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  • David Bulmer
    In article , Sarah Rose writes ... I m afraid I can t agree there - the thing is, the way I see
    Message 1 of 315 , Apr 27, 2000
      In article <20000427004531.6575.qmail@...>, Sarah Rose
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      >>Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2000 19:29:11 +0100
      >>But these characters 'belonged' in the series and expanded the concept. The
      >>Archie stuff was too obvious - parents, siblings and all that.
      >I still fail to see the distinction. Both sets of additional characters add
      >to the concept - but we seem to be back to the point that I made a few days
      >Why are things like families `obvious`? Is there anything wrong with a
      >measured dose of `obvious` now and again? It still seems as though Sonic and
      >the gang aren`t allowed to have much past at all... Aren`t heroes allowed to
      >have normal traits?

      I'm afraid I can't agree there - the thing is, the way I see it, having
      Sonic's family and so on appear in the comic is.. well... oh, damn.

      What I mean is, when I was nine years old or whatever and I heard of
      Sonic, the first thing I did was draw him and his family. You know?
      Thirteen year old Fanfic writers like to make up Sonic's brother Razor,
      or Slash, or whatever they want to call him. It's not WRONG, but it's a
      bit annoying that Archie's writers can't seem to do anything much more
      fulfilling, characters-wise, than Fanfic writers. They go for family
      members or kings of the Universe, when you can come up with decent,
      worthwhile characters.

      I must admit I haven't read much Archie (believe me I've tried, but I
      always end up throwing them across the room in disbelief and Abby has to
      dive to stop her collection from being destroyed), so I won't
      particularly dig at them here, but I can't help thinking that most of
      the added characters in Archie are added not because they're needed or
      because they're useful, but because the writers or their kids thought it
      would be cool. So we get the guy who invented Power Rings and everything
      ever and he slowly but surely takes over the comic because he's so cool,
      and we get Sonic's dad and Knuckles' entire family, and stuff like that.
      I say a good character (after the initial start of a comic series) is
      one who serves a purpose in the stories, and most of Nigel's seem to do
      this, whereas most of Archie's do not.

      David Bulmer

      The Sonic Ideal - It ain't over 'till the fat man screams
    • Doctor Zachary
      ... From: To: Sent: 03 May 2000 04:27 Subject: Re: #176 ... I wouldn t say it was a bad idea to merge them.
      Message 315 of 315 , May 3, 2000
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        Sent: 03 May 2000 04:27
        Subject: Re: #176

        > IMHO it doesn't matter which basic background you choose. What's
        > important is that you choose one as your main background and then _stay
        > true_ to it, instead of trying for example something as stupid as Archie
        > and _merging_ them.

        I wouldn't say it was a bad idea to merge them. But I think most can agree
        that it was done badly...

        "Time for some super sonic speed!" -- Sonic, Sonic Adventure
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