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30459OGAM Rule Questions

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  • vadth_the_bluelock
    Jun 18, 2017
      I have recently started playing Of Gods and Mortals and really enjoy the system.  We are not fond of the combat resolution so we came up with own.  Everything else we play as it.  Since we have started a few disagreements or just confusion on how things work has came up.  We haven't been able to find any faqs or online forums discussing the game.  A few of our questions are:

      1. Can someone with labyrinth trap an enemy with teleportation?
      2. Does Tremble Before My Might affects legends and gods or just mortals?  This came up because the Awe description only mention mortals but the Tremble power has no restriction in it.

      I was also curious on poison.  It mentions that it only works on your level or lower, but with the way the system works it shouldn't matter on gods and legends.  Poison only triggers if you take a casualty and if gods and legends take a casualty, they are already gone so what's the point of it affecting them?

      Thanks for replying.