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Opportunities for new media artists

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  • Greg Shapley
    ONLINE OPPORTUNITIES FOR NEW MEDIA ARTISTS Are you an artist who works with new media (video art, sound art, video/sound based installation etc.)? Don t Look
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2008
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      Are you an artist who works with new media (video art, sound art,
      video/sound based installation etc.)?

      Don't Look Media is looking for you!

      Like most new media artists you have probably found it difficult to
      get your work seen and heard, and have never considered making a
      living from your art practice. Don't Look Media is a new online
      venture, created by Don't Look Gallery to sell new media art to the
      public and collectors alike.

      Don't Look Media is after new work that is edgy and thought provoking
      to sell in limited editions on this new site. From next month when we
      go live you can list your work for free and make money from sales.


      Limited edition DVDs and CDs, while not being created for a mass
      market, allow numerous purchasers to 'share' the cost of an artwork.
      At the same time customers are getting a very special item that is not
      mass produced and may increase in value. Artists are also encouraged
      to think beyond the 'flat disc' and provide installation instructions
      and other 'scene setting' devices. Multi-channeling and interaction in
      works will also help create a unique experience.


      We anticipate that artists will be prepared to provide their work
      (whether CD, DVD or some other medium) in certain editions (usually of
      200 but also in editions of 50 and 10 copies). This doesn't mean that
      you have to have this many copies ready, but that you are prepared to
      provide them as demand requires, and that you do not ever produce more
      than this number of this particular artwork (you may however sell this
      work elsewhere -- we do not require exclusivity -- as long as there
      are only ever the stated number of discs produced).

      At the very least, a limited edition work should be signed by the
      artist and numbered (on the disc and cover). Artists are encouraged,
      however, to treat the packaging as part of the work and hand make, or
      individually print, covers and disc art (the more 'individual' each
      disc seems, the more buyers know that they're getting something
      special). All work is provided to Don't Look Media on consignment.
      That is, you get paid after a sale has been made.


      · Your work promoted for sale on the Don't Look Media site,
      · 65% of the sales cost of all items sold (currently, for a limited
      edition print run of 200, the sales cost is $99 (US). The artist will
      therefore be paid $64.35 (US) once a sale has been made),
      · Paid within the first two weeks of the current month for all sales
      made last month directly into an elected bank account, along with an
      email statement of sales and inventory,
      · The right to ask for works back at any stage prior to sales being made,
      · Artists, of course, maintain complete control over copyright.


      We encourage artists from all countries to participate by initially
      emailing artists@... with:
      · An artist's statement,
      · A description of your work,
      · A link to an online sound or video file of at least part of your
      work (please don't try to email these files without at least
      discussing it first. If this step is problematic please let us know --
      we may be able to help).


      · 3 packaged copies of your work on CD, DVD (or some other agreed upon
      medium) all individually signed and numbered,
      · A data CD with an excerpt of the work (30-90 seconds) in a common
      video or audio format for promotional use, an artist's bio (100-200
      words, only necessary for the first work) and a statement about the
      work itself (100-200 words),
      · Complete contact details, including bank account depositing
      information so you can be paid (only necessary the first time).

      Don't Look Media is wholly owned by Don't Look Gallery. We were
      established to assist new media artists experiment and promote their
      work, and as such we have the best interests of the artists at heart.
      We encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have about
      Don't Look Media (artists@...) and we look forward to
      seeing your work!

      Please forward this message to anyone who you think may be interested.
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