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Windows Art Project - Opening Reception

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  • tkd0713@cs.com
    Who is this beauty the paparazzi are tailing? Why, it s Miss Mystic! She s busy preparing for her first public appearance at the Windows Art Project Opening
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2000
      Who is this beauty the paparazzi are tailing? Why, it's Miss
      She's busy preparing for her first public appearance at the
      Windows Art
      Project Opening Reception where she'll be presiding over a dunk
      for the enemies of the river. The WAP Opening Reception will be held
      on Elm Street in Davis Square, Somerville on Tuesday, July 11 from 6
      8 pm.

      Also at the Opening Reception, see the unveiling of Bill
      Turville's Roving Fish Car. Perhaps Bill will take Miss Mystic
      for a
      spin around the block.

      But wait there's more! In addition to these wacky art attacks,
      you'll get guided art walks by the Theater Cooperative, live
      bowls full of goldfish (the crackers, that is), and free sorbet.

      Windows Art Project
      July 1 - 30
      Davis Square, Somerville
      More than 40 artists and activists will bring the Mystic River to
      Davis Square with art installations in storefront windows and public
      spaces. From literal interpretations to fanciful creations to
      thoughtful reflections, these installations will explore the theme of
      the river from a variety of perspectives.

      Maps will be available July 1 at McIntyre and Moore Booksellers (255
      Elm Street in Davis Square).

      Selected WAP Artists
      Yani Batteau, an artist who enjoys transforming the everyday urban
      environment through performance art, will embellish the sidewalks of
      Davis Square spray painted fish.

      Susan Halter will design a line of "clothes for the River"
      using materials – including dried fish — which can be found
      in and
      around the Mystic.

      Kristen Kern will create an installation of smooth river stones
      transformed by photographic transfers.

      Using computer imaging, Keith Maddy presents the Square's newest
      denizens, a whole new species, part fish and part man.

      Lee Mandell and Susan Berstler create a living column of fish
      suspended above a beach of salt.

      Jason Player's outdoor installation piece called "Pool of
      Light" creates an underwater atmosphere triggered by pedestrian

      Emma Louise Provost Forrest, our youngest featured artist at 10 years
      old, has created a quilt about the history of the Mystic River.

      Randal Thurston is installing a series of cut silhouettes of
      fantastic and naturalistic aquatic creatures; Paul Weiner has loaned
      his brilliant portrait of Thurston in the studio, mounted on a
      for this installation.

      Lee Mandell and Susan Berstler's installation "Fish
      Babel" will be a tribute to their recent Reclamation Artists Draw
      installation which was destroyed by vandals.

      fish for art www.somervilleartscouncil.org
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