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POLL: The Greatest Beatles Song Ever Is...

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  • tariq mirza
      Music Radar recently had a Best of Beatles Song Poll and my selection of I Saw Her Standing There came in at # 9 out of 10. The interesting thing is that
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      Music Radar recently had a Best of Beatles Song Poll and my selection

      of "I Saw Her Standing There" came in at # 9 out of 10. The interesting thing is

      that my comments were the ones published for the song (below, check out the photo).

      It seems like most of the remaining songs could have been drug induced but I think

      "I Saw Her Standing There" could be the only Coca Cola induced song on the list.



      POLL: The greatest Beatles song ever is...

      The 10 best tracks voted for by you

      The MusicRadar Team, Thu 10 Sep 2009, 5:32 pm BST


      I Saw Her Standing There



      What a way to kick off your debut LP. McCartney admits to stealing the bassline directly from

      Chuck Berry’s Talkin’ About You, but even today it's a sure-fire dancefloor filler. Is there a more recogniseable "one... two... three... four!" count-in in pop history?

      Why you love it:

      “The Best Beatles Song: "I Saw Her Standing There"... this was the first track on the first album that started the Beatles phenomenon. Paul counted 123fa and the whole world went crazy. Even I as a kid growing up in Karachi, Pakistan got caught up in the magic that was The Beatles. You could just feel the excitement in I Saw Her Standing There, the vocals, the guitars, the bass and the drums that carried it all through till The End...” (From Tariq via Facebook, thanks)


      My band The 21st Century in the 20th century...GOLD MEDAL WINNERS...singing "Make Them Happy"

      My first complete song...Pop Festivale! Intercontinental, Karachi, Pakistan. THE FIRST BATTLE OF BANDS IN PAKISTAN 1971...Rupees 10 tickets were being sold for Rupees 40...wow!




      1) In the photos above which band seems more enthused about their performance?


      A) The Beatles or

      B) The 21st Century


      Your Answer...

      Your Comment.............



      2) Whose crowd do you think is more interested in the band?


      A) The Beatles Crowd or

      B) The 21st Century Crowd


      Your Answer...
      Your Comment............



      Your favorite Beatles song.........



      Mike Stark and I will announce the results of this unscientific instant karma poll on

      TEE-M's UNsigned Music Show's LIVE 5th Anniversary Celebration Extravaganza

      On Sat Oct 24th 11am-1pm (LA Time) 11 Live Artists...Goin' worldwide!

      In the meantime you can listen to this months show on DEMAND right now on 

      http://wpmd.org Click by Archives Replay...Pop-Out Player.




      TEE-M (Tariq)



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