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MisterB's May 2010 Show Schedule

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  • misterb_music
    Well, we spent the month of April in rehersals, adding some of your very favorite songs with a MisterB spin on them. Now we re ready to take em out and we
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      Well, we spent the month of April in rehersals, adding some of your very favorite songs with a MisterB spin on them. Now we're ready to take 'em out and we think you're gonna be pleased. And we've got a lot of shows coming up so catch us at one...and we promise to rock your socks off...

      May 4 - Tuesday - 8 pm
      MisterB's Rock 'n Rap Show & Birthday Bash at the Blue Cafe.

      Ok ok. I wanted to skip my birthday again this year but everybody won't let me so we're gonna have a little Birthday Bash for MisterB in the middle or our Rock 'n Rap Show (with El Leon y Papi J).
      Cathy's bringing the pizza and cake and there will be plenty of good drinks and some totally new songs you're gonna love. But don't bring presents, just smiles & hugs...& if you're broke let me know 'cause I can get a few comp tickets.
      Blue Cafe
      17208 Pacific Coast Hwy
      Huntington Beach
      $5 cover, 21+

      May 14 - Friday - 9pm
      Special Screening of Who Do You Love

      We're gonna be providing our own set of blues & early rock songs to enhance the experience the movie Who Do You Love, the story of Chess Records. We'll be playing immediately after the movie and adding in songs from Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley (including our own Than U Bo Diddley medley).
      The Art Theatre Long Beach
      2025 E Fourth St
      Long Beach
      all ages

      May 16 - Sunday - 9-11 pm
      Gallaghers Pub & Grill
      This is our first time here & we want to make a good impression 'cause we're the only band for the entire evening. The band's been sweating learning a bunch of new songs & we're ready to really rock out the whole evening. This won't be one of our quieter coffee house shows so be prepared to rock.
      Gallaghers Pub & Grill
      300 Pacific Coast Hwy (this address is a square block of restaurants and shops. Gallaghers is actually on Walnut Ave (near Main). Parking lot across the street & metered parking)

      May 27 - Thursday - 12-2pm
      Kaiser MOB Celebration
      Okay all you Kaiser fans. We're coming out to visit you. Drop by the MOB Celebration tent and say hi.
      Kaiser Hospital Downey
      9449 Imperial Hwy
      Private event

      If you haven't seen us in awhile you're gonna like our new show!!
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