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Kulak's Woodshed Museletter for the week of October 2 - October 8....

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  • Paul Kulak
    MessageGreetings from Museletter for the week of 10/2 - 10 /8 /06 Help! Volunteers Needed! For the few of you who don t know, Kulak s staffed by volunteers.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2006
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      Greetings from 
      Museletter for the week of 10/2  - 10 /8 /06    
      Help! Volunteers Needed!
      For the few of you who don't know, Kulak's staffed by volunteers. We greatly appreciate all of you who donate your time. A round of applause to Dave, Berington, Avril, Daniel, Eric, Joan, Greg, Jason, Gus, Ziggy, Rhett,  Helena and all of the people who have jumped in to run cameras or sound. We can't do it without you! If you would like to lend a hand, please send Dave an email (topladave@...) or see one of us before a show. Right now we really need some one to man the door and keep a head count, as well as camera people and sound people. NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED TO RUN CAMERA. We will be happy to train you!  - Val 
       Mondays,  7:30 pm  
      Singer/Songwriter Open Mic hosted by KikiWow 
      Not only can your family and friends watch you from anywhere in the world via the 6 camera live webcast, but it's where musicians gather to collaborate and create a grass roots scene which Kiki best describes as "Woodstock In A Coffeehouse." If you're looking for something much different from the L.A. scene, come experience our living room. If you're itchin' to perform at the Woodshed, come on down.Sign ups begin at 7:00 pm. 
      For more  information, goto http://www.kulakswoodshed.com/openmic.shtml   
      Tuesdays,    closed 

      Wednesdays, 8:00pm   

      No Mics, No Pluggin'-In, Community Acoustic Jam Session and Sing Along Kinda,... thang hosted by Berington Van Campen

      Come on down and play, sing, and have a ball! This is a just-for-fun night for anyone and everyone who wants to take part.

      Thursday ,  10/5/08 - closed   
        Frida y , 10/6/06, 8:00pm
       Severin Browne & James Coberly Smith 

      Severin Browne's  ( www.SeverinBrowne.com )  subject matter always reflects his growth as an individual as well as an artist. In 1970, he became the first white folk/country-type singer on Motown's roster. People who appreciate music will pick up on his great melodies and smooth vocals.

      James Coberly Smith  ( www.jamescoberlysmith.com )  has been described as a virtuoso 12-string slide-guitarist. He is also a respected singer/songwriter whose songs are direct and contain those fundamental truths that we can all relate to. Together, Severin & James are a magical duo, proving the old adage about the whole being more than the sum of its parts.

      As always, the boys will be joined by:

      Alex Del Zoppo (piano) (www.sweetwaterband.com): Alex is also a hat fanatic. He is also a darn good pianist. He is still part of the band Sweetwater, the act that opened the original Woodstock. If the planets are favorable, Alex might treat the crowd to one of his own masterfully crafted tunes.
      Gary Popenoe (harmonica): Gary breathes pure magic into his instrument, making it sing one minute and growl the nest. Unfortunately, he doesn't wear a hat.
      Mike Bisch (bass) (www.thewhoshow.com): An intricate and versatile bassist is Mr. Bisch. When he is not holding down the bottom end of Kulak's first Friday, he can be heard with the Who tribute band, The Who Show. 
      Jeff Kossack (percussion): Jeff is a solid - and energetic - percussionist, unparalleled in combination bopping and bongo-ing. Jeff is also a talented singer/songwriter in his own right. In the past he penned tunes for Eddie Money.  He's finished his new CD - and it's awesome! 
      David Stone (drums): David is a song crafter who sings of his love and dreams with soul melting voice. Onfirst Fridays he keeps the beat steady for the boys.    
      Aaron Wolfson (guitar): (www.aaronwolfson.com) Count on Aaron to wow us with intricate finger work on his electric as he winds musical strings of colorful sound around the whole band.      
      Joining the boys tonight is Paul Zollo.
      Paul Zollo is a songwriter-singer who has been performing in and around L.A. for several years. For a long and happy time, he was the lead-singer and songwriter for The Ghosters, with whom he released one eponymous album of his songs. As a solo artist he created Orange Avenue, which features “Being In This World,” a John Fante-inspired song which is a duet with the great Art Garfunkel. Featuring “Human Sunlight,” “Thanksgiving” and “Watching Wanda Swim,” Orange Avenue also features the great contributions of James Coberly Smith,  Severin Browne, Jill Freeman, Rob Kyle, Tomas Ulrich, Timothy Emmons and many others. Zollo, who usually writes alone, has also collaborated on songs with many gifted songwriters, including the late great comedian-author-songwriter Steve Allen (“Blue Stars”) , as well as Darryl Purpose (with whom he wrote “Crooked Line,” the title song of Daryl’s album of that name which features other Purpose-Zollo songs such as “Koreatown” and “Rutherford Hayes In The Morning”), Severin Browne (“Angelyne”), Scott Docherty (“Season of Grace,” “Noelle,” “African Mask”), and most recently Steve Schachlin. Zollo is at work on a new album of all new songs, many of which he will debut at Kulak’s, including “Brilliant Masquerade,” about the mysterious male jazz star Billy Tipton, who was actually a woman, “What Jesus Meant,” about the mysterious Jesus Christ, and “Becoming Farley Granger,” about a man obsessed with his favorite movie star. He will also perform the meanest song he’s ever written, “I Just Want To Use You,” which is a blues in B. Zollo is also a music journalist, the senior editor of American Songwriter magazine, and the author of several books, including Hollywood Remembered, Songwriters On Songwriting, Conversations with Tom Petty, and a novel, Sunset & Cahuenga. He is also an accomplished photographer, who has recently taken photos of luminaries including Al Pacino, John Doe, Joshua Zollo, the fabulous Fuxedos, Count Smokula, Amy O’Neill, Vienna Teng, Veronique Chevalier  and others. One of his burlesque photos, “Akira Onstage,” was recently exhibited at the Cannibal Flower artshow. Zollo, who lives in Hollywoodland if he lives anywhere, is the proud father of Joshua Zollo, the world’s most beamish boy.
      Saturday  10/7/06, 8:00pm  
      Berington Van Campen & Friends
      Berington Van Campen is a 43-year veteran of the guitar, with a variety of influences like the Beatles; Crosby , Stills, Nash & Young; Yes and others, as well as a lifetime of listening to classical and show music. The result is Berington's mix of both acoustic and electric music, infused with unique style and integrity. Songwriting since 14, he's played with numerous bands, mostly in the Western Pennsylvania area from which he originates, and he is well-known for his solo acoustic work, playing venues from coffee houses to major festivals. In 1977, living in Los Angeles, his clever use of many guitars, synthesizers, Mellotrons and percussion led to a well-received turn in feature film, television and commercial music scoring, as well as session work and producing other artists, which continues to this day. Some of his credits include the music for the 1988 Glory of Easter Pageant at Orange Countys Crystal Cathedral, starring Carol Lawrence, and the official U.S.O.C. films for both the 1984 Sarajevo and Los Angeles Olympics. Additionally, Berington has produced music and video for The Discovery Channel, A&E, ABC, and as an avid scuba diver, enjoyed many hours of underwater video with dolphins, whales and sharks! Currently writing a batch of new songs, he is beginning production of a new CD, and collaborating with selected other artists on various recording and concert performance projects.
      Berington will have some special surprise performers to accompany him.
      Sundays 7:00pm
      The Performance Workshop with Marc Platt 
      For more information on the workshop, visit: http://www.kulakswoodshed.com/workshop.shtml  

      For the latest updates check online http://www.kulakswoodshed.com/calendar.shtml . Come on down to support the musicians and the Woodshed. There's NO COVER CHARGE! But if you can't make it down, we broadcast every show over the Internet from 8:00PM til 10 :00ish LIVE on your computer! We gratefully accept donations of any denomination to help keep the bills paid and the music flowing.

      We're located at 5230-1/2 Laurel Canyon Blvd, North Hollywood, just north of Magnolia and the 101 Freeway. Our phone number is 818-766-9913. See you there!


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