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Re: [Solomonic] Re: What's the deal?

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    Moloch; ... what often occurs is someone misinterpreting nastiness ... Normal online stuff, that is. I acted preemtively, knowing from other forums that you
    Message 1 of 13 , Apr 1, 2005
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      > Well said. Communication is a funny thing. Type
      > written words have no voice inflection behind them
      > and obviously no body language to interpret thus
      what > often occurs is someone misinterpreting
      > for genuine concern. Meaning I put forth MY
      > perceptions of what you write onto you even though
      > your own intent was totally different. (lol
      > Hope you followed that incoherent thought!)

      Normal online stuff, that is. I acted preemtively,
      knowing from other forums that you lean towards the
      curmudeonly side of things. ... There is also, for
      your communication conversation, the factor that a
      person brings into a conversation their own baggage.

      I worry about things that may be ridiculous. (which
      is why i have a soft spot for people who may be seen
      as crazy) One such thing is that other occultists see
      ceremonial types (us) as being too arrogant; so I look
      for little ways to make us a little more humble.
      (which is why i speak up in defense of others, though
      it seems to simply anger people) I wish there was
      more unity between the ceremonials, the pagans, and
      the phychics. Three parts of a whole.

      Another thing I worry about is that neo-Paganism
      (which is also us) is just a passing fad and not the
      serious re-emergance of the Classical Religions like I
      wish it were. Doubt I'll ever see a Temple of Jupiter
      as I walk through a US town, or go to a Veneralia
      The idea seems to scare the pagans I've known.

      (does it relate? does it disrelate? does it matter?)

      > It's been my observations that those who hold this
      > belief often are either functionally illiterate,
      have > dyslexia OR are too lazy to care. "Thuss thay
      spelle > lyke thee r hylie ejumakated stoodunts uv
      > publick skool sistum." Remember 'thee temple uv thee
      > psychick youth'?? lol

      Which brings us back on topic! Some grimoires read
      like they were copied by illiterates too many times.
      Historically, few people were even educated enough to
      read, and folk-magics tend to come from the uneducated
      places where superstition was normal. It might not
      have much importance when it comes to practical magic.

      > Concisely stated and well spoken! I'm going thru a
      > debate with several on another list where I poked
      fun > at someone posting Harry Potter spells as a
      > System.

      :-) Can you send me a copy of it? There is always
      room for Chaos. :)

      > lol I like that. I'm tryng to convey to the group in
      > question that if I profess I believe in the Great
      > Blue Turnip of Planet X-103 and that I'm a Radish
      > seeking to become a High Rutebega in his cult, that
      I > do not expect you or anyone to respect my belief
      > enough to even consider practicing it. However I
      > WOULD expect you and everyone else to respect
      > my right to practice it.

      I suspect, had you been a High Rutebega, you may feel
      differently. It's not easy doing something like that;
      there is a lot of social pressure to "get serious".
      The world isn't as dull as it is by accident, y'know.


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