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Re: [Sonar Bangladesh] Zodiac Analysis of Golam Azam

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  • ckyee
    salaam alaikum, we must be very careful in everything that we do in our lives. for example in this case it should be known that astrology has been made haram
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 29, 2006
      salaam alaikum,
      we must be very careful in everything that we do in our lives.  for example in this case it should be known that astrology has been made haram in islam so please do not engage in it.
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      Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2003 3:33 PM
      Subject: [Sonar Bangladesh] Zodiac Analysis of Golam Azam

      It is very risky to write something about political leaders of Bangladesh, especially about those of Jamaat.  It is not unlikely that you will be labelled as an Islam-basher and even Bangladesh basher if it goes against them.  However, after reading part of the autobiography of Golam Azam in the Internet (www.islam-bd.com), it becomes very difficult for me to hold my pen (in fact the keyboard) from writing a Zodiac analysis about this controversial person because he shows how accurate the science of astrology is.

      Golam Azam is a pure scorpion according to his date of birth, which is 7th November.   All signs of scorpion are present in him. 

      Scorpions are arrogant in most of the cases.  They can seldom retard from their previous position and comply with other people.  Although Golam Azam was the main man behind bringing Jamaat to today's position, the party suffered much for some illogical and impolitic decisions, which I think, was due to his arrogance and scorpion nature.  Jamaat's decision of opposing the Liberation of the country was probably not taken by his own; in fact all of the so-called Islam loving parties, groups and individuals were in the same front.  However, his arrogance blended with his very strong personality were probably responsible for all other unwise decisions like officially declaring him as the Chief while he was not the citizen of the country, not joining the cabinet in 1991, actively supporting Awami League in anti-BNP agitation and finally contesting in all 300 seats in 1996 general election.  These altogether threw Jamaat from a promising position to a place of decimation and he had to retire from the position of party chief.

      One of the key characteristics of scorpions is that they remain in the extreme areas of piety and/or wickedness.  Golam Azam is a person who is at the top of the hatred list of many people.  On the other hand, there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, who are ready to sacrifice their lives for his sake.  He is alleged as the chief accomplice of Pakistani army in 71 atrocities.  On the other hand, it seems to me from the autobiography, that he has been living the life of a saint in his personal life.  I am really astonished to know that he used to live in a tin-shaded pukka house until recently when his eldest son got a high-salaried job in IDB, Jeddah and was able to start constructing a house in a land he inherited from his forefather and father.  It is really something uncommon in our political arena where political leaders can be bought and sold easily.


      Imtiaz Ahmed, FCA

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