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"Fatalities": storefront artist's statement on Iraq War moves to Somerville

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  • Mary C. Curtin
    For Immediate Immediate Release Art (Political) Installation / with Artist s Talk and Reception March, 2004 Mary Curtin, Events Coordinator, 617-241-9664,
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      For Immediate Immediate Release
      Art (Political) Installation / with Artist's Talk and Reception
      March, 2004
      Mary Curtin, Events Coordinator, 617-241-9664, 617-470-5867 (cell), marycurtin@...
      Peter Coyle, Store Manager, 617-629-4840,

      March 15-28
      Artist's Talk, "Art and War," and Reception: Thursday, March 17, 7:30 pm
      (Somerville, MA) McIntyre & Moore Booksellers presents Artist Donald Shambroom's Fatalities: Storefront Statement on Iraq War. March 15-28, with an artist's talk, "Art and War," and reception on Thursday, March 17, 7:30 pm. At McIntyre & Moore Booksellers, 255 Elm St. in Davis Square, Somerville, near the Red Line. Wheelchair accessible. Free and open to all. For information call McIntyre & Moore Booksellers (617) 629-4840 or log onto www.mcintyreandmoore.com.

      Having concluded its controversial launch in Watertown, "Fatalities", a public art exhibition evoking the human toll of the Iraq war, will move on to Somerville to be displayed in the windows of McIntyre & Moore Booksellers. The exhibition, which passersby can view from the street, is the work of Watertown sculptor Donald Shambroom, and is co-sponsored by the Justice with Peace Task Force of Watertown Citizens for Environmental Safety (WCES).

      "The deaths every day in Iraq are random; that's part of the horror of war," says Shambroom. "Each sculpture in this exhibition bears the name of a US soldier, chosen at random, along with the number marking how many US deaths had occurred to that point. Of course, many more Iraqis than Americans are dying in this war, and that's horrific, too." "Books and windows are for viewing, even if we wish not to see what we must," adds Michael McIntyre, co-owner of McIntyre & Moore.
      The artist's talk, entitled "Art and War," will involve discussions around painting (Goya), literature ('All Quiet on the Western Front') and film ('Apocalypse Now'), all of which are frank portrayals of the violence and confusion of the war experience. Shambroom will speak about how and why he made the Fatalities sculptures, his only work that encompasses a political theme and asks (but not answers) the question: Can art change people's thinking, and is this its proper role?

      As part of the "Fatalities" exhibition, the public is invited to contribute to Life for Relief and Development's Iraq relief projects, and to the Salvation Army's Military Assistance Program, providing social and support services to families of  soldiers who have died in Iraq.

      (Background of artist)
      Donald Shambroom is a painter and sculptor whose works have been shown in New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. After completing his first three years of undergraduate study in philosophy at Yale University, Shambroom was chosen as Scholar of the House in art for his senior year. His paintings and drawings have been acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the DeCordova Museum, and the Metropolitan Museum in New York. Some of his better-known pieces involve imaginary construction sites based on real-world scenes. His "Flying Dream" series show a single figure against a golden sky, hurtling through, or suspended in, space. Shambroom began creating sculpture in 2000 after the death of his wife of 22 years, when his deep interest in the works and writings of French painter and sculptor Marcel Duchamp inspired him to make objects that stand on the floor. Shambroom's "Fatalities" is intended to evoke the human effects of the war in Iraq.
      McIntyre & Moore Booksellers
      On the Red Line, in the heart of Davis Square
      Greater Boston's best source for scholarly used books
      Open for browsing 7 days a week until 11 pm

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