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Kulak's Woodshed Museletter - November 17 - 23, 2008......

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  • Paul Kulak
    Kulak s Woodshed Museletter November 17 - November 23, 2008 Please lead with your heart and participate in keeping this unique labor of love alive with your
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      Kulak's Woodshed Logo

      Kulak's Woodshed Museletter

      November 17 - November 23, 2008


      Please lead with your heart and participate in keeping this unique 
      labor of love alive with your generous contribution.
      The suggested donation is $10 for all shows.
      If you are watching On-Line You can make a PayPal donation. 

         click this link  
      o learn more or to become a volunteer.
      Thank you to all the WONDERFUL artists, patrons, and volunteers.




      7:30 - 10pm

      Singer/Songwriter Open Mic - hosted by Lisa Turner

      We provide all necessary connections for acoustic stage, plus a baby grand piano.

      Sign-up begins at 7:00pm, closes at 7:15pm.

      Show starts at 7:30pm.

      One (max length 3-4 minute) song per performer

      For more  information:





      Kulak's Woodshed is Closed on Tuesdays




      8:00 - 10:00pm

      Acoustic Jam Session

      hosted by Berington Van Campen




      November 20th

      8:00 - 10:00

      Lily Wilson & Friends


      Lily Wilson:

      Lily Wilson grew up on a ranch in an isolated valley near Napa, California, where her family grows wine grapes. Her nearest neighbor was three miles away, and she spent most of her time exploring the countryside, listening to music and teaching herself to sing and play. She found inspiration in the records her parents played by artists like Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, The Beatles, and Janis Joplin.
      Her career in music started when Lily moved to Spain at nineteen. While there she was drawn to the Flamenco music being played in the gypsy caves above the city, and also to the Moroccan music she heard in her neighborhood in Granada. She played and sang solo and in bands, on street corners, tea shops, and bars all over Andalusia.
      Her first CD, Winter Song, was recorded in Hawaii, where she spent a year writing and recording with White Termite Records, an independent label on Maui. During this time, she collaborated with Adam Seymour, guitarist for The Pretenders, and with Susie Hug, lead-singer of the Katydids, who both helped produce and played on the record.
      She then moved to Los Angeles, where she wrote and recorded her second, self-titled C.D. with producer/ slack-key guitarist, Jim West (Westernmost Music.)
      Lily’s recent solo travels through Chile and Argentina for three months with a backpacking guitar and lots of journals provided the inspiration for the 12 new songs (two in Spanish) which make up her third CD, “Stargazer,” recorded in L.A. with producer/ Melissa Etheridge bassist, Mark Browne.
      Now based in Los Angeles, Lily performs locally and all over the country; and continues to write and record with Mark Browne. She has also been lending her voice to other artisits’ projects, and has sung with Dolly Parton, Bonnie Raitt, Alison Krauss, Kenny Loggins, Patty Griffin, and Melissa Etheridge. Listen for her on Melissa Etheridge's new release, "The Awakening." In November of 2007, Lily won the L.A. Music Awards "Female Vocal of the Year" in the AC category for her new song, "A Little Life."





      November 21st

      8:00 - 10:00

      Debra Davis & Friends


      Debra Davis & The Band of Gold,

      Otis & Lauren Adams


      Debra Davis is a compelling artist who writes hook-filled songs that hit deep. Many songs from her CDs have been heard on TV and in films, and have attracted a big national following of fans who call themselves “debheads.”

      Debra’s new CD, “Complete” (GCG), is packed with her most powerful material yet, and is now in music stores nationwide. “These songs came from the sadness of goodbye and the awe of new life,” says Debra. “In the course of a couple years I was dealing with loss of loved ones, and then the birth of my daughter Ella. So this album deals with the circle of life and all the feelings therein.”

      The first single, “Born to Love You,” features a duet with 5-time Grammy winner Christopher Cross. The track “Hiding Place (Da Vinci Code)” is a musical twist on the best-selling novel, and the song “Supernatural High,” is featured on the “Dawson’s Creek” Season 2 DVD, and is also on a SonyWonder CD single accompanying the popular kids’ book series “Avalon: Web of Magic.”

      Debra’s tunes have been heard TV shows and films like “Dawson’s Creek (WB)” “Any Day Now” (Lifetime), “The Bold & The Beautiful (CBS),“ “The Smokers” (HBO), and “All You Need,” (Lifetime).

      Debra’s song “Takin’ the Wheel” is covered on a CD by new Rounder Records/Universal group “Malibu Storm.”

      Born and raised in Southern California, Debra began her musical journey at age 3 when she started giving living room concerts, charging a quarter for admission. A favorite song in the show was her interpretation of “Cabaret”--- she sang “life is a cow parade, ol’ chum, come to the cow parade.”

      Debra sang on throughout her school years, taking 12 years of dance and piano then taking up the guitar. She wrote her own songs and performed them in high school shows and community functions. Upon graduation Debra landed her first “gig” as a singer/dancer at Baxter Street Dinner Theater in

      Newport Beach, CA. It was there that Debra met her “built-in hubby-drummer” and co-producer of her albums,



      Dave Beyer, (who has drummed for many greats including Melissa Etheridge, The Motels, and currently Christopher Cross.)

      Debra continued to perform the gamut of gigs like an Andrews Sisters trio on the Queen Mary, a 4-part vocal jazz group, pounding the clubs in rock band, and singing on numerous jingles and film soundtracks.

      In 1996, Debra released her first CD of all original songs, “Uninvited Guests.” This record received much acclaim and airplay, and hit #22 on the Gavin Americana chart. Debra toured the country doing TV, radio and live shows, growing her fan base well into the thousands.

      She released her second CD “Angels in the Attic” in 1999. This album created quite a buzz, with lots of TV and film placement, radio airplay and music on retail store audio systems nationwide. Debra’s story was featured on the TNN special “Angel Encounters” and her is career highlighted on the show “Real Artists Working” airing on PBS affiliates.

      Debra has built a huge loyal fan base, which includes lots of kids, and she has received stacks of letters and emails from people who share how her music has touched their lives.

      Debra has sold more than 20,000 copies of her CDs independently and continues to bring out the crowds to her energetic and captivating shows. She is a storyteller who loves to invite the audience to “meet” special folks like Uncle Carl and Stella and visit her childhood home through her tunes.

      Debra’s songs are also on CDs for good causes, like “It’s About Eve” for breast cancer research and “Home” for Children Int’l. She is a founder of the Music Heals organization, where she puts on fundraiser concerts for animal rescue and music programs for foster children.


      The band "Otis" is comprised of Nick Kirgo and guitarist/vocalist/percussionist Erica Sorenson.  They are currently making their debut album.


      Nick Kirgo:

      composer/songwriter/guitarist+bazouki+banjo+mandolin player Nick Kirgo has had a strange and varied "career".

      People played/toured/recorded with: David Lynch, Julee Cruise, clarinetist Michael Moore, Han Bennik, Les McCann, Billy Childs, Nelson Riddle, Buell Neidlinger, Jim Lang, A.J. Croce, Marc Snow, Christopher Young, Michael Vatcher, Nels Cline, Steuart Liebig, Camille Henry, Chris Mancinelli, Debra Davis, Alex Cline, Vonda Shepard, Dianne Reeves, Angelo Badalamenti, Animal Logic (Stewart Copeland Stanley Clark), Sean Callery, Mark Feldman, Lawrence Lebo etc.

      Composer credits: Brush With Life (documentary) , Free Haleh (documentary) Cops 20th Anniversary (FOX), Ghost Whisperer (CBS).

      Produced newest release "Secret Heart" by songbird Lauren Adams.

      Band: Vatcher Kirgo duo with Mike Vatcher,

      Band The Persons with Michael Moore, Sprocket Royer, Danny Petrow, Vatcher, Ernst Reijseger.


      Lauren Adams has a CD here that is infectious, the lyrics and sweet melodies along with some sweet slide work make you want to keep listening, a very well done recording. The opening track "Poor to Carry It" really is stoked with emotion, this slide just cuts to my heart, love the texture of her music." Jim Moulton - Country Stars Online
      Los Angeles has more than its share of stars, but every once in a while, one outside of the famed inner circle shines above the hoopla. On L.A.’s indie music scene, Lauren Adams has developed a reputation for giving her heart and soul to her music. Adams’ music is a fusion of rock, folk, country, and blues, which is better known as Roots or Americana. Her sound is undeniably unique, but others have dubbed Lauren as “Lucinda Williams meets The Eagles”. She has combined her dedication to keeping things real and her spirit of giving back to others in all of her efforts. By doing so, Adams became one of the most widely respected singer-songwriters in California.



      November 23rd

      8:00pm - 10:00

      Lorin Hart & Friends



      Lorin Hart has been writing songs about basic issues of love and trouble for many years. She recorded her first CD with Hal Blaine and Don Randy of the famed Wrecking Crew some years back which brought her air play  around the country as she continued writing while finishing up raising 4 kids on her own. She now is preparing  her second album and looking forward to many more years of finding a way to tell the story in song. Paul Zollo would have her tell you she is also the grandaughter of the famed early silver screen stars John Gilbert and Leatrice Joy.



      7:00 - 9:30pm

      The Performance Workshop with Marc Platt

      Cost is $20.00 per week with all proceeds going to Kulak's Woodshed

      Limit 10 performers per week

      For more information:




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