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You CAN do music for a living!

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  • jimi@songnet.info
    If you know what you re doing! Hope you re havin fun! Just a reminder, SONGNET IS MEETING ON THE SECOND WEDNESDAY THIS MONTH! OCTOBER 12th we are having a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2011
      If you know what you're doing!
      Hope you're havin' fun!
      Just a reminder,
      OCTOBER 12th we are having a special guest panel!

      Getting the Choice Gig and Capturing an Audience, What Talent Scouts, A&R,
      Producers and music lovers look for beyond the songs
      Performing in the 70's and 80's in various folk, rock and punk bands. Toni
      Koch realized that booking gigs was the way to build momentum for any
      artist and began to work in various facets of the music world in Phoenix,
      AZ - Zia Records Tower Records, Clear Channel Entertainment & others. As a
      journalist for Soundboard Music Magazine, Toni earned "all access" to
      major shows & events and became a street team pioneer, & started working
      with many indie bands, songwriters, projects, conferences and whatever was
      happening that needed EXPOSURE.
      Now based in Los Angeles Toni is helping songwriters through Pitch-A-Song,
      a vehicle that helps build relationships between songwriters and those
      looking for music: Licensing opportunities, venues, corporate gigs
      festivals & more! The opportunities are INFINITE! It’s NO SECRET…
      just be aware and open to change. Making a plan, building relationships
      and staying on track is anyone's "key to success."
      So come be exposed to a new kind of artist development workshop. You are
      the star. We all are. It's inside you, work, research, integrity and
      perseverance are all it takes! – (We didn't say it'd be easy!)
      Steve Scott currently heads up The COSMO Coalition & with decades in the
      industry, he will also be bringing further insight to the evening, and
      possibly some additional friends that you may want to know if you want
      your music to move forward! Bring your notebooks demos & dreams!
      Get heard by those who can make a difference! FREE!
      For more on Toni visit www.cosmocoalition.org
      Toni K Pitchasong - www.facebook.com/tonikpitchasong
      TK Promo & friends
      October 12th 7:30 PM @
      The Coffee Gallery Backstage
      2029 N. Lake Ave Altadena, CA
      2 miles N off the 210 freeway!
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