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Recapping the 'GD Controversy'

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  • Jake Stratton-Kent
    In many respects the English speaking occult world is rather small; with something to say, some good timing and other assets in hand a big noise can reach a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2013
      In many respects the English speaking occult world is rather small;
      with something to say, some good timing and other 'assets' in hand a
      big noise can reach a lot of people & achieve a good deal. Now the
      dust has begun to settle again, perhaps it is time to muse awhile on
      what has been revealed by my 'attack' on the Secret Society model.

      My propaganda assault certainly served no particular faction, let
      alone vested interests. It was also more general and even handed than
      the fractured occult scene at large may have noticed. For example, how
      many ceremonial magicians knew I was simultaneously urging the
      traditional witch community to rethink certain insular tendencies?

      Overall, there have been many assenting voices, many of them at the
      heart of communities that might have responded quite differently, were
      there not a fresh breeze blowing nowadays, more receptive to my 'pot
      stirring' efforts.

      One of many places this 'controversy' can be accessed is the following
      interesting blog (the author's response, rather than the repeat of my
      statement being the chief item of interest).


      Although he does not underline it, one of the points the discussion
      highlighted for me is nevertheless visible here. It concerns the
      widening divide between some areas of 'market led' consumerist
      'mockultism' and an increasingly better informed 'grass roots'
      underground exploring long neglected avenues. It is too soon to say
      the 'rehashed pot boiler' phase is over, but there is certainly an
      increasingly powerful alternative emerging.

      I'm not sure everyone is happy about that <g> and we might anticipate
      some reactionary efforts to retain undeserved hegemony at the expense
      of improving our knowledge. What we might call 'market led versus
      research led' tendencies; with research led obviously embodying what
      is meant by 'Occultism', while the long period of rehashed pot-boilers
      are nothing of the kind. I'm cheerfully confident that if this occurs,
      the ever strengthening 'research led' tendency is more than up to the

      Incidentally this alternative strain is one of independently minded
      freethinkers, so any imputation that I'm only interested in pushing my
      own work is easily dismissed. On the contrary, research led approaches
      across the spectrum hold no fears for me, but certainly threatens the
      interests of certain parties, whose motives are blatantly transparent.

      selected links of interest re 'commercial occultism', from other perspectives:





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