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4662Re: [southbend10k] Metric threads on the 10K

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  • guycad@netzero.com
    Nov 30, 2013
      Never disengage split nut when cutting metric threads is a MUST.
      None the less there might be occasions that it would be the safer way for the work and tool to disengage.  If for some reason you disengage, stop the motor, reverse it and re-engage the split nut immediately on the same number.
      If you have to do inside threading a blind hole it might be the only option as the lathe turns for a fraction or a few turns after you stop the motor.

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      Jim B,

      � Thanks. I was afraid somebody would say that.� Out comes the mig welder and I will re do it tommorrow.

      At least the threads are external!
      Looks like the thread was wandering a bit.� I have the compound set on 60 degrees and that much seems to work fine.

      So even though I have the 127/100 transposing gears on play, it still does not have the same operation as you would with the english threading operations?� I will make a note of that.

      On Sat, Nov 30, 2013 at 6:17 PM, Jim B. <btdtrf@...> wrote:
      Yes! Do not open the half nuts once you start.

      You MIGHT be able to mount a DI on the ways on the back side if the saddle, set a references and always close �the half nuts at the same number at THAT reference but I have not tried it.

      Jim B.


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