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Woodshed Calandar fer 2/12 - 2/17/02

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  • Paul Kulak
    Happy Mardi Gras! Therease here--from Kulak s Woodshed. So we ve got a few things going on out in our little world--more Olympics, and--can you believe
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      Happy Mardi Gras! Therease here--from Kulak's Woodshed.


      So we’ve got a few things going on out in our little world--more Olympics, and--can you believe it?--Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Well, here at Kulak’s Woodshed, we don’t give out medals to our performers, but we do LOVE each and everyone of them. And, if you came out and heard them, you would, too!! Hey! For those of you who haven’t already made those plans to take your sweetie somewhere, how about dinner at his/her favorite restaurant and then a little music here at the Shed? We’ve got stars on our night sky and candlelight-some would say that that was romantic . . .


      Whether you make it in on V-Day or not, here’s what we have planned for this week at Kulak’s Woodshed:


      Pete Anderson and Friends-

      (You were expecting to see Freebo’s name there, now weren’t you? Freebo’s off traveling the country, remember?) This Tuesday, February 10th, Grammy Award winning producer/guitarist PETE ANDERSON will be performing tonight. He'll be joined by WILLIAM NORMAN EDWARDS who will unveil his take on blues/folk, the fabulous SKIP EDWARDS (of Dwight Yoakam's band); and other special guests. Who knows who else will show up.

      Wednesday Songwriters’ Strumble

      Wow!! Look at the lineup we’ve got for you this week! This Wednesday, February 13th, our STRUMBLE features:

      8:00 JOE LIMA (www.joelima.com), a troubadour, a lyric poet, a poet musician whose voice has been described as “so smooth and warm you just want to wrap it around you like a cashmere throw;”

      8:30 CINDY KALMENSON (www.cindykalmenson.com), this former teacher (Did you expect me to leave THAT out?) writes straight from her heart, her clever songs, spiced with her sense of humor, are complemented by her soulful voice, “Let Me Out of Here,” the title track of her debut CD won Best Pop Song in Nashville-March 1999;

      9:00 JOHN WICKS, former lead singer/songwriter and guitarist for Virgin/Atlantic British band--The Records, had a hit single in 1979 with “Starry Eyes,” is presently working on new projects and is co-writing with and for other artists, including ex-Maverick Records recording artist, Ricky G. and LA/Nashville based singer/songwriter, Sally Stevens;

      9:30 PAUL ZOLLO, a Chicago native who performed for years with the band The Ghosters before going solo and releasing his debut album, "Orange Avenue." He’s also co-written songs with many great songwriters, most notably Severin Browne, Darryl Purpose and the late great Steve Allen.  A journalist and the former editor of SongTalk, Zollo is the author of "Songwriters On Songwriting" among other books. His newest book, "Hollywood Remembered," a collection of memoirs and history, will be published in November of this year by Cooper Square Press;
      10:00 SEVERIN BROWNE (www.severinbrowne.com), was once a Motown staff-writer and a maker of furniture. He has released four albums of music, the first 2 being on Motown, and the most recent, “This Twisted Road,” being on his own label. Now he leaves the furniture making to someone else


      Dawn Marie--February 14th

      We'll just call Thursday Country Night. One of our favorite guests from Chad Watson and Friends is hosting her own evening. Singer/songwriter, DAWN MARIE, has talent, tenacity and perseverance, all of which are needed to succeed in this business. As a session singer, she has recorded jingles, demos, records and sung for the like of Jermaine Jackson, Heart, Iron Butterfly, Freda Payne, Jennifer Rush and Dennis DeYoung. She has also shared the stage with Michael Bolton, Richard Marx, Timothy B Schmitt and Vince Gill. InNashville, she wrote or sang for Monty Byrom (Big House), Jim Peterick (Survivor), Marcus Hummon, Chuck Jones, Michael O’Hara and John Betis. She currently tours with Dennis De Young of STYX. She'll be joined by the band COTTONWOOD, a pure country band that will be making their debut appearance here at the Shed; DAVID SCHIRO, a true old-time Country/Western singer of story based songs; JEFFREY MICHAELS, one of my personal favorites, with a voice as big as his smile and his heart, and DELANEY BRAMLETT, a true living legend in the music world. a mentor and friend to such people as Eric Clapton and Duane Allman, come hear his "raw soulful sounds," his indescribably spastic rhythm guitar and  a voice that can tear your heart out


      Friday, February 15th --Closed

      You can spend a little time recuperating from all the week's celebrations and start getting geared up for the rest of the weekend.



      Saturday, February 16th-Mark Romano and Friends

      Well, Mark didn't send me anything to write about this week, so he's at my mercy. Come on down and hear Mark perform some of his country songs for you this Saturday. You'll just love his rich and mellow voice. He'll entertain you telling his stories in song, and he always has quite a line-up of musical guests. So that MARK ROMANO on Saturday night.


      Sean Wiggins and Friends

      Once again, we'll be joined by our very own "soul diva," SEAN WIGGINS. It is said that Sean could easily be misidentified as a simple singer/songwriter, but what she does is so much more. She actually takes you into her world and makes you feel right at home. Whether she's sitting right here at our piano or strummin' away on her guitar, Sean's voice will wrap its warmth around you. She'll be joined by the rich bluesy harp playing of Linda Moss. Please be sure to join us on Sunday evening to hear Sean and her many friends.


      And don’t forget to check the calendar for upcoming performances at  www.kulakswoodshed.com. You can also catch all these fantastic musicians on our live webcast. So stop by and see us! You can find us at 5230-1/2 Laurel Canyon Blvd., North Hollywood. (818-766-9913)


      Until next week,






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