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Call for Artists @ Experimental Art

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  • e mankes
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2008
      > Experimental Art
      > Gallery & Studio
      > 24 New Derby Street
      > Salem, MA 01970
      > Experimental Art Gallery & Studio is part of the burgeoning art
      > community in Salem, MA. The gallery is seeking entries for the second
      > group show of the season on Salem’s ‘Artists’ Row’, a seasonal enclave
      > of artists sponsored by the city of Salem.
      > any fish dish you wish
      > August 1-31, 2008
      > Opening Reception, Saturday August 9th
      > fish n
      > 1. any cold-blooded aquatic vertebrate animal that typically has jaws,
      > fins, scales, a slender body, a two-chambered heart, and gills for
      > providing oxygen to the blood
      > 2. somebody who is unusual or regarded as strange (informal)
      > v
      > 1. vi to use a rod, net, or some other method to bring fish out of the
      > water
      > 2. vi to feel around with the hands in order to find something
      > (informal)
      > dish n
      > 1. a container for serving food, usually a bowl
      > 2. a serving or plateful of food, especially one that forms only part
      > of a larger meal
      > 3. a dish-shaped antenna transmitting and receiving radio or
      > television signals, used, for example, in radar and satellite
      > broadcasting
      > 4. a good-looking person (slang)
      > Artists are invited to submit up to 3 works, no more than. Open to all
      > media, including: 2-D, 3-D, sculptural works, photography, mixed
      > media, crafts and experimental works. All work must be original and
      > have been completed within
      > the last five years. Entries will be accepted from original work only.
      > The deadline for delivery of artwork considered for this show is July
      > 28.
      > For a prospectus and application, please email ehmankes@...
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