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3772RE: [southbend10k] Knurling Issues

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  • Jim B.
    Nov 19 5:19 PM
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      Yes that’s true.


      I started at 1.250, then, I copied the picture into Auto Sketch and scaled the width so it was 2.500” wide. I measured the distance between marks and decided I needed 1.245”, that went the other way. I split the difference and went to 1.27 and it overlayed.

      However the difference in the knurl was not noticeable.

      If you are too far off it will double knurl. How much I don’t know. I ran out of stock.


      Jim B.

      Nice job! Makes perfect sense but I would never have thought about it
      until I got the same crappy results. Something to keep in the back of
      my mind in the event I do some knurling.
      Now, given you have the exact diameter for a successful knurl and know
      the number of teeth of the tool, you should be able to use pi to
      determine the next successful larger or smaller diameter.

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