ties to the rear of the saddle using the 5/16  bolt under the saddle
      repetability to about 0.001".  It is excellent for boring internal blind holes (used with a micrometer stop)
      Guy Cadrin


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