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  • Susan Robbins
    Hello fellow Somervillians! I am writing to ask for your support-- *LIBANA has just launched a new Kickstarter project, to help us in our final stage of
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2013
      Hello fellow Somervillians!
      I am writing to ask for your support-- LIBANA has just launched a new Kickstarter project, to help us in our final stage of fundraising for our upcoming performance and research tour to Morocco! Two of the six members of this internationally touring world music ensemble live right here in Somerville, and I am the director of Third Life Studio in Union Square.

      For over 30 years, Libana has brought the music and dance of the women of the world to audiences across North America, and on tours to Bulgaria, Greece, and North India. We have been invited as the first North American group to ever perform at the highly acclaimed Tarab Tanger World Music Festival in Tangier. We will also give a concert in Tetouan, sharing the stage with the Moroccan women's ensemble Ikhlas (Wafaa Al Asri, Director: http://wafaeasri.skyrock.com/ ), and perform in Rabat for members of local women’s organizations. 

      The cultural and artistic research facet of Libana's trip will begin the week prior to this remarkable series of performances, as we head south to the desert region where we will meet with and learn directly from Amazigh (also known as the Berber people) musicians the songs and rhythms which for so long have intrigued us. We eagerly anticipate exploring ancient, indigenous women's music and dance rituals that we have been researching, and will connect with our good friend Addi Ouadderrou (who has his shop, Moroccan Caravan, right here on Washington St in Somerville) who will take us to his home village and introduce us to dancers, drummers, musicians, cooks and others who hold this strong indigenous culture together.      


      We are proud to be the cultural ambassadors that many experience us to be, and the work of cultural ambassadorship costs money! 

      We have launched an exciting Kickstarter project to help us raise the remaining necessary funds to make this upcoming journey of cross-cultural connection a reality. We are grateful for the support we have already received, and we are now asking you to make a pledge! We must reach our goal of $16,000 by June 18th or we do not receive any of the pledged funds! We invite you to watch our video, see great photos, learn more about our trip, and to make your (tax-deductible) pledge at:




      Please help us spread the word! In addition to making a pledge, please consider sharing this email with your various communities, or posting the above link on your Facebook page with a personal endorsement of our musical mission. Any way you can help spread the word about this project would be truly appreciated--thank you!

      As Libana engages in these moments of cross-cultural sharing, we experience over and over again the transformative power of a shared song, rhythm, or dance to dissolve the artificial boundaries that divide us and draw us towards each other as human beings. We can then support and inspire each other, as women on this earth, to create positive change in our own lives and in our communities—helping to move our world forward.

      With deep gratitude for your support!

      Susan Robbins, on behalf of Libana



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