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Re: [Solomonic] Re: Tubal Cain &/orCain and magical tradition

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  • Serpentis Satori
      Qaine is not exiled by god. He is marked and protected, and sent east (to Egypt/Haram of the Zohar). This gets into that sticky issue of the other folks
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      Qaine is not exiled by god. He is marked and protected, and sent east (to Egypt/Haram of the Zohar).

      This gets into that sticky issue of the "other folks" over "east of eden" (where they get wives from a few pages later in fact?)

      There is something here worth engaging with.

      On 18 June 2013 17:47, Oluwatoyin Adepoju <tvadepoju@...> wrote:
      > I'm puzzled.
      > In what sense does *Tubal Cain* - the first artificer in metals,
      > demonstrate qualities relevant to a solitary magical practice?

      he doesn't necessarily. He does 'represent' some relevant things in a
      variety of ways (relevant doesn't mean 'necessary, but a legitimate
      line of inquiry, btw).

      there's himself as a mythic figure related to other identifiable
      figures. Myth has a syntax.
      there's figures identifiable in Solomonic ritual, or Hermetic and
      other cognates, that folks can identify with through their spirit

      Getting there with Cain does require some handles. There is also, so
      I'm discovering, a fair bit of politics in modern circles in this
      regard. Ill try & avoid, and worry about it only if necessary.

      Now, onto Cain.

      > The key concept here is 'solitary practice', a form of aloneness, of
      > distance from social forms.
      > Is that not more relevant in relation to the life of Cain, exiled by God
      > from human society?
      > A central idea in transgressive Western magic is that of operating in
      > opposition to traditional hero figures. Thus, the Qlipoth, the obverse of
      > the Qabbalistic angelic Sephiroth, are celebrated by some, such as the
      > group Dragon Rouge, Set, the enemy of Osiris is celebrated by some,
      > Lillith, the antagonistic wife of Adam, is upheld by others. Lucifer
      > becomes the God of some.

      I don't disagree with this at all. In starting a thread (or two) about
      Cain I was inviting a mytho-magical discussion. It proved necessary to
      go digging outside the group.

      There are important themes here - and they involve Myth.

      another word for which might be 'Tradition'

      How we understand myth and tradition are two very closely related topics.

      Cain as a transgressive figure, I can place in a Luciferian context &
      involve Set and Lilith in the same discussion. As well as discuss
      other aspects of these figures, and how they relate to roles important
      in traditional magic *AND* the syntax of Myth.

      'The Qlipoth' is a context that touches on mythology and some of our
      characters, relevant to discussions of the cast, likely to mythic
      roles - the older Kabbalistic context versus the recent adoption via
      GD and Grant introduces too many variables and obscurities that don't
      help a discussion of characters and their deeds.



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