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Re: AMC300 wiring

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  • gjc02000
    Aaron: The 10 pin connector to the motor carries tachometer information and themperature information. The AMC320 has the same signals ending in the DBM-9
    Message 1 of 8 , Aug 17, 2004

      The 10 pin connector to the motor carries tachometer information and
      themperature information. The AMC320 has the same signals ending in
      the DBM-9 connector instead of the 10 pin ribbon connector. I do
      not have the schematic of the tachometer PCA or cable, but would be
      interested in one if someone has it.

      I believe the cables now in use in your Solectria Force have worked
      for 10+ years. I would not rush out to rewire anything. I would
      replace bad connectors and clean everything else. If you can get
      another 10+ years, that should be pretty good.

      Watch out when using silicones or other sealants with electrical
      circuitry. Some sealing compounds outgas a corrosive gas when
      curing (smells like vinegar). Check with your local electronics
      store for RTV (don't ask me what it stands for) sealants which are
      compatible with electronics circuits.

      I am currently attempting to convert my 1992 Solectric Force to an
      AMC320. I work on it when I can steal the time. Right now all is
      connected, but nothing works. I may end up reverse engineering that
      tachometer PCA and developing a schematic and pin-out for the
      connector. Given my current schedule, I don't expect it to happen
      soon. When it does get done, I would like to make a simple test box
      to plug into the 9 pin or 10 pin connector that tests out the

      Gary Carlson

      --- In force_ev@yahoogroups.com, Aaron Birenboim <aaron@b...> wrote:
      > The two manuals I have:
      > http://aaron.boim.com/EV/AMC200_300_01.pdf (AMC300 users
      manual, in german)
      > http://aaron.boim.com/EV/AMCxxx_16.PDF (AMC320 users,
      > give me a fairly clear idea of the pin-outs on the 26-pin
      > ribbon connector.
      > However, on my 1992 force, using AMC300, there is a 10-pin
      > ribbon cable going in through the firewall, and another
      > headed toward the motor.
      > I haven't traced them down yet, but I'd guess that the 9-pins
      > through the firewall are mostly fuses. Perhaps the brake-light
      > relay activator too (I don't reacall that in the 26 main pins)
      > The other 10-pins are likely to be motor sensors.
      > Does anybody know how to get these pin-outs?
      > Are they in there, like in the sub-drawings (i don't know german)
      > Are there other documents floating about to help?
      > My car is now dead. I intend to re-wire using beefier cable.
      > I will try to hand solder cable ends into one of those
      > ribbon connectors from nice round PVC insulated cables.
      > Has anybody been into the Solectria break-out under the dash?
      > Will I be able to solder into that... or does it use more
      > ribbon-connectors that I may be wanting to re-build?
      > i.e. am I headed for trouble.... should I just put
      > new ribbon cables inside some plastic sleves like Solectria did?
      > I might goop them up with silicon sealant in an attempt to make
      > them a bit more reliable...
      > --
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      > Albuquerque, NM |
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