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Re: Simply Wonderful Christmas

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  • piratessfas
    ... One More Song... Celebrate Me Home -Kenny Loggins; Like Footloose it s all in the delivery.
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 20, 2008
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      --- In songforallseasons@yahoogroups.com, piratessfas@... wrote:
      > My fave Christmas tunes:
      > I Believe In Father Christmas - Greg Lake/ELP (I especially love the
      > group version on Works, Vol. II; this is the song that made me a
      > legitimate op-er-ree sang-er thanks to Sarah Brightman)
      > Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses (C'mon...that bassline! I heard this
      > song in Chapel Hill, and I always wanted to be that guy...and hang out
      > with that totally KUUL lead singer in The Waitresses)
      > War Is Over - John Lennon/Yoko Ono (It just grows on ya', 'specially
      > since I'm reading the new bio)
      > Wonderful Christmas - Paul McCartney (OK...I'm saying it! Like the ELP
      > Fatther Christmas, it' s the intimacy and sincerity you get when you
      > plug a synthesizer and a condenser mic in your own backyard Studer
      > 8-track)
      > Linus and Lucy/Christmas Is Coming - Vince Guraldi (C'mon boomers, ya'
      > know ya' LUV Charlie Brown and the gang
      > Hark, The Herald Angels Sing - Really, I have to say my favorite version
      > is from that classic Tennessee Ernie Ford album with the big blue-white
      > star (Boomers and Silent Gen'rs know the one)
      > ANY part or whole of Handel's MESSIAH - Jennifer, I will ALWAYS love
      > you! (oh...that cello/bass duet at the end of "Glory to God")
      > Merry Christmas, Darling - The Carpenters (you're only 10 once)
      > My Christmas Card To You - The Partridge Family (Joe Osborn, Hal Blaine,
      > and the Wrecking Crew) Why I do what I do...
      > "To you and all your family
      > Your neighbors and your friends
      > May all your days be happy
      > With a joy that never ends
      > May peace and love suround you
      > At Christmastime and all the whole year through"
      > LUV TO ALL,
      > Vallin
      > http://community.webtv.net/piratessfas/Vallin
      One More Song..."Celebrate Me Home" -Kenny Loggins; Like "Footloose" it's all in the delivery.
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