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Run SD on modern OSX, native

I have not tried this yet, but there seems to be hope: http://electro-music.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=62683&postorder=asc Funny thing is that to do this you
Robert Palmer
Mar 9

Triton Extreme and Rack patch anomolies

Does anybody have any of the generally available pcg files saved in SoundDiver? I've been trying to figure out what programs on which exb cards are missing
Jan 31

Re: 3.0.5 authorization

PS: I am using sounddiver on a Mac G4, OS 9.2.2. Thanks. P
Jan 18

3.0.5 authorization

I own a paid-for version for sounddiver 3.0.5. Is there a work-around solution if the CD authorization disk becomes damaged/lost? Thanks. P
Jan 16

Sounddiver Profile for Alesis MMT-8

I own a lot of Gear and all but one has an install Profile . I am looking to add or find a Profile for an Alesis MMT-8 sequencer.. I am a new user to
Nov 22, 2014

Re: Sounddiver for sale

Sorry I should have given more info with my original post. I have a Sounddiver 3 Mac/Win CD with the manual. I can't remember which version of 3 is installed
Ed Drake
Nov 8, 2014

Re: Sounddiver for sale

Hi Ed, which version is it?
Nov 6, 2014

Sounddiver for sale

I'm in Virginia but I can ship anywhere in the lower 48. I'd like to get $75. Let me know if you're interested. I can send pics. Thanks for looking. Ed
Ed Drake
Nov 4, 2014

MKS-80 Editor

I can't seem to get the MKS-80 editor to work right. I've stored all of my patches and tones so that's good, but when I pull up the Patch Editor and start
Oct 4, 2014

Re: KORG Audio Gallery AG-10 adaptation

Hi Sealed, since your psge is half way online (archive copy) - there is no possibility to download your editor....I have purchased AG-10 to try ILM after
Aug 20, 2014

Re: SoundDiver for sale

This is what I personally use, with Parallels, and it works. I use XP as there is no Win7 driver for my AMT8. RDP Sent from my iPhone
Robert Palmer
Aug 6, 2014

Re: SoundDiver for sale

I believe Paralells. RDP Sent from my iPhone
Robert Palmer
Aug 6, 2014

Re: SoundDiver for sale

Hi all, Anybody tried to use it in Windows running over a Virtual Machine? Regards
Antonio Escobar [antipop]
Aug 6, 2014

Re: SoundDiver for sale

Which VM? I tried VMware Fusion and it didn't recognize the Emagic dongle.
Colin Shapiro
Aug 5, 2014

Re: SoundDiver for sale

But, you can run it inside a OSX VM. RDP Sent from my iPhone ... But, you can run it inside a OSX VM. RDP Sent from my iPhone On Aug 6, 2014, at 3:47 AM,
Robert Palmer
Aug 5, 2014
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