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Fw: Fw: McIntyre and Moore Books--Somerville, Mass. Attn: David Beard

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  • Douglas Holder
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2002
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      > McIntyre and Moore Booksellers
      > by Doug Holder
      > When I was a kid I use to dream about the city neighborhood I would
      > live in. Of course there would be the prerequisite neighborhood pub
      > where to coin a phrase " everybody knows your name." But more
      > importantly, the center of my urban niche would be a bookstore. Not
      > one of the mega stores that sprout like rude weeds today, but a
      > slightly- shopworn affair,with the musty smell of old tomes and
      > perhaps a moody cat, with an equally moody but colorful owner. Now
      > years later I found that store in my hometown of Somerville, Mass.,
      > a city just on the outskirts of Boston and Cambridge. The store is
      > called McIntyre and Moore Booksellers, and they primarily sell used
      > and rare books. The shelves literally overflow with philosophy,
      > poetry, and fiction titles. In short, it is a veritable treasure
      > trove that would make any Liberal Arts graduate salivate. Behind the
      > counter one can engage in conversation with a tweedy, older clerk
      > about the arcane tricks-of-the trade of the book biz, or admire the
      > nose rings and purple spiked hair of his younger coworker. On the
      > front counter you won't find the latest Grisham release, but perhaps
      > a few poetry chaps or a collection of short stories from local poets
      > and writers.
      > The bulletin board near the entrance assaults the eyes with fliers
      > announcing readings, concerts, protests, outrage,whatever. As you
      > browse the stacks, classical music subtly wafts through the
      > store . and yes, there is that cat weaving through a scatter of
      > books, like it was negotiating a literary jungle.
      > More importantly, as an independent publisher myself, McIntyre and
      > Moore has provided space for my poets to read, as well as many other
      > local artists. So often the big chain stores won't give the locals
      > the time-of-day. I can mark passages of my life by a particular
      > reading or person I met at one of these events. I can remember the
      > poem that took my breath away, the time I had to use the "hook" on a
      > semi-psychotic bard in the middle of her reading,or the interesting
      > tit-for-tat with other writers and poets that I was often part of.
      > Well. I guess I never managed to find the bar where everyone knows
      > your name, but I found a bookstore that, "is always glad I came."
      > Doug Holder - Doug Holder is the founder of the Ibbetson Street
      > Press of Somerville, Ma. He is also the Arts Columnist for the
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