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SAT OCT 4: 6th Annual LA Burning Man Decompression Music & Arts Festival

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  • Amy Clarke
    Hello everyone, Happy October! What a week ­ how about spending the weekend immersing yourself in art, music, culture and transformation? This first Saturday
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      SAT OCT 4: 6th Annual LA Burning Man Decompression Music & Arts Festival Hello everyone, Happy October!

      What a week – how about spending the weekend immersing yourself in art, music, culture and transformation?  This first Saturday in October, downtown Los Angeles is hosting a truly unique, memorable event, in the first year at this beautiful new (GREEN) location!  Come check out what Burning Man is all about ( 2009 theme: EVOLUTION – A TANGLED BANK  )  

      My partner, DJ a)ex O. will be spinning an early funky house set at 2PM, and then I will be performing a hybrid acoustic/electronic set on the band stage at 4PM – featuring experimental arrangements and new music written after attending the 50,000 BM Festival in the Nevada desert at the end of August.  

      This event runs all day from NOON until MIDNIGHT . . .ENJOY!  
      XO, Amy


      SAT OCT 4th  All day, NOON-MIDNIGHT at a Beautiful Outdoor Green Location with views of the city of Los Angeles

      6th Annual Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression Music & Arts Festival

      DOWNTOWN at the Los Angeles State Historical Park (the old cornfields)
      1245 N. Spring Street, 90012


      Time:  The festivities will start at Noon and end at Midnight.  
      Cost: Entrance to the event is $10 in costume or with a Metro Rail pass! $20 in street clothes. (Children under 12 are FREE!)
      There will be alcohol available on site this year as well as food vendors.  You are welcome to bring your own food, but we can not allow alcohol in the park outside of the approved areas, so please do not bring it.  We are being asked to check for alcohol and weapons as you enter.  Please be prepared for this at the gate so we can keep the line moving.

      Parking:  On Site and Secure Parking available at the North end of the park off Baker for $10, so please CARPOOL. Or ride the Metro Rail to the China Town exit and enter at the South end of the park off Spring St.

      For the first time we will have a wedding chapel.  You too can get married at Decompression!  
      Whether for real or just to your playa partner, you can make the moment last a lifetime.  

      We are pleased to present the following acts, art, camps, cars and more!!!!!

      Mutaytor Stage:
      Orbis Lazulli
      DJ Funguy

      Amy Clarke

      DJ Juan Carlos (Bermuda Triangle Sound)
      DJ a)ex O.
      DJ Syrena
      Ajay and Maverick
      Bonnie Delight Burlesque Revue
      Vokab Kompany
      Trick Concepts Fire Performance
      Wandering Marionettes
      Lucent Dossier

      Funky Munky Stage
      Live Painting by  Michael Massenburg
      Two Guys in suits
      Miss Rosie
      40 Foot Jesus
      Aerial - Wish & Zircon & LynxMagic & Genie Cartiee

      Mad Dove
      The Biggest Distraction
      Fire Groove
      Blacklight Double Dutch
      DJ Special K
      Bitsy the Wunder Munky
      Munky Majik by Phil Van Tee & Jeanne Van Tee
      Munky Tarot by Snohomish Brown
      Machina Candeo
      Bubble Munkys
      Munky Photoboothe by Gary Stevens
      Munky Face Painting by Vickie Calman & Zachary Calman & Julie Gross & Jeanne-Marie Lovell
      DJ Axel
      Eye Vapor

      Art by Elizabeth Marley

      The Mysfit National Space Camp and Alien Underground L.A.nding Zone

      Astro Control Specialists:
      Shadow Porn Theater
      Satchi Om
      Transparent Sound
      Todd Spero vs divaDanielle
      DJ Dabis
      DJ Mykey

      Terminal Annexes curated by Basswerks and Swiv Tackle Circus
      Artists: Jason Saunders, Super Peat, Terry Pratt, Raymond Berrelez, Dezi Hepp, Noelle
      Charles, Blackass, Kemical Kid and Brandon Lomax


      Tari Karkanen
      Ryan Hammill (Rotunda LA)
      The Geometrist (Space Cowboys)
      Sparkle (Santa Barbara)
      Bass Ritual (DJ Saadhu + Twosense)
      Andre Ezer (Compression LA)
      Matt Xavier (Compression LA)
      Robtronik (Compression LA)
      Kether (Ruff Hauser & Square-1)
      DJ Balls (Disorient, NYC)

      Bouncey Bounce and Philadelphia Experiment
      DJ Davi
      Anton Tumas  
      DJ Lush
      Jacques The Ripper
      DJ Madison
      David Hughes
      Justin Paul
      Dj eEvil
      Lee Mayjahs

      Green Sector

      Android Cartel (fade records, proton radio)
      Brasswork Agency (lefthouse recordings)
      Gatto Matto (green sector)
      Spyros  (psytribe)
      Bodhi (psy-circle)
      Sunbyte (global trance)
      Brian Rae (green sector)
      Sentient (synchronize)
      Andrew (terrakroma)
      Manny (green sector)
      Willy (electronarcosis)
      Derrie (green sector)

      Sustainable Lifestyle and Spoken Word Stage

      Kristen Perry “ When Are We? A History of the State Historic Park”
      Shicana Lynn Allen  “From Frankenfoods to Flouride – keeping your health and home toxin free”
      Marialyce Pedersen, and Jagran Boise Thomas “Compost Compulsion: At home, at work, at play and on the playa: How recycle your organics for fun, fertility, and profit.”
      Taylor Arneson – “Guerilla Gardening Tools and Techniques” (hands-on)
      Christopher Nyerges “Post-carbon toolkit: handy skills for really radical self-reliance” (hands-on)
      Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen “How to Farm your Yard”
      Ray Cirino, “Water Woman and the Vision Beyond Leave No Trace”
      Kathryn Santoyo and Larry Santoyo, “A Permaculture Revolution Is Sweeping the Nation - How to Hop on the Bandwagon”
      Simone Schulz “Sunset Green Fashion Show”
      Marco Barrantes, “Urbanite:  Recycling Urban Resources for Sustainable Development and Artistic Earthworks"
      Joan Stevens and Eric Werbalowsky- “How to Save the World Without Killing Yourself: eco-confessional and redemptive sermon”
      Oh Tony “Burner: Tales form the Playa”
      Ryan Wartena PhD. “Circle:  The connection between energy and geometry”
      Nature, “City Repair and Beatboxing Permaculture Bandstand”

      Installations, Camps and Art include:

      A Bed on the Sea of Sin
      Pimp Rocket
      The LA Mudpeople
      Indigo Volcano
      Emerald Installations
      Fluffy Light Bushes
      Inverted Suspension
      Light Chime
      Fuzzy Bus
      New Rising Sun
      Playa Surfers
      Black Rock Year Book
      Divine Messenger & Healing Circle
      Flattery Camp
      Floating Bed
      Black Rock Census
      Burning Man Earth
      Burners w/o Borders Info
      Krishna Camp
      Mikey's Hug Deli
      Spirit Wind Café
      Tabula Rasa
      Tsunami Camp
      Camp Luvey Duvey
      Destiny Lounge
      Moonbow Camp
      Kundalini lounge

      Whew!  That's going to be quite the day!

      VOLUNTEER!   We need you!  Email volunteers@...
      Have time Friday, the day of the event or Sunday?  Let us know!

      We are a No Glow Stick event.  In keeping with our green initiatives, we ask that you leave the glow sticks at home.  
      They only fill up our landfills with materials that never decompose.  Instead, bring reusable lights, like LEDs or EL Wire.

      We are very grateful to the State Park Rangers for allowing us to use their wonderful location.  
      When you see them around, tell them thanks!  They have been truly great to work with.



      SAT OCT 4 – 6th Annual Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression Music & Arts Festival
      DOWNTOWN at a Beautiful Venue:  The Los Angeles State Historical Park
      All Day NOON – MIDNIGHT
      $10 in costume or with Metro Pass, $20 without   
      2PM DJ a)ex O.  / 4PM Amy Clarke
      For schedule, directions, info & more...

      MAAT Music, ScorpFaery Productions


      helping heal the earth
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