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California Quail in Los Gatos center

Hi all - Tonight as we closed the Los Gatos Birdwatcher (6:15 PM) we could hear a CALIFORNIA QUAIL calling “chi-ca-go” from the back parking lot of the
Lisa Myers
6:38 PM

Ed Levin birds, dips

This morning I got to Ed Levin before 8 and hiked up to the sycamore grove and the first hang-glider launch pad. I was hoping for Grasshopper or Rufous-crowned
Tom Grey
4:23 PM

Black-chinned Hummingbird and Lark Sparrow nest 4-29-17

Lee took me up to Almaden Research Center while he checked some nest boxes this morning. The highlight was nesting LARK SPARROWS in a small oak tree along the
Janna Pauser
3:50 PM

Alviso White-faced Ibis

Hi All, This morning I went to Don Edwards EEC from 6:45 AM to 7:45 AM to photograph the sandpipers. I was able to get nice photos of group of Western
3:10 PM

CORRECTION Re: Pac-slope persists

The correct url for my photo of the Pac-slope taken this morning is http://www.pbase.com/tgrey/image/165363612 ... -- Tom Grey www.pbase.com/tgrey
Tom Grey
Apr 28

Pac-slope persists

This morning (4/28/17) a PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHER was at the same spot in Frenchman's Park on the Stanford campus where I saw one on 2/28/17. This morning:
Tom Grey
Apr 28

Alum Rock Park

This week, I visited Alum Rock park twice. The first time was on Wednesday. I was really there to hike with my mom but kept my eyes open for some fun birds.
Apr 28

Purple Martin, Olive-sided Flycatcher & Glaucous Gull

All, About 8 this morning (4/28) as I climbed the hill West and North of the lower saddle on Loma Prieta three vocalizing PURPLE MARTINS (2 males) flew above
Bob Reiling
Apr 28

New Chicago Marsh, Pond A16, and breached A17

Folks: I checked the marsh this morning, 4/28/17, and walked a CCW route around Pond A16. The REDHEAD pair continues in A16. They were south of island #17
Bill Bousman
Apr 28

Shoreline Lake: Cackling Goose and interesting Green Heron behavior

I took a short walk at lunch today (4/28) with a non-birding colleague who asked me to point out a few birds. The ducks have mostly gone, and the mudflats had
Apr 28

Lazuli Bunting pics, Rancho San Antonio

A male LAZULI BUNTING was singing continuously this morning (4/27/17) in the area just north west of the water tank at the top of the Hill Trail, flying back
Tom Grey
Apr 27

Recent birds

On26 Apr 2017 I went up Black Road to the John Nicholas Trailhead and tried torepeat Dave Nickerson’s feat of the previous day. It was very quiet at
Michael Mammoser
Apr 27

European Goldfinch 4-27-17

ASH THROATED FLYCATCHERS were calling from several locations in Guadalupe Oak Grove Park this morning. A PACIFIC SLOPE FLYCATCHER was heard but not yesterday's
Janna Pauser
Apr 27

East Side of Mt. Hamilton

Folks: This morning I birded the east side of Mt. Hamilton from about the Sky Ranch (2.1 mi from summit) to Seeboy Ridge (5.7 mi.). Up high it was a mixture
Bill Bousman
Apr 26

Re: Palo Alto and Mountain View

"About 6850 Western Sandpipers..."! For those who have never approached Bill Bousman at work, the indicator of a census in progress is his gaze fixed on masses
Tom Grey
Apr 26
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