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Re: [SoundDiver] SD 3.1 Beta 2 and the Matrix 6R adaptation

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  • Les Lambert
    The Matrix uses patch 99 for all to and fro editing in real time, there s no accessible scratchpad preeset location like some other synths offer. The Xpander
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 11, 2013
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      The Matrix uses patch 99 for all to and fro editing in real time, there's no accessible scratchpad preeset location like some other synths offer.
      The Xpander is the same, though I sold that last year to assist my quantised easing..

      If you've saved the original patch 99 before any editing, you can just squirt it back from the library page using the transmit command.
      I haven't found the program to be that obvious in its inner workings, and the official manual wasn't an easy read, but have usually found a work round that suits me well enough.
      I usually save a SoundDiver Library of all my work and exit the program and power down between any crucial work, as I lost a lot of stuff through the "Save" not actually saving until I closed the program.
      I may have reset that option, but it seems sometimes preferences auto-trash or something.
      Hard to say for sure, as once I get my desired result I go off elsewhere in my MIDI kingdom of nonsense.

      Your Logic key is Mac only I'd say, certainly there was no beta program available for PC at that time, I was watching closely.
      The adaptions from the Beta version will play havoc in your PC if you put them in by hand, like I did. Very messy.
      The 3.04 update was as far as the PC will go, but if you only have ver 2 of SoundDiver for pc, that's not much help unless you want to risk overwriting your adaptions with the later ones.

      It depends which synths you have.
      I needed the updated SoundDiver to get my Triton Rack to work with it, but still can't do much more than save and restore banks of 30 at a time without a freeze-up.
      Attempting to re-organise the patch locations is a pointless exercise, resulting in Motion synths called Wurli or B3.

      The Kurzweil adaption is very similar, neither the K200R or the K2500XS can be re-organised in SoundDiver either.
      Dependancies are probably too complex.

      For my purpose, being able to lift all the names for the paperwork is valuable, and knowing that a patch dump you did can be quizzed for content before you restore it to the synth.

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      Subject: [SoundDiver] SD 3.1 Beta 2 and the Matrix 6R adaptation
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      Date: Monday, 11 February, 2013, 0:04


      I am new to the group. I used to use SD in the late 90's-early 2000's on OS9. I had a rather basic setup then and mainly used it as a librarian. I gave up on it a little before apple bought emagic and forgot all about it.

      I now have a much larger setup with more vintage synths and was looking for some way to unify them, and I found my old copy of SD2 plus the OSX beta and got out my XS key. SD booted up I installed most of my synths and I was pretty impressed.

      I do have a few issues and unfortunately it's a little unstable.

      My big question right now lies in the matrix6 editor. It talks to my 6R but when I click on a patch to load it into the edit buffer, the synth goes to preset 99 but the edit buffer is not transmitted. I can edit preset 99 and some controls work fine however when I try to adjust a parameter that is +-63 or a part of the mod matrix, the patch just resets to my 6R's #99.

      is this normal for the matrix6 adaptation, is it just buggy, or does this have to do with the OSX beta? Has anybody else had the same issues? Should I be running a different version? it seems people are stable on the Windows version, can I run the windows version with my XS key?



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