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Winter session of the Art of Group Singing for women at Third Life Studio!

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    December 1st, 2006 Greetings! Please forward this email to anyone you know who might be interested! I am writing to announce that starting in January, I will
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      December 1st, 2006


      Please forward this email to anyone you know who might be interested!

      I am writing to announce that starting in January, I will once again be offering
      a special winter session of my Art of Group Singing class for women at Third Life
      Studio, focusing primarily on the full-voiced cultural singing traditions that I have
      explored in many past class sessions--Balkan, Georgian and Persian songs,
      mountain music from Argentina, a Rune Chant from Sweden, etc...These full-voice
      winter class sessions have come to be a highlight of my year!

      More details for this winter session are below.

      Those of you who have taken past winter sessions with me know the emotional
      and expressive potency of these styles of singing. You may also have felt
      unsure in your vocal technique as we explore the power of these vocal
      traditions. If you have not taken a past session with me, you are welcome
      to come begin your vocal adventure! This session is designed to help those
      of you who are drawn to these dynamic cultural vocal styles learn more about:

      * how to use your voice in healthy ways
      * how to find the power in your voice in an opening and non-pushing way
      * how to open expressively within these styles
      * how to open to the exhilaration and vibrancy of ensemble singing in
           nonwestern voice production
      * great songs from other parts of the world, in languages other than English!

      If you are interested, please email a response with your intention to
      take this class AND fill out the registration form found at the bottom
      of this email
      and return at your earliest convenience with a $30 deposit
      to hold your place in the circle! Please make checks payable to
      Susan Robbins and mail to:

      Susan Robbins
      Libana, Inc.
      P.O.Box 400530
      Cambridge, MA 02140

      If you (or a friend) have further questions, please call at (617) 628-0916,
      or email me at srlibana@....

      I will also be offering a more typical, musically eclectic 
      spring session of the Art of Group Singing, Tuesday evenings,
      starting April 10th. Mark your calendars now!   

      I hope you will brave the midwinter elements and darkness
      (remember the light will be increasing slowly but surely during this
      class session...) and come join the circle this special winter session.
      I look forward to singing after the holidays with as many of you
      as possible!

      Best wishes,
      Susan Robbins, Artistic Director of Libana
      THE ART OF GROUP SINGING--Full-Voice Session! 
      A 9-week class for women
      Susan Robbins, Artistic Director of Libana

      Singing in community is a powerful source of joy, celebration,
      and ritual for women around the world. In this winter's class,
      we will learn songs sung by women of many cultures, and
      explore the dynamic power and energizing quality of the
      full-voice vocal styles used in many parts of the world. As we
      experiment with eclectic vocal styles and colors, we’ll bring
      increased awareness to relaxed, grounded breathing, easeful
      vocal production and active listening. Come experience the
      artful creation of group sound and spirit!

      Some sightreading and vocal experience is helpful
      but not necessary.

      Classes will be held Tuesday evenings, 7-9:15
      Third Life Studio  (www.thirdlifestudio.com)
      Union Square, Somerville, MA
      (Further details and directions provided upon registration)

      Session goes from Tuesday, 1/16 to 3/20 (no class on 2/20)
      $270 for 9-week Session. 

      Commitment to the entire session is expected.

      For more information or to register, call (617) 628-0916,
      or email srlibana@...

      Susan Robbins is the founder and Artistic Director of Libana, an internationally renowned women's world music ensemble (for more information, visit www.libana.com). She has taught voice
      privately for 30 years and leads vocal workshops throughout
      North America (including at the Kripalu Center and Rowe Camp and
      Conference Center
      in New England). She brings to her teaching a
      deeply rooted sense of compassion, an eclectic musical experience,
      a heartfelt belief in the transformative, healing power of music and
      a hefty love of laughter.


      ________ Please register me for the Art of Group Singing!   


      ($30 deposit enclosed; balance due at first class on January 16th)





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