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Re: Songwriting Workshops Featuring Special Guest James Michael

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  • jimi yamagishi
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    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2003
      From our friends in Chicago-

      From: linda@...
      >To: <guitaryoda@...>
      >Subject: Songwriting Workshops Featuring Special Guest James Michael
      >Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 15:19:50 -0600 (CST)
      >PO Box 66426
      >Chicago, IL 60666-0426
      >Dear Jimi:
      >We are happy to announce Songwriting Workshops featuring special guest
      >James Michael. This is a wonderful opportunity for serious musicians /
      >singer-songwriters to join JM for two days (12 hours!) of intense
      >interactive songwriting and instruction and bring their song crafting
      >skills and songs to the next level. We know you are part of the Los
      >Angeles Songwriters Network / Songnet and would be happy if you could
      >pass our Workshop information onto your members or friends that you
      >believe would benefit from and be interested in participating in our
      >You say "James Who?"
      >Let me tell you a little about James Michael. Within the last six months,
      >Michael�s music has been recorded by many top musicians in the music
      >industry. Most recently (Jan. 2003) �Meat Loaf� recorded 4 of Michael�s
      >songs and has recently released �Did I Say That� (solely penned by
      >Michael) as the first single from his new album in Germany on Polydor
      >Records. We are happy to say the single has been on the top 50 single�s
      >charts for 4 weeks now and has been well received by Meats fans. The
      >song �I Couldn�t Have Said It Better� is going to be released as the first
      >single from the album in Europe. On this track, Michael shares
      >songwriting credits with Nikki Sixx
      >of Motley Crue and also sings backup vocals along side Todd Rundgren. But
      >that�s not all. The hard rocking band �Saliva� released their new album
      >�Back Into Your System� in Nov. of 2002, within this last week the band
      >released their second single off the album �Rest In Pieces� to radio.
      >This track was co-written by James Michael and has been the second most
      >added to rock radio format! James is currently writing music with the
      >influential �Blondie� for her up coming record as well as with
      >�Wilson Phillips�, �Heart�, �Orgy�, �Trina Harmon� (songwriter via Jessica
      >Simpson) and has worked along side �Sara Evans� and �Deana Carter� on the
      >track �Mama Don�t Let Your Babies grow up to be Cowboys" for the upcoming
      >�Waylon Jennings Tribute Album� scheduled for release in April 2003.
      >Michael�s songs have also been recorded and released via Sammy Hagar,
      >Motley Crue along with many other talented artists. We are sure that you
      >can see why JM is respected as one of music's best-kept secrets.
      >We'd like you to know that everyone attending the workshop is invited to
      >bring in a song for critique and have JM sharpen their songwriting skills
      >while sharing his unbeatable gift for �melody� and �rock�. We know this is
      >an unbelievable opportunity and value for all aspiring songwriters.
      >Cities and Dates:
      >May 3rd & 4th � Los Angeles, CA
      >June 7th & 8th � Chicago,IL
      >July 5th & 6th � Boston,MA
      >August 2nd & 3rd � Miami,FL
      >To get the FAQ and receive information on Registration, please
      >visit Luxuride.com, the official Website of James Michael or call me at
      >Thank you for your consideration.
      >Kind Regards,
      >This event is sponsored by Rock Tease, Inc. in conjunction with
      >Luxuride.com� The Official Fan Club of James Michael

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