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Some more bits from Lew Stringer

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  • Doctor Zachary
    I found the rest of those STEM files including a couple of pieces Lew Stringer provided: 1) Lew Stringer on the complete comedy stories As a little aside from
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      I found the rest of those STEM files including a couple of pieces Lew
      Stringer provided:

      1) Lew Stringer on the complete comedy stories

      As a little aside from the interview, here was Lew Stringer's
      response to
      the discussion
      about the inclusion of short comedy stories that replaced the comedy-
      mix. So here
      we go with Lew's explanation... :)

      For variety, Debbie (Tate, the editor) didn't want the back up
      strips to
      have the same
      location as the lead strip, so I had Amy and Tekno set off to other
      dimensions via the
      Ring of Eternity. (Which wasn't a Stargate rip-off incidentally, as
      never seen the
      movie or tv show at that point. It was actually inspired by a
      Fleetway strip
      called "Adam Eterno", about a time traveller doing good deeds, and
      the old
      Daily Mirror
      strip, "Garth". The visual aspect of the Ring idea was taken from
      one of the
      Sonic games
      of course (2 or 3) where Sonic is transported to the Special Zone
      via the
      golden ring.)
      Debbie also wanted the back up strips lighter in tone than the lead
      hence the
      inclusion of characters like Fabian Vane. This might not have scored
      points with
      the teenage readers, but we were trying to appeal to all tastes. The
      American Sonic comic
      may be aimed at readers over 12, but the UK edition is essentially a
      children's comic,
      and we have to appeal to the majority of readers, who are around
      five to ten
      year olds
      (as evidenced by the mail and drawings the editors receive). That
      mean that older
      readers can't appreciate the stories and artwork of course, but it's
      bearing in
      mind that if the stories sometimes seem juvenile, it's because they
      Having said
      that, it doesn't mean we can be sloppy because we're "just" writing
      kids. I write and
      draw strips for all ages, (from Telly Tots to Viz), and my criteria
      always the same;
      keep to the stories own internal logic, and above all, make it

      2) Lew Stringer on Johnny Lightfoot


      I originally wanted [Johnny] to be a true "Judas" and betray Sonic to
      Robotnik. It would then have been Robotnik ("Herod") who "crucified"
      Sonic (sending him to the Shadow zone of "Shady Characters" fame). I
      backed out because a) Nigel said Johnny was "too nice a guy" to do
      and b) Nigel had other plans for Robotnik at the time, so I didn't
      him in the story. In retrospect, it weakens the impact of the end of
      that first part of Shady Characters. I still think we should have had
      one long standing character turn traitor, not just for shock value,
      to show what long term effects of being a freedom fighter could do to
      someone. We couldn't do it to the key players, so it would have to be
      Johnny, Porker, Tekno or Shortfuse. If I'd continued on the comic,
      maybe Tekno would have been an interesting one to do that to. Too

      (There's also a longer bit Nigel Kitching wrote on Johnny that I'll
      here in a few days.)

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